April 9, 2023

USA: Drag Queen In Prison For Child Sex Trafficking Laments “Fight For Gender-Affirming Care” Behind Bars. Forced Boys To Have Sex With Men Up To Four Times Per Day For Money Is Acting Like The Victim..

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written by Anna Slatz
Tuesday April 4, 2023

An incarcerated drag queen jailed for his role in a child sex trafficking operation was given a platform to garner sympathy for his difficulties in male prison as a “trans woman of color.”

On March 31, Insider published an article titled “I’m a Trans Woman of Color in an All-Male Prison. I had to fight for my right to gender-affirming care behind bars.” The byline was under the name Christina Alicia, but the author is better known as Christopher Thomas Lynch or Christina Alicia Lynch.

Last October, Reduxx reported that Lynch had been using social media to crowdfund for “gender affirming” treatments, advocate for trans causes, and write for “harm reduction” magazines. This is despite the fact Lynch is currently in prison serving a sentence stemming from a 2012 arrest for forcing a teenage boy into prostitution.

The male youth, who identified as a transgender “girl,” was plied with cocaine and used to make child sexual abuse materials in addition to being forced to have sex with men up to four times per day for money.

But the teenager was not the only victim.

Lynch and his boyfriend, Steven Lemery, were found to have run an exploitation ring in which they used social media to lure gay and transgender teenage boys for the purposes of forcing them into the sex trade. Lemery, who was a drag queen and go-go dancer at a gay club, was in a polyamorous relationship with Lynch, as well as a woman and her boyfriend. There were multiple small children residing in the home where the abuses took place.

The trafficked teenagers were reportedly locked in the bedroom closet when not being abused or prostituted, and the case involved at least four victims from the states of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Deputies reported that the men had been trafficking teens for “two or three years” prior to being discovered.

Al.com reported: Officials in Douglas County, Georgia, have broken up what they say was a case of "trafficking human beings for the purpose of sexual servitude" believed to have involved child victims from Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

The children were lured through social networking sites, put in a dependent situation, then forced to perform sexual favors if they wanted to leave, authorities.
“Most of the victims were runaways or easy targets,” explained Chief Deputy Sheriff Stan Copeland of the Douglas County Sheriff’s office at the time. “They would put the kids in a dependent situation. If they wanted to leave, they’d have to perform sexual favors.”

At the time of his arrest, Lynch worked as a drag queen under the moniker Pasha Nicole.

During his trial, Lynch called the repeated sex abuse and trafficking of the children “a stupid mistake,” despite the fact he had initially tried to pin the entirety of the blame on Lemery.

Prior to prosecutors unfurling the extent of the horrific abuses, Lynch had given interviews with local media in which he feigned ignorance to what had happened, portrayed himself as an asset to police, and claimed he had no role in the victimization of the children. But during his trial, it was revealed that Lynch had transported the youth to their adult clients and taken the money from them following their “sessions,” netting a massive income from their sexual exploitation.

“Mr. Lynch had found his meal ticket. Anytime the victim walked out of the household [of a client], [Lynch] was sitting with [his] hand out, took the money and fed them cocaine,” the state prosecutor said of his crime.

Lynch was first taken into custody on March 4, 2011 for a number of sexual offenses.

Among the charges was an indictment for knowingly harboring a child for the “purposes of sexual servitude.” He was ultimately convicted on two counts of sexual exploitation of a child, pandering by compulsion, possession of drug-related items, and one count of pimping a minor – which was reduced from human trafficking during a plea deal. He was released on parole in 2018, but quickly rearrested after violating his conditions.

In his Insider op-ed, Lynch glossed over the substance of his crimes, stating simply: “I found myself facing felony charges and was sentenced to 14 years in prison for conduct that occurred when I was 19. In 2012, I entered the Georgia prison system as a 21-year-old trans woman of color.”

The remainder of the piece is used by Lynch to discuss his legal fight for hormones and “gender affirming” treatment by the Georgia Department of Corrections, as well as his educational progress.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to get an education with the assistance of friends and sponsors. While in prison, I’ve earned a diploma in paralegal studies, a certificate in civil litigation, and completed my bachelor’s in theology,” Lynch writes. “I’m wrapping up my master’s in theological and historical studies at Amherst Theological Seminary, with conditional acceptance to their doctoral program.”

Calling Georgia’s trans inmate policies “tyranny,” Lynch also claims he has been the victim of mistreatment while in a men’s prison, stating: “As a trans woman, I’ve faced numerous dangers: harassment, violence, discrimination, and lack of access to medical care. I’ve also been physically and sexually assaulted on several occasions. As happens with many victims, I was accused of lying about it.”

When Reduxx first reported on Lynch, it was revealed that he had been operating a Twitter account with over 21,000 followers from behind bars.

Lynch had used his Twitter to make misogynistic and lesbophobic comments towards feminist users, including attacking an account dedicated to lesbian survivors of sexual assault. He also rallied trans activists to donate to his fundraisers in an effort to secure “gender affirming care.”

On TikTok, using the name @ImprisonedPrincess, Lynch was seen dancing in his cell to popular songs and making sexually suggestive videos.

Following Reduxx‘s initial report, Lynch deleted his Twitter and TikTok accounts.

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