May 18, 2023

USA: Convicted Felon Accused Of Holding 2 Women Captive In His Moreno Valley Residence, Torturing And Assaulting Them Until They Were Able To Escape. How Many Dahmer's Are Out There?


ABC7 News published May 17, 2023: Ring videos show convicted felon act irrational ahead of arrest for torture. A convicted felon in Moreno Valley is accused of holding two women in his home against their will and torturing them - then claiming they were burglars, officials say.
ABC7 News
written by Staff
Wednesday May 17, 2023 His family wants to know why he was allowed back on the streets.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- A convicted felon is accused of holding two women in his Moreno Valley residence against their will, and torturing and assaulting them with a stun gun until they were able to escape.

Gilberto Murillo Puga Jr., 53, initially tried to tell sheriff's deputies that the two women were burglars.

Puga was arrested Monday following a Riverside County Sheriff's Department investigation. He was charged Wednesday with false imprisonment and other offenses.

Along with two counts of false imprisonment, Puga is charged with two counts of assault with a stun gun and one count of being a felon in possession of a weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The defendant, who is being held in lieu of $1 million bail at the Robert Presley Jail, was slated to make his initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon at the Riverside Hall of Justice.

According to sheriff's Investigator Jomar Vanderhoof, at about 9:20 a.m. Sunday, patrol deputies were called to Puga's house in the 26000 block of Prairie Dog Lane, just west of Nason Street, to investigate reports of a burglary.

Vanderhoof said that as deputies were heading to the location, 911 dispatchers received another call from witnesses saying two women "were at Puga's residence, screaming for help."

"Upon arrival, deputies located the two females walking away from Puga's residence," the sheriff's spokesman said. "Puga was uncooperative with deputies and left the location. The investigation revealed that the two females had not burglarized Puga's residence, but had been locked in the residence, held against their will and tortured."

The victims' identities were not disclosed. There was no explanation for why they were in the house, or any other details regarding how they knew the defendant.

Puga's neighbors and family members say he showed all the warning signs of doing something dangerous.

One neighbor said Puga had broken into his house.

"He broke into my house and he was letting all my birds out and trying to get in my house, and trying to break the window," said Sammy, a neighbor.

A video also showed Puga slamming some sort of cleaning tool onto his neighbor's car.

Puga's cousin told Eyewitness News that his troubles have wreaked havoc on family get togethers for year. Mark Glasser, Puga's cousin, blames the system for putting Puga back on the streets even though he is clearly unwell.

"Pay more attention to the mental state of these people they're kicking back out on the streets. That, you know, somebody should come talk to the family and ask, 'What do you think about this guy? Should he be back on the streets?'" said Glasser.

Detectives obtained a warrant for Puga's arrest, and he was taken into custody without incident in Hemet on Monday morning.

According to court records, he has prior convictions for vehicle theft, battery on a peace officer and driving under the influence.

Anyone who has information about the case or may have had a similar encounter with Puga is asked to call Investigator Robert Castellanos or Deputy Daisy Ayala at the Moreno Valley Sheriff's Station at (951)486-6700.

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