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NWO Transhumanism 2011 Lecture by Dr Tom Horn. Transhumanism Was Founded In The 1950s By Top Eugenicist Julian Huxley And The Rockefeller Foundation As A New Brand Name For Eugenics.

Infopowerment: published 👉 November 16, 2011 👈:
NWO Transhumanism Mind Warping Lecture by Tom Horn.

Transhumanism was founded in the 1950s by top eugenicist Julian Huxley and the Rockefeller Foundation, as a new brand name for the pseudoscience of Eugenics. Its obsession for culling off the 'genetically inferior', while at the same time striving to promote dominance for the 'superior' had given Eugenics a bad name, particularly after the Nazi brand of Eugenics created the Holocaust, during WWII. Sadly, what most people didn't know at that time was that Nazi eugenics was merely the full-blown application of the principles that had been developed and were openly espoused by the British, French and American Eugenics Societies.

So, Eugenics lived on, under many, heavily funded formats, one of them being Transhumanism. By and large, Transhumanism proposes to use applied science in the fields of genetics, robotics and others, to 'steer human evolution into the future'. A Transhumanist society will have, as its name implies, 'transcended humanity'. In such a society, human beings will have been replaced with hyper-efficient worker chimeras, bio-robotic warriors, and other purpose-made humanoid life forms.

These stated goals must be tied in with the bigger picture into which Eugenics and Transhumanism fit into. These fields have never been limited to 'science' per se -- they've always been primarily political and economical, and they reflect a very particular view of the world.

Under that view, the planet has limited resources, and technological advancement under free market systems cannot be trusted to overcome those limitations (one of the many Malthusian fallacies and myths) -- therefore, control must be exercised over the users of resources, to avoid any over-usage of those resources. To exercise that control, eugenicists believe they have to shut down development, and create an heavily regulated social and economic environment. In that controlled environment, those people who are alive must also be economically efficient -- i.e., produce more than they consume. So, on the one hand, the intelligentsia feels it needs to get rid of the 'wrong' sorts of people (the masses of 'unfit', 'unemployables', 'junk genes'), through techniques such as famine, abortion, sterilization, or euthanasia. On the other hand, the workers that will be allowed to go on into the future will have to be made into incrementally more 'efficient' humans -- which will eventually imply robotic add-ons and genetic-engineering.

This is none other than the worldwide, dehumanized, hyper-efficient 'hive society', that was advocated by eugenicist Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years". Or, "Our Benevolent Feudalism", as eugenicist William J. Ghent put it, in his portrayal of the techno-fascist global society that, he said, would eventually be ushered in, using the combined power of finance and science. And, of course, it was also explained in romanticized form in the "Brave New World" of Aldous Huxley, who was none other than the brother of Transhumanism founder, Eugenics Society chairman, Julian Huxley.

A neo-feudal, technocratic, new world order. That's what Eugenics and its offspring Transhumanism, strive for. A system under which you will not just lose your physical rights to independent living (and that is happening right now as this video plays), but you will also be engineered to lose your very soul. Since, as Charles Galton Darwin put it, you will be nothing more than a good worker, which includes being engineered to have the right beliefs, or no beliefs at all.

That is the final and most serious note of mental and spiritual disease behind this incredibly selfish and hypocritical paradigm. And that is why it must be stopped.

~Canadian Cyborg Documents The Reality Behind Today's Cyborg Tech:

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: ~you can chose to look for what is useful for you ... and leave all options neutral ... to consider is not a thought-crime and even if you are an atheist, there many insights and verifiable and valid scientific sources to hear ... if you want everything 100% the way you want it ... how can you learn something new? If you narrow your options you are not only missing a chance of new (empowering) insights you also radiate the opposite of true freedom of thought ... ~certain "far out" and strange illustrations on book-covers or vidoes are for a reason. I can name 100s of authors using symbolism and art of the opponent, the adversary, the accused the exposed etc. that does NOT mean you are endorsing it or praising it . If some one use a stop-sign in traffic then you can say I do not like to stop in traffic therefore I ignore the stop sign symbol, does not make sense. The use of colorful words and symbols has always been with us to spread a message.


