April 18, 2023

USA: Non-Binary LGBTQ Activist Nuclear Waste Chief Biden Official Who Hosted Kink Parties In DC Accused Of Stealing Suitcases At Airports Entered Mental Evaluation Plea Deal To Avoid Criminal Charges.

written by Mia Cathell
Tuesday April 18, 2023

Cross-dressing former Biden official Samuel Otis Brinton, the "non-binary" nuclear waste chief thrice-accused of stealing women's clothes, took home taxpayer-funded paychecks from his six-figure salary while on administrative leave. Townhall can exclusively report these facts after a public records request was submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Although it became known he was facing a felony theft charge for snatching a woman's luxury Vera Bradley luggage from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in September, the sticky-fingered Brinton, who was the Biden administration's deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition, was still pocketing earnings on a government salary in the ballpark of $178,000.

At the time that the transvestite kleptomaniac was first outed and quietly placed on administrative leave, DOE officials refused to disclose to reporters whether Brinton remained on the payroll and was continuing to receive his high-paying government income.

According to an Oct. 28 letter notifying Brinton of the paid-administrative-leave placement, which Townhall exclusively obtained via the FOIA request, the thieving "gender-fluid" federal government employee enjoyed regular pay and benefits for more than a month before he was given the boot by the Biden administration sometime mid-December after news broke that Brinton was busted again—this time for swiping another woman's suitcase in July at the Harry Reid International Airport near Las Vegas.

"I hereby notify you that you are being placed on Administrative Leave, with pay, effective immediately," Assistant Secretary Dr. Kathryn Huff, who leads the U.S. Office of Nuclear Energy within the DOE, wrote in the late October memo addressed to Brinton.

Huff's notice informed Brinton that while on administrative leave, he was no longer permitted to enter the U.S. Energy Department headquarters, which included three HQ sites in Maryland and Washington, D.C., or access any DOE facility without authorization.

Brinton's official ID badge and other credentials granting entry to the DOE complex were deactivated; government email and cellular phone were disabled; and government-issued travel card as well as enrollment in a White House-directed emergency telecommunications services provided by a U.S. Homeland Security division were suspended. In addition, Brinton was directed to contact the DOE agency's chief operating officer to arrange mailing his personal belongings or returning government property.

The gender non-conforming LGBTQ activist—who uses "they/them/theirs" pronouns and dabbles in the subculture BDSM kink "puppy play," a fetish in which Brinton role-plays as "a canine handler" of leash-bound men behaving as submissive dogs—was encouraged to seek occupational-health services through a U.S. Department of Health & Human Services program, which offers counseling and life coaching to federal workers, if he was "dealing with any personal matters that may benefit from assistance."

At the bottom, Brinton signed the DOE memorandum, acknowledging receipt of the notice's stipulations.

Until further notice, Brinton was instructed to remain in a work-ready status "at all times" and must have been prepared to work on short notice. In the interim, Brinton was allowed to schedule and request sick days or annual leave. Failure to comply with the requirements may have resulted in Brinton being deemed absent without leave (AWOL). If he had held another paid position during this period, Brinton would have forfeited the temporary paid leave and been subjected to additional disciplinary action.

Following the initial incident, where Brinton was caught on security camera directly taking the female victim's yet-to-be-returned roller bag off of a carousel in the Minneapolis-area airport's baggage claim, then flew across the Atlantic Ocean with the stolen property on a trip to and from Europe, and lied about the theft to law enforcement prior to confessing to the crime, the high heels-strutting frequent flyer went on to host a Nov. 26 spanking seminar at a kinky leather-themed Los Angeles "getaway" conference.

There, presenting under the pseudonym "NuclearNerd," a moniker he also uses on the LGBTQ fetish hook-up app Recon, Brinton led the hands-on sadomasochism workshop featuring live demonstrations, the event page says. According to his presenter biography, when he's not hosting monthly "kink parties" in his D.C. sex "dungeon," Brinton is teaching his "Physics of Kink" class on college campuses across the country. The website estimates that Brinton has spanked "over 2,000 cute butts."

