April 11, 2022

USA: Mass Shooting At An Adult Birthday Party Held At An Illegal Club Where 6 People Were Shot And 1 Killed On Indy's Northwest side. Separately, 16yo Shot To Death In Parking Lot On Indy's Eastside.

FOX59 News published April 10, 2022: INDIANAPOLIS, Six shot, one dead after a shooting at a birthday party on Indy’s northwest side. A man is dead and five other people were injured in a shooting at a birthday party on Indianapolis’ northwest side Sunday morning.

IndyStar News, Indianapolis local
written by Claire Rafford
Sunday April 10, 2022

Update: This story was updated April 11, 2022 with more information about the deceased.

A man was killed and five people were injured in a shooting early Sunday at what officials believe was a birthday celebration, according to IMPD.

Around 3:20 a.m. Sunday, April 10, 2022 police were dispatched to 4270 W. 38th St. on the northwest side of Indianapolis. The address is the location of Team One Event Center.

When officers arrived on scene, they found one adult male inside the building who was pronounced deceased on the scene. The Marion County Coroner's Office identified him as 24-year-old Belansky Fanord.

Five additional people, including four men and one woman, had what officials believe to be non-life threatening injuries consistent with gunshot wounds. Two of the people shot were taken to area hospitals.

Police believe the birthday party was taking place when a fight broke out and shots were eventually fired both inside and outside the building.

No one has been detained in regards to this incident, police said.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Detective Christopher Winter at the IMPD Homicide Office by phone at 317-327-3475 or email at Christopher.Winter@indy.gov.

Alternatively, people can call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477 to report information anonymously.
Fox59 News
written by Russ McQuaid
Monday April 11, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — The former Ovation Audio store at 4270 W. 38th St. near Lafayette Road was the site of an early Sunday morning “birthday party” and shooting that left five people wounded and a man dead.

Investigators think a fight led to shots being fired both inside and outside the building on Indy’s northwest side.

IMPD and Indiana Homeland Security said that the site should have never been open in the first place.

“In March of last year, Lieutenant Bill Carter executed a search warrant on the location for serving alcohol without a license, so, essentially, bootlegging was taking place at that location,” said IMPD Captain Chris Boomershine. “At the event the other night, alcohol was present at the venue. There was also hookah smoking and the location did not have a valid entertainment permit from the State Fire Marshals’ office.”

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security confirmed that fire marshals investigators were denied access to the building during a scheduled walk through with the owner on March 28. They also said the business did not have a current amusement and entertainment permit and that several code violations were noted on the site’s exterior.

Despite the State order to keep the building closed, the property was the location of a Saturday night party advertised by “Team One Group”, which has also scheduled several other events in the weeks to come.

“At most locations, the person who is running the event is leasing the space. Rarely do we see someone that actually owns the space at these events,” said Boomershine. “We are asking anyone who has an event center to check social media for the type of event that they claim is taking place. We’re asking them to also have an employee on site to inspect what is going on there and we’re finding in many instances that they’re giving them the keys to the business much like parents hand the keys to the car on the weekend to the kids and that’s it.”

Farther north on Lafayette Road, at the Global Village Welcome Center, Executive Director of the International Marketplace Coalition Mary Clark said her event center is never rented out to promoters.

“The property owners do have to be responsible,” she said. “We need to vet those promoters, and maybe we shouldn’t even work with promoters, period, because here’s what happens with those promoters: they come into a business, they make all the money they want to make. If havoc breaks out, they’re long gone. And who’s suffering the consequences? The community and the small business owner.”

Talisha Gray, owner of Gray’s Event Center next door to the former Ovation Audio store, said she has fielded phone calls from customers who mistakenly believed it was her business where the shooting occurred.

Captain Boomershine said it is not just the business community that suffers when violence breaks out at an after-hours, unregulated club.

“People who are attending bars, nightclubs and event halls need to do their own research. They need to understand that if it’s not a properly licensed or managed business, their safety may very well depend upon their own research,” he said. “When it comes to security, we’re finding incidents of no security and there should have been, or we’re finding incidents of, there is security, but they may not be properly licensed which is an A misdemeanor violation if you’re operating a security company in Indiana without a license, and in many cases, we’re finding that they acted in an unprofessional manner in dealing with patrons.”

Boomershine said sometimes unlicensed and untrained security personnel exacerbate incidents that result in gun violence.

“We are seeing a steady increase of these type of entities,” he said. “For some reason, at this point in time, we are seeing a lot of people who either want to open a bar or a club or operate at an event hall and in many instances they are cutting corners they are putting the public at risk that attends these type of events.”

Boomershine said the City Prosecutor may file to close the Team One Event Center based on past and present violations.

Fox59 unsuccessfully reached out to both the promoter and the property owner seeking comment.

FOX59 News published April 11, 2022: 16-year-old is found shot to death in a parking lot on Indy's east side. A 16-year-old high school student is found shot to death on Indy's east side. Police were called to a parking lot along 30th street just before 10 o'clock Sunday night and found a 16-year-old shot. That teen died after being rushed to the hospital.

Fox59 News
written by Jesse Wells
Monday April 11, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — A 16-year-old high school student was found shot to death on Indy’s east side over the weekend.

Police were called to a parking lot along 30th Street just before 10 p.m. Sunday and found the teenager shot. He died after being rushed to the hospital.

“Looking at him on the hospital, it crushed me. I never would have thought in a million years it would happen to my son,” said Michael Duerson Jr.

Duerson Jr. said he spoke to his son, who shares his name of Michael Duerson III, just minutes before the shooting.

“He called me from the area and told me to come and get him. By the time I got there, my son was gone,” said Duerson.

Duerson’s death marks the seventh homicide this year involving a victim under the age of 18. While overall homicides have come down significantly this year compared to last, homicides involving juvenile victims have actually increased.

There were six juvenile homicide victims as of April 10 in 2019. The year finished with 16. In 2020, there were three juvenile homicide victims by this time of the year, with 15 total. There were four juvenile homicide victims as of this date in 2021. Last year finished with 17 such deaths.

“That’s very disturbing, and I’m strongly concerned by that,” said Reverend Malachi Walker.

Reverend Walker, who mentors teenage boys as part of Young Men Inc., believes teaching kids better conflict resolution is the key to saving lives.

“Taking a life or losing your own life is not worth it. There’s other ways to solve conflicts, and one is to turn away from it.”

“That boy was sharp, he was smart, I just don’t understand it, man,” said Duerson Jr.

Duerson Jr. said his son loved to play basketball and football and just got hired for a new job.

For their part, police would not confirm any suspect information or a motive for the shooting.

“I just don’t understand how he got mixed up in some buffoonery, clown stuff. I don’t even know,” said Duerson Jr.

So far, no arrests have been made from the shooting on 30th Street. In fact, all seven juvenile homicides this year remain unsolved.

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