I typed a transcript for you below:
so far I typed 24 minutes at the time of getting this info out to you. I am listening to this for the first time myself and am mindblowned that it took the plandemic to boldly bring out the demons calling for The Great Reset and a Cyborg race to wake up humanity to their plans against us. Here are people at this conference already awake to the globalists sickening plans talking about it in 2011. I will come back to continue typing the remaining hour. (emphasis mine)

Host: I want to bring up the author of Apollyon Rising 2012, the fourth coming book, Forbidden Gates, President of Raiders News Network, and many other projects in the works, Tom Horn.

Dr. Tom Horn: Well I was just telling Derek and Sharon Gilbert that to try to follow Sharon I'm done, I'm leaving now so... hopefully you've had a very good time. Actually just before I get started what I really want to do is ask my wife, Nita, you might know her as the Pied Piper of ponies. She's a horse whisperer. She's the light of my life. I want her to come and say hi to you.

Nita Horn: Thank you for this opportunity to greet you. I don't normally do this. But I wanted to and I was excited about it and I didn't know what to say when I got up here. But something really cool happened to me today. So, I'm going to get emotional for just a second so bare with me I'm a girl. All of this talk you know apocalypse, DNA change, end of the world, last days, I love it and I hate it. I love it because I know that the redemeption draws nigh and so I'm happy about that. I hate it because what I do love, besides all of my little ponies, is I love my kids and my grandkids. I loved them before they were born and I love them even now before they're born. There are more to come I'm sure there will be more grandkids and I'm going to love them even before they are born. BUT I also hope for their future and I know where my hope lies. I know where our calling is and we cannot stop at this conference. This is the beginning of what our job is and that's to get the word out.

So, I met a wonderful lady earlier today. Terry, thank you so much for coming back to the table and talking to me for a moment. She made me realize that I am not alone in how I feel. And God has given me an opportunity mid of next year to host a ladies event and she agreed to pray for me because this is a very difficult subject for emotional women to cover. Because we just want to either cry. We want to go home and hug our kids and our grandkids. We want to hope for the future. We also don't want to be caught without oil in our lamp. It's a very tough challenge and I know that God has brought me to this to do. So, she's going to pray for me. Thank you and if there's anyone else out there that would like to pray for me please feel free to. Thank you.

Dr. Tom Horn: All I have to say following Jeffrey Rath? and Russ Dizdar, Derick and Sharon Gilbert and Sharon's presentation a moment ago now what have I got to do? There's no winning. I'm already on the downside so I'll just let it fly I guess. See what I told you I would do Mr. Cameraman. Hey I want to say by the way to Sam and Alice Miller who are here and who are running these cameras you're doing this just as a gift. I wasn't here earlier I don't know if we told them thank you. But would give them a round of applause because we very much appreciate their ministry.

One other thing, as I was listening to Sharon's Gilbert's presentation, if you have not read her book "The Armageddon Strain" you should do so because you will be amazed how this book was written some years ago but it is actually unfolding before our eyes right now. In terms of how tecnology has finally caught up to her potential vision some year's ago. It's a scary vision. It's going to scare people like my wife. But maybe it'll also help us get on our knees and pray about the future. Also get involved.

I should tell you that some years ago following Dr. William Cantelon at the Oregon Bethel Park, whatever it was called old-fashioned camp meeting, kind of reminds of having to stand behind Sharon Gilbert because his opening line was, "Man is not a transcendental ideation of interceptive auto ? redaction nor an orgasmic individuality mobilized egreses nor a voltypical modality voltranized transfusive form differentiation spontaneously race mated into homogenius individuality."

And I said, "Say what?"

