April 9, 2023

Rene Jax, Who Underwent Male-To-Female Transition Explains 'Starts Out Being About Your Anatomy But Really It’s... You Don’t Like Yourself.' Scott Newgent Regrets His Transition.

I Want My Sex Back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex.

‘I Want My Sex Back!’ is the personal story of three men who regretted changing genders.

Billy, Rene and Walt were all born male, but they felt uncomfortable with their birth sex so they underwent sex reassignment surgery, believing they would enjoy life better as a woman.

After undergoing a full surgical transition from male to female, they all experienced disappointment and regret and discovered that they weren’t transgendered at all, but were suffering from a condition known as gender dysphoria ? feeling uncomfortable with your birth sex.
Rene Jax said: I was born male. I grew up in a very conservative Republican family. My father was pretty much absent most of my childhood. He was an alcoholic. My mother was mentally ill. The childhood was so troubled and so traumatic that in retrospect I was able to look at it and realize that there was no way I was getting out of childhood normal. You go and you take a shower and you're there to get clean. But everytime I had to take off my clothes, everytime I went to bathe there's no getting around the fact I wasn't a girl, I was a boy and that really is the one memory that sticks out is just how much I hate my penis. I hated my penis.

By the time I left high school when I was 18, I was cross-dressing most of the time once I was away from school. A couple years afterward, I ended up in San Francisco which had a very small gay community. I made the decision by the time I was 20 to start living full-time as a girl. When you start dating people and if you pass well enough, the whole purpose is are you a transexual or are you a woman? In my mind I was always a woman. I'm wanting to date and I'm not telling the men I'm dating that I have a penis. So when they find out they become violent. There were a couple instances where I was beaten very badly.

The main mildstone was find a doctor that would give me the hormones. If I get the hormones, female cross-sex hormones, my life will be perfect. Then you think if I can only get my male voice up here then that'll make me happy. Then you think the next thing is if I can get breast implants that's all I need. It's never enough. Finally if you've gone through therapy and you can convince a doctor to start cutting on you, you go and you have a sex change. I had my sex change in 1990. In the back of my mind I though it might be like all of the stuff I had done. But I was hoping, just hoping, that that would make me feel complete.

 I typed a transcript for you of the Twitter video above:

Rene Jax said: Really painful and it wouldn't happen. So these surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery. The fallaces that they create from female to males are really hideous looking. I've had several female-to-male friends and you look at it and you just go 'oh God you paid for that'. It's horrible. The sex change didn't solve my discomfort. The doctors who were honest will say the gender dysphoria is always there. It's because the confusion... it's starts out being about your anatomy, but really you don't like yourself. Being a freak in society. I call it in my book a social pariah. Is not the way you want to live. The isolation drives you to despair and so suicide is a big big thing. 

Interviewer: May you can remember an exact date when you thought about to commit suicide? and how did you stop yourself?

Rene Jax said: Yesterday. I don't know. The first time was right before the surgery in 1990. The only thing that kept me from doing it quite honest is I'm a coward at heart. I'm 60 years old. There's no reason for me after a lifetime of being in transition to go and start living dressing as a man anymore. There's no benefit. But there is a benefit in my standing before an audience of young kids in college who are considering this path and saying to them, 'okay I'm the real deal. I started living as a woman when I was 20. I've lived 40 years of my life. I've had breast augmentation. I've had genital surgery. I've had 40 years of hormones. All of it has not made my life any better. It's never solved the problem. You break your left leg, you go into a doctors office and under the 'transexual rule' of medical treatment they say, 'this is your new normal and we're going to break your right leg too.'

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GB News published April 1, 2023: Transgender man says he REGRETS his transition. 'Transgender is cosmetic surgery, it doesn't fix anything. It makes mental health worse and the health complications are astronomical.' Nana Akua speaks to Scott Newgent, who says he regrets his transition from a woman to a transgender man.
I typed a transcript for you below.

Nana Akua said: Thank you so much for joining me. I came across you, I found you on Twitter and your message really resonated with me. I feel that it's something that we need to share with people so they understand that who's 42 got caught into this that the damage they're doing to the children. But tell me a little bit about your story.