Just days later, Brinton filed a Nov. 29 request in Hennepin County court for all preliminary hearings in the criminal case to be held remotely due to his purported "financial" and "logistical travel difficulties" traveling between Minnesota and Washington, D.C.

Brinton's legal team mentioned their client being "currently in the midst of dealing with his employment issues (stemming from these charges) as well as press and other inquiries," also citing media attention surrounding the case, in a follow-up email to the court. "That, coupled with the difficulty for Mr. Brinton to travel at this time were what led to the request," Brinton's lawyer wrote.

As for the second case, Brinton was captured once more on surveillance footage making off from the Sin City airport's baggage collection with the woman's hard-shell bag containing jewelry, clothing, and makeup that cost thousands of dollars. A warrant was issued for Brinton's arrest the moment that Nevada authorities identified the seasoned traveler based on a unique choice of clothing: his rainbow-colored atomic T-shirt that matched a selfie posted on the same day to Brinton's now-private Instagram account. The incriminating post showed Brinton wearing the Pride shirt and announcing that he was wearing it on the plane.

Last week, the disgraced high-level DOE hire pleaded nolo contendere a.k.a. "no contest" Wednesday to misdemeanor theft, a downgraded charge that prosecutors amended from felony grand larceny, per negotiations with Brinton's defense counsel. The plea deal let Brinton escape jail time, securing a suspended 180-day jail sentence. As part of the plea agreement, Brinton paid the victim $3,670 in restitution and was ordered to "stay out of trouble," according to Las Vegas Township Justice Court records.

The serial thief is also reportedly under FBI investigation in a third luggage-lifting case. Texas-based fashion designer Asya Khamsin, who's now demanding justice, reported her suitcase missing upon losing her luggage at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) in 2018. Flash forward to 2023, the Tanzanian fashionista is speaking out on what she suspects is another garment-nabbing heist Brinton pulled off and got away with for years after spotting the flogging fetishist gallivanting all over America donning what appears to be her stolen one-of-a-kind outfits—out of 30 designs that were destined to hit the runway.

Brinton is pictured in multiple photographs publicly prancing about in what looks like Khamsin's custom-designed ensembles. Tweeting side-by-side evidence of Brinton literally stealing her look, Khamsin posted photos of the bag snatcher allegedly wearing her unmistakable eye-catching wardrobe that mysteriously vanished. In the roundup of gotcha pics, Brinton is seen posing at a Trevor Project gala in New York when he was the far-left LGBTQ organization's head of advocacy and government affairs, grinning as a panelist at a United Nations summit, and sipping on an iced coffee while exiting a Starbucks in West Hollywood.

Khamsin recalled filing a police report at DCA but never heard anything back. Once she was aware of Brinton's charges brought forward at the end of last year, Khamsin said she submitted a Dec. 16 complaint to the Houston Police Department. The next month, Khamsin's husband claimed she received a call from the FBI's field office in Minneapolis, the devastated couple shared with Fox News. Houston police confirmed to Fox News that officers from the department's criminal investigation division have met with FBI agents at the airport regarding the case, but Brinton has not yet been charged in connection to Khamsin's allegations.

We still don't know the full extent of Brinton's cross-country pilfering spree, but his trouble in the courtroom has just begun.

To date, the Minneapolis case is ongoing and the next proceeding, an omnibus hearing, was scheduled for Monday morning. Brinton has an upcoming "diversion" intake appointment set to be conducted on April 27 at Diversion Solutions, an "alternative approach" program that helps offenders avoid a conviction and the crime itself from appearing on their record in order to reduce "economic" and "racial disparities" in the criminal justice system. Instead, criminals are referred to "mental health resources."

If convicted of felony theft in Minnesota, Brinton could be sentenced to as much as five years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both.
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