He explained shortly thereafter that all he had said was that man is not a process of evolution and his point was that these people who want to support evolution and whatever they will do what an old preacher I knew a few years ago used to use the term 16-cylinder phraseology, they'll wrap their conversation in all these big difficult words in order to try to give it the pretense of being scientifically supported or philosophically supported or whatever and if you can't keep up with the language obviously you're the idiot and they're right so get on board believe in evolution and his whole point was it's all a smokescreen ladies and gentlemen.

Well, we've been hearing about the smokescreen today, oh and the first giant catastrophe in today's conference ocurred when Sharon got up to speak. I was outside, I came in and my wife said, "Oh don't tell the joke. Sharon just told it." I had it all worked out. Because I was on Prophesy in the news. I mean PID last week and Derek reminded me of this joke, The transhumanists that go up before heaven and say, "We can make a better man than you can." and God says, "You're going to have to get your own dirt." Evidently you told it. I can't tell it.

But I have an alternative. A little girl goes to her daddy, you always have to have a back up plan in case there's a Sharon Gilbert in the audience, and she says, "Daddy where did people come from?" and the daddy says, "Well a long time ago God made Adam and Eve. He made man in His image. Adam and Eve started having babies and before you know it here's all the human race." So she waited a couple of days and she went to her mommy and she said, "Mommy where did people come from?" And the mommy said, "Well, along time ago there were monkeys and people evolved from the monkeys." Well that confused her so she went back to her daddy and she said, "Daddy you said God made man in His image and that's where everybody came from. Mommy says that they descended from the apes." And he said, "Well it's really simple honey I was telling you about my side of the family and she was telling you about her's."

After today I don't care. But you almost ruined everything for me. The funny thing about that is it's not really quit so funny is that seriously folks, transhumanism INTENDS TO BLEND monkeys, apes, synthetic life forms with humanity before the end of this century and that is a fact. That's not just a fringe fact. That's a National Science Foundation Report fact. That's a DARPA fact. That's a U.S. Intelligence fact. That's a JASON's, the highest think-tank at the U.S. Pentagon fact AND many of them are pointing towards the year 2012. But maybe we'll get to that in just a moment. It is not fringe in other words. In leading think-tanks around the world, Dr. Leon Kass the former Chairman of the President's Council on Bioethics, he says and think-tanks and laboratories around the world. Right now the groundwork is being written, the design if you will is being drafted by which the rest of us ARE GOING TO GET IN LINE or get out of the way or potentially be considered the enemies of progress and I may say something about that in a few minutes too. If you've been following anything over at Raider's News Network and some of the attacks upon me recently but maybe we'll talk about that in just a moment.

I would venture to say that right here in Ohio and oh, by the way, I was a preacher for 25 years and what my body is wanting to do is walk across the stage and you know. But I'm trying to have pity on the poor cameraman and stay here. He's telling me he don't care. But he does not know the speed he would need on that camera to keep up with me. I mean I was an old-fashioned preacher. Russ Dizdar type. We get to going and we leap pretty high and shout pretty loud. But it's the message at the end of the day that matters right Russ?

I would venture to say that right here in Ohio the average Ohioan has no clue, now maybe inside these walls you do, but in this state most of them do not know that in 2006 right here in Ohio Case Law School in Clevelad, Ohio was the recipient of $773,000 Department of Health, the largest U.S. Agency that gives grants for research related to health issues received $773,000 in fact I have their press release right here. (he holds up the press release)

This is from Case Law School. (he begins reading it) "Case Law School received $773,000 NIH grant to develop guidelines... for what? FOR GENETIC ENHANCEMENT RESEARCH. 😱😢😡