Scott Newgent replied: Well my story is not like most stories. At 42 I was kind of in a vulnerable place. I have always been kind of a dominate person in everything that I've ever done. And I was married to a woman who used to say over the years, 'You know you do that just like a man. You were born in the wrong body.' Or my sister would say, 'You know you're the perfect husband.' Although I didn't look or I wasn't butch. I just had that really dominate personality. And I came to a vulnerable place in my life you know watching Jazz Jennings and all that kind of stuff and casually I said, 'God I wonder if I'm born in the wrong body?' and within a couple of days I was sitting in front of a trans woman and one of the first things she said to me was, 'Well how long have you been dressing like a man?' and trust me I mean I had a business female suit you can't be super butch in and be an executive. You just can't. But that sentence at that time just absolutely shattered me into the idea of total and complete mortification that I was born in the wrong body and I didn't know it. Everybody knew it but me. So it was kind of horrible for you know a couple of weeks thinking man I'm kind of stupid. Then after that I started to kind of change my life from what it would of been like if I was born a boy than a girl. My father played professional sports. I probably would have played professional sports if I was a man. I probably would have done all these things I would have been lifted on whatever platform that people say they want in a boy. I was athletic you know. Just all that stuff.

And so as I go through all those challenges in my life. You know being gay dealing with that. Never wanting to do that. I thought well God maybe I am born in the wrong body and it was at that moment that nobody could take that away from me. That's how I started to transition.

Nana Akua asked: Worrying about that moment is that a lot of young people are sort of saying, 'oh maybe I'm in the wrong body.' and they're young so they may be teenagers, they may be prepubescent and they're going through that and then adults are kind of verifying and sort of giving them the feeling that maybe they are and then starting the process. So this started you on a process and what was the first thing you did in that process when you felt okay that when you heard that it resonated with you, when you thought right. What was the first thing you did?

Scott Newgent replied: Well it was within a couple of weeks I was on hormones and the doctors said something to me that I probably should have paid attention to but I was in that idea 'hey I get to fit'. You know I don't have to be a Lesbian. I don't have to first thing people say to me is why are you a Lesbian? You know you're a descent looking woman you can get a man.' Your whole life is surround by that. And I thought maybe that will make that go away.

From that point the doctor told me, 'Hey we really don't know how much hormones to give you. We don't know. It's never been studied. We do have to give you massive amounts to kind of basically turn down your estrogen and then turn up your testosterone so you have a testosterone driven body.'

So we're not giving kids just a little bit of testosterone. I mean they have to give like 3 times to kids that are suicidal and it just keeps going down from there.

So you said in the beginning that I almost died from medical transition and I did. It puts me in a very very different situation with the fact that I have 3 kids that are at the age that these children are thinking that they're transgender. On top of doing it, on top of researching it and trying to save my own life, and here's the thing that is very very interesting to me and that is there are only 7 studies that say the medicalization of children is beneficial and every single one of them HAS BEEN RETRACTED WITH OOPS WE'RE SORRY DOESN'T WORK OR NOT ENOUGH TIME TO SAY THAT IT'S BENEFICIAL OR NOT.

Now we do have one long-term study and that study tells us that trans are most suicidal, not before AFTER 7 to 10 years because it's a process right. You get that, 'oh I get to fit in.' and then we get to the done and you don't have anything else to do you kind of look left and right and you go, 'well that didn't help.' And then you have to go, 'hey I still have to work on the inside.' And that's why these kids are so insistent. It's because they are different and that's what I would tell parents. Any child that says they're transgender... first of all 'transgender' is cosmetic surgery it doesn't fix anything. ALL THE STUDIES SAY IT MAKES MENTAL HEALTH WORSE. The health complications are absolutely, they're astronomical. They're finding that girls spines aren't fusing together, early onset osteoporosis for a process that actually makes mental health worse.

Sometimes just sitting in my office I just look and I just think there's going to be somebody that comes out at any moment and say, 'You're on candid camera we're not transing kids you dork.'

I mean it's that wrong. I don't understand why people don't get it and the reason why they don't get it is because the mainstream media is not getting it out. You know that video I have on my Twitter, that video that has 4 million views... that has 4 million views. Now I've been kicked off of Twitter 6 times. Since Elon has taken over it's the reason why we're having a shift is that people are allowed to put their opinions up. That video is on fire. 4 million have watched that video. That video was basically talking to the media telling them shame on you, all you're doing is calling the Senator over here a bigot instead of looking at the facts and well you've seen it. And would you be surprised to know that not one, one, journalist reached out to me. Now I did get Brittany Baily make fun of me. But that's it. Society doesn't know what's happening.

