May 18, 2023

USA: Cleveland Man Stuffed A Woman In Plastic Container. Charged With Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Felonious Assault, Evidence Tampering. How Many Dahmer's Are Out There?

This monster is shocked the judge handed down a high bail amount because he thought he was going to be released without bail as he most likely has been accustomed to the criminal no justice system the Commie Democrats have created in cities across America. I bet you he has a lengthy criminal history, repeat offender that keeps getting released to continue committing crimes. (emphasis mine)

UPDATE 5/19/23 at 7:20pm: Like I said, how many Jeffrey Dahmer's are out there that we don't know about because they haven't been caught OR get caught and immediately released like this monster who actually felt confident nothing would happen to him when showing pictures he took of the victim he horrifically beat, stabbed and killed to a lady who thankfully secretly reported him to the police. Just like in Dahmer's case, the police showed up to the house TWICE and cleared the scene even though the victim was kept in the basement. The police went back after the lady told them about the pictures the monster showed her and actually caught the monster dragging the container out of the house with the body inside. How many victims has this monster claimed? When he appeared in court, he was expecting to be release immediately as usual to continue this kind of disturbing behavior.
19 News published May 9, 2023 Cleveland police find woman ‘stuffed in tote’ at home on city’s West Side (graphic).
19 News published May 15, 2023 Cleveland man accused of stuffing woman in tote gives judge middle finger during arraignment. Cleveland man accused of stuffing woman in tote gives judge middle finger during arraignment.
WKYC Channel 3 published May 15, 2023: Cleveland man gives middle finger after questioning judge on $750,000 bond amid alleged kidnapping.

WKYC3 News,
written by Ryan Haidet
Monday May 15, 2023

CLEVELAND — Editor's note: Video in the player above contains content some may find offensive.

When a judge set bond at $750,000 for Dalontay Edmond-Geiger Sr. -- a 31-year-old Cleveland man accused of kidnapping a 60-year-old woman and putting her in a plastic container -- he questioned the judge's decision at his arraignment Monday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Edmond-Geiger: “$750,000?”

Judge: “That’s correct, and there’s also a probation hold."

Edmond-Geiger: "OK. Could you all lift the hold and at least let me try to post bond? I don’t think nobody in the courtroom got $750,000.”

Judge: “You’ll have to speak with the judge assigned to this case, which is Judge Hollie Gallagher.”

Edmond-Geiger closed his comments by saying the bond amount was "crazy" before giving a middle finger.

His court appearance comes after an indictment was announced in the case last week.

Edmond-Geiger Sr. allegedly picked up the victim and gave her a ride to his residence near West 97th Street and Henley Court in Cleveland.

The woman was found alive on May 2 inside a small, plastic container as Cleveland police made a welfare check at Edmond-Geiger’s residence. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she is being treated for her injuries.

“He physically assaulted her, stabbed her in the arm, zip tied her hands and proceeded to torture her,” according to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office.

Edmond-Geiger was arrested at the scene. He now faces the following charges:
  • One count of attempted murder
  • Two counts of felonious assault
  • One count of kidnapping
  • One count of tampering with evidence
  • One count of having weapons under disability
“I have seen a lot of truly terrible cases over the years, and this one is one of the most horrific I’ve seen,” said Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley. “Thankfully, law enforcement found her alive, and I am praying for her recovery.”

His next court date has not yet been set.

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