April 4, 2022

USA: Oberlin College In Ohio Must Pay Record $31 Million Award To Gibson's Bakery, A Mom And Pop Bakery Since 1885 For Ruining Its Business With False Accusations Of Racism Because Of Shoplifter.

WKYC Channel 3 published June 25, 2019: Branded as racists, Gibson family took on Oberlin College to rewrite obituary. “It took us generations to build this business and in a couple of days, it was destroyed. People need to be aware that it really matters when you come at folks and you put up a false narrative and you destroy a family with words.
The Washington Examiner
written by Greg Wilson, Managing Editor
Friday April 1, 2022

A record $31 million award to a mom and pop bakery that accused a liberal Ohio college of ruining its business with false accusations of racism has been upheld by a state appeals court.

Gibson's Bakery, a 135-year-old family business near the campus of Oberlin College, was initially awarded more than $40 million in punitive and compensatory damages in the aftermath of a 2016 incident in which the owner's son confronted three black Oberlin students who were stealing wine from the store. Although the suspects were arrested and later admitted they were shoplifting, the episode touched off school-sanctioned protests and accusations of racism that crippled the store's business.

"At trial, it was absolutely clear to the jury (as reflected by the verdict) that there was not a shred of truth in the vicious statements about the Gibsons and that the College caused the devastating harm," the law firm representing the Gibson family said after winning the case. "The truth prevailed."

The initial award by Lorain County Judge John Miraldi in 2019 was later reduced to $25 million plus $6 million in legal fees. In the latest development, a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit unanimously upheld the award.

Despite the students' guilt, Oberlin College and key officials, including its vice president and dean of students, accused the bakery of racial profiling, claiming that owner David Gibson and other employees assaulted the students and had a history of racism. At trial, the jury heard evidence that college officials distributed flyers containing the false accusations and encouraged students to boycott and protest the store.

The award is the largest defamation verdict in Ohio history.

Oberlin, a small liberal arts college in northern Ohio, has long been known for left-wing politics. Alumni include actress Lena Dunham, former Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, liberal activist Nan Aron, Chicago Seven member Jerry Rubin, former Amnesty International head William Schulz, and a host of notable journalists. But one alumna, conservative pundit Michelle Malkin, was not sorry to see her alma mater punished.

"For decades, grievance-mongering Oberlin elites have bullied and defamed innocent white people without consequences in their multicultural Ohio enclave," Malkin wrote in a 2019 Daily Signal column titled "I’m an Oberlin Graduate. They Had It Coming." "False racial allegations and toxic identity politics are the bread and butter of Oberlin campus life."

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