Nana Akua replied: Well I'm really glad I reached out to you because I really was moved by that video. I want to ask you so what were your complications. You said you almost died. What happened to you? Why did you almost die?

Scott Newgent replied: Well there were some problems with the surgery first of all. I got my bladder nicked in one of my first surgeries. I didn't have much problem until I got to the end which was blood stuff and having to be on blood thinners. It does affect your heart and all that kind of stuff. Until I had bottom surgery and the bottom surgery basically after that surgery that I now know I should have never gotten because I had blood issues. I had a pulmonary embolism that induced a stress heart attack. After that, it was actually one of the biggest heart attacks in the state of Kansas by the way, in the state of Texas by the way, and after that I found out that I had a ligament sticking through my arm. I had no clue. I went to the doctor, the trans doctor and he's like, 'Oh no you're fine.' The next day I'm in surgery for that. I go back to the doctor and I show him something here that I have an infection in the side where they put that tube in. He says, 'Oh you're great.' I'm in an ambulance 2 days later with sepsis. Then I started to feel better and then I started to feel like hell and nobody could help me. I lost my insurance. My transgender surgeon in Texas, he had 9 medical malpractice cases against him in California, banned from conducting surgery in San Francisco, moves to Texas where they have a Tort Reform Act and our governor takes millions from gender clinics. He basically, I was in and out of hospital. He never put me in the hospital. I spent 17 months with a reocurring infection and that reocurring infection got so bad that I lost everything. That's how I lost everything.

How I know it's experimental is because I had to figure out what was wrong with me first. Second of all I had to get on state funded insurance because I lost everything, I couldn't find anybody in the state that I was in that knew what to do with me. 'Oh it's experimental.' And they found that I had 6 inches of hair on the inside of my urethra. So that caused a 17 month infection. Towards the end I was still working so I could get insurance, but I had an IV sick tube in my arm. Before I went to work I would go get IV antibiotics for 30 days. On the weekends I would check myself in the hospital and I would check myself out. Because I didn't have insurance nobody would help me with it. It's a nightmare. It's an absolute nightmare.

Nana Akua asked: and finally so because we're running out of time in terms of maintaining this whole thing, is there a lot of maintainance in it? Because people think you've had the surgery now you can just go away or what do you have to do? Do you have to take drugs every day? We've got about a minute left.

Scott Newgent replied: As far as the surgeries, the bottom surgeries, they're notorious for bladder infections. They do become life-saving after antibiotics don't work anymore. So reoccurring bladder infections are one. Heart issues. Lung issues. You have to be on synthetic hormones if you have a full complete 100 percent transition. So there are enormous amounts of health issues for a process that makes mental health worse.

It's like I said I'm on candid camera. I'm waiting for him to pop out anytime.

Nana Akua asked: Has it shortened your life? Is that what you're saying?

Scott Newgent replied: Oh yeah. Absolutely it has. Testosterone cross sex hormones actually shorten your life 10 to 15 percent. That's a fact. But I have congestive heart failure from my heart attack. I have lung damage. I get reoccurring infections still. So yeah absolutely. I'm not going to be here very long.

Nana Akua asked: Do you wish you hadn't done it?

Scott Newgent replied: Oh God yeah. Medical transition doesn't fix anything. And unfortunately people don't realize that and the people with true gender dysphoria which is a serious serious mental illness those are the ones that are killing themselves at 7 to 10 years. Because those are the people that are being medically transitioned for a delusion. It's the people that know it's cosmetic surgery that do halfway decent. 

Nana Akua asked: Okay well listen if people want to follow your work and what you're doing where can they find you?

Scott Newgent replied: Well Treyvoices.org I'm on a tour right now in the states, state to state got 7 bills passed. I'm thinking of going to the UK if anybody knows how to put something together. People need to hear this. Unfortunately the media is not doing it.

Nana Akua replied: Come to the UK and we'll try and get it fixed. You'll come to GB News first, yeah?

Scott Newgent replied: Absolutely.

Nana Akua replied: Thank you so much Scott. It's really good to talk to you. Take care. We hope to see you soon. That is Scott Newgent and he is the founder of Treyvoices.org

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