You can go to our website and download that press release. The whole purpose behind the $773,000 grant was for a 24-month period of time for Professor Maxwll Melman who is the Professor of Bioethics at Case Law School to lead a team of scientists, researchers, and also persons who have an interest in government policy over a 24-month period of time to do one thing only, TO ESTABLISH THE GUIDELINES THAT WILL BE USED IN SETTING PUBLIC POLICY, that is in other words, LAW, by which ALL OF US WILL LIVE that will regulate the next step in human evolution human enhancement. That happened right here 2006. Well in 2009 just last year, the 24-month research period was over, Professor Melman and if you read this I won't take time to read it to you, they talk about using human subjects during this 24-month period of time. So I sat back baited-breath I wanted to know in what way do you use human subjects in experiments for establishing guidelines that will be used for setting public policy with regard to human enhancement as the next step in human evolution? I wanted to know. I'm a taxpayer. This was a taxpayer-funded study. You paid for it. I wanted to know how were humans used?

There was no disclosure yet on how they were used. But here's what I noticed immediately when it was finished being funded Professor Melman began travelling the United States going to different Universities in the United States giving these two University lectures:

NUMBER 1: Directed Evolution. Public Policy and Enhancement.

and the SECOND LECTURE: Transhumanism and the Future of Democracy.

And if you think I'm kidding you can go to Arizona State University, you can go to Google you can type in Professor Melman's name and type in these titles and you can actually go and download the audios where at different Universities he's giving these lectures. I went to listen to them myself. I was amazed in one of them he talks about how yes human enhancement may in fact lead to an extinction level event. Yes, it may lead to the eradication of all life on Earth BUT we're going to do it anyway and that was really his position.

Besides those who are in Ohio I would venture to say that very few are aware that just this last year in 2009 in California there was a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. It was chaired by Democrat Brad Sherman. Brad Sherman was picked by the way to to chair this series of hearings because of his expertise in the spread of weapons of mass destruction among terrorists. What was Brad Sherman, this expert in weapons of mass destruction among terrorists, what meeting was he chairing, what was this House for Foreign Affairs Committee all about? Mark Stenzel who is a writer for the Congressional Quarterly attended the HFA hearings. He came back, you can Google his article. He wrote an article for CQ, for Congressional Quarterly called, "Genes Without Borders". In which he described attending a series of government hearings in which he said hey Rob Skiba is a filmmaker he's working on a series right now. He's got the pilot right now is being made. He's made the trailer to sell it to whoever the buyers are in Hollywood or television or elsewhere. The film is called, Seed. Go to Google, type it in, find it, go there, watch the trailer. If you can support this project do so.

But hey, Rob at the HFA hearings, what CQ writer Mark Stenzel made us aware of he said, "It was more like listening to a Hollywood pitch for a Sci-fi movie than it was a sober discussion of scientific reality with its descriptions by government officials OF NEAR FUTURE HORIZON, super humans, super animals, and super intelligence that will become a lethal force against which we are not prepared.

Well, just as I was packing up to leave on this trip. Have you seen this? The Global Governance 2025 at a critical juncture. Have you seen this report? Go to our website you'll find a link there where you can download this. This came out this week. This is September 2010. This came out this week. This report by the United States Intelligence Community and by the European Intelligence Community. You know what's terrible you're way over there and I have to have glasses on, when I'm close I can't have glasses on. I want to read you just a part of this. Go and download this to read the whole thing for yourself because the whole report is ON GLOBAL GOVERNANCE and what they're talking about are the various issues, the causal agents if you will THAT ARE PUSHING US TOWARD A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

U.S. Intelligence, European Intelligence Community just now published September 2010. But go to page 35 and note where they say this, "No form currently exists for dealing comprehensively across the scientific community, industry, and governments on measures needed to diminish the risks posed by the biotechnology revolution."

Now what are the risks? What exactly do they mean? Well they certainly do mean some of what Sharon Gilbert was talking about the potential for terrorists to get their hands on living biological entities, the remake of a mousepox or something else that they could release into dense community populations that could literally become a Black Death. They do mean all of that and there security agents right now that are staying up at night afraid of the very fact that we haven't yet had somebody buy one of your sequencing machines. Well you, I don't think you're selling.

