April 3, 2022

Watch Bob Larson, The Real Exorcist, Cast Out Curse Of Mammon, Norse Demon Loki, Python, The Soul-Tie Of A Witch, Jezebel, Lilith And Demons From A 3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Black Magic Curse

Bob Larson... The REAL Exorcist! published December 14, 2014: Seven-generation curse of Mammon and Norse demon Loki uncovered and the spirit of murder! Kay’s Swedish ancestors worshiped ancient Norse gods, including Loki, the trickster (Lucifer). They also made a blood covenant with Mammon for money. 
Bob Larson confronts Jezebel who confesses she hangs around her lungs and she also lives in the spine. Jezebel refuses to leave. Bob binds all of the spirits of infirmity to Jezebel and he commands those diseases attack Jezebel. He turns all of the diseases back on Jezebel and Mammon that they used to attach this ladies health. (emphasis mine)
Bob Larson... The REAL Exorcist! published September 22, 2019: Exorcist Bob Larson confronts demons of Jezebel and Python in a Christian grandmother. Joann divorced her husband whom she says abused their daughters. This evil opened the door to a Jezebel spirit.
Bob Larson confronts the soul-tie to her former husband who refuses to repent for sexually abusing his daughters. Then Joann needed a second exorcism to expel a Python demon that came from her ex-mother-in-law soul-tie! (emphasis mine)
Bob Larson... The REAL Exorcist! published October 22, 2017: Exorcist Bob Larson finds a soul-part of a witch inside a Christian woman! While in college, Laura made friends with a woman who was secretly a witch. This woman put her blood in Laura’s food to form a demonic soul-bond. 
She's 43-years-old and never married. Bob Larson tells her that is part of the curse. Bob interrogates the soul-tie of Collette, the friend who was a witch. The soul-tie refuses to leave and says, "she's mine". (emphasis mine)
Bob Larson... The REAL Exorcist! published August 14, 2016: Exorcist Bob Larson defeats Jezebel and Lilith in Inna, and breaks the curse of her child’s name, Venus. Inna received her first exorcism from Bob two years ago. She manifests again with the demons Jezebel, Ashtoreth, and Lilith. See the touching moment the power of God breaks these curses on her young daughter named Venus.
Bob Larson demands to know who is there with Jezebel and witchcraft. The Beast comes forward. Bob demands to know how many generations of witchcraft. The Beast responds, 1,500. Wait until you hear what evil the Beast admits started this generational bloodline curse. (emphasis mine)
Bob Larson... The REAL Exorcist! published October 21, 2018: Exorcist Bob Larson encounters a 3,500-year-old Egyptian curse. Reuben had previously been involved with a woman who practiced Egyptian black magic. That relationship opened up his life to demons going back 3,500 years!
Bob Larson confronts the soul-tie he has with his ex-girlfriend. She admits she was working with the "book of the dead". Bob gives her a chance to repent, but she refuses. So Bob binds the ex-girlfriend to Set, Ra, Isis and the king of Egypt spirits. Then Bob commands the chief demon among them to get up and face him and Ramses comes forward. But Ramses' admits the true power is Set. (emphasis mine)
Bob Larson... The REAL Exorcist! published August 9, 2020: Hideous incest demon torments former pastor. Exorcist Bob Larson faces down incest demon going back 85 generations!
Witchcraft and murder spirits were there too. (emphasis mine)

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