But in any case well so what are they talking about? What is their fear? What is the fear of American Intelligence, European Intelligence when talking about biotechnology as one of those things that can push us suddenly into the need for a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. Here's what they say page 35 I dropped down only a half a paragraph, "In addition, biotechnology which the OECD thinks will potentially boost the GDP's of its members" listen, "can drive NEW FORMS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR and ASSOCIATION creating profound cross-cultural ethical questions that will increasingly become politically contentious. Few experts believe that current governance instruments are adequate for these challenges." Then they give an example. "For example, DIRECT MODIFICATION OF DNA at fertilization." Now we're talking about germline engineering. "Is widely research with a GOAL OF REMOVING DEFECTIVE GENES." In other words, our own form of eugenics. "However, discussions of future capabilities open the possibility FOR DESIGNING HUMANS WITH UNIQUE PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, OR COGNITIVE ABILITIES." 

Amazing, huh? U.S. Intelligence, European Intelligence providing what? This is an 85 page report you can download and read for yourself. Go to page 35 to read the quote I was just making. But quoting what cause could suddenly set into motion that need for a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and here's human enhancement. The same thing that the HFA hearings in California were saying that we are on the cusp of something we cannot stop because our enemies, this is what the JASON's are saying, this is what DARPA is saying, this is what the U.S. Airforce is saying. Our enemies will develop this technology ahead of us. Go to Wired Magazine just to get a glimpse and read the articled called, "JASON's (Top Pentagon Scientists) Fear Brain-Modified Foes" and how the Wired Magazine got a leaked document from the Pentagon in which the leading think-tank, the Pentagon, is saying this technology is getting out of the box. It's already starting. They're already doing it.

You know, I haven't seen the movie, but the movie, Splice, have any of you seen that movie? I did a show with Steve Quayle recently and he's telling me all about the movie, Splice. Part human, part animal creature. But something happens, it suddenly starts mutating it becomes something else, it grows wings it becomes what Russ? Demonic? Suddenly it's turning into a giant, the Nephilim, the spirit of the offspring. And now we've opened a gateway through our technology.

Well, but our own leading security experts are saying yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah can't help it. Other people around the world, China, the Soviet Union, anybody who can develop this technology is developing it right now. We are in a position the JASON's believe that this is the next arms race. Super soldier technology and many other implications of weaponized biology is the next curve if you will taking us where we're going to go.

Well to put it on a very practical platform, am I talking too fast? am I talking too loud? am I talking too stupid? Okay. Because all of the above when you're an old preacher can happen at any moment and you have to get somehow back if you can. You're on a pig trail where am I old lord help me.

Birkbeck Law School and I haven't looked at my notes in so long I don't think I know where I'm at anymore. So hopefully that's okay too.

Birkbeck Law School is one of the leading crime scene investigations schools in the world out of the UK. They put out a press release 24 months ago in which they said on this very practical premise that in the not-to-distant future they're going to have to develop new classes. Guess what for? Analyzing crime scenes that are the result of human nonhumans. That are the result of enhanced humans. Because nothing we know about forensics or profiling, you konw how they go into a crime scene they do all you know everything they do, I don't even watch CSI the television movie so I can't really explain it, shouldn't try. But they go in and do all that they do and you know they come out of it we're looking for a male and he's 25 to 35 years of age, he's probably of an affluent community or whatever. So they have rules that have been developed OVER 200 YEARS or more in which they've learned to analyze a crime scene and now Birkbeck Law School is saying throw it all out the door because if we are dealing with a crime scene that is let's say something that was perpetrated by a serial rapist who is part wolf we're dealing with a werewolf. That sounds insane. That's what they were saying. We wouldn't have a clue. This thing might have a bloodlust for human blood like an animal might. In ways that we simply might not comprehend. Is that sci-fi? No, it's exactly where we're going.


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