April 15, 2022

Commanded To Be Blessed Message by Pastor Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen published June 12, 2017: Did you know God has a commanded blessing for your life? When we honor God with our lives and do our best to keep Him first place, Deuteronomy 28:8 says, “The Lord will command the blessing on you.” God’s commanded blessing on your life will make things happen that you cannot make happen on your own and break barriers holding you back.

Many people feel limited today by their environment, how they were raised, who they know, and what others have said about them. But Joel wants to show you that no person or thing has the power to change God’s commanded blessing on your life. With God’s commanded blessing, you’re going to go further than you’ve dreamed, accomplish more than you thought possible, and become all God created you to be.
I typed a transcript of the first 12 minutes of this awesome message to inspire you today. Don't let the enemy of your soul steal, kill and destroy what rightfully belongs to you as a child of the Most High God. (emphasis mine)
Well God bless you. It's a joy to come into your homes. If you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of our services. I promise you, we'll make you feel right at home. I like to start with something funny. 

I heard about this scientist he said to God, "We decided we no longer need you. We can clone people, transplant hearts, do all things once considered miraculous."

God said, "Fine. But to prove you don't need me, let's have a man making contest. The only requirement, you have to make man out of dirt."

The scientist said, "Great and reached up to pick up a handful of dirt."

God said, "Not so fast. Go get your own dirt."

Audience: Laughter

Say it like you mean it. This is my bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do. Today, I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. In Jesus name. Amen. God bless you.

I want to talk to you today about commanded to be blessed. When we honor God in our lives. We do our best to keep Him first place. The scripture says, "God will command His blessing to come on you."

When God commands, it's not maybe it will happen, I hope it happens, if the circumstances come together. No. When God commands, there is no ifs, ands, or buts. It's going to happen.

When God said, "Let there be light." The earth was dark, without form, like a black hole. God didn't check the circumstances to see if light was possible. He didn't have experts analyze it to see if they thought it could happen. He simply spoke. When He commanded light, it came at a hundred and eighty six thousand miles a second. When God commands you to be blessed. He doesn't check what family you come from, where you work, who likes you, how good the economy is. None of that matters to God. All the circumstances against you, the experts will tell you you'll never get well, you'll never meet the right person, you'll never be successful. Every voice says you're stuck, just accept it, no way in the natural. The good news is we serve a supernatural God. When He commands the blessing, all the forces of darkness cannot stop Him. With a commanded blessing, you'll go places you couldn't go on your own. Doors will open that you couldn't open. You'll be promoted even though you weren't the most qualified. The commanded blessing will cause good breaks to find you, contracts, opportunities, business, favor will track you down.

Now get in agreement with God. Quit saying, "I'll never get ahead Joel. These people at work don't like me." It doesn't matter who doesn't like you at work. What matters is the Most High God that likes you. He's not limited by who's against you, by who's not giving you credit, who's not treating you right. One touch of His favor will move them out of the way and get you to where you're supposed to be.

Don't be discouraged by what's unfair. God sees what's happening. Keep being your best. Keep honoring Him. You're not working under people, you're working under God. When it's your time to be promoted, you can rest assured you will be promoted. People can't stop you. Bad breaks can't stop you. Injustice can't stop you. The commanded blessing on your life will override every force that's trying to hold you back.

I know a young man that works in the medical field. He graduated from college six years ago. He'd been in this entry level position this whole time. He's a hard worker. He's always done more than he has to. But his supervisor never liked him. He wouldn't give him any credit. These new employees that they hired didn't have the training, the expertise, they were being promoted over him. It wasn't fair. He didn't like it. But he understands this principle, because he's honoring God, there is a commanded blessing on his life.

About six months ago, he went to work and found out one morning that his supervisor had unexpectedly resigned, he had a family issue and had to move to another state. The administration called him in and said this supervisor has recommended you to take his position. This supervisor never even liked him, he was never for him. But when you have the commanded blessing, God will cause people to be good to you that have never been good to you. He'll use even your enemies to bless you.

This young man was so excited, and so baffled at the same time. He said, "Joel this man tried to hold me down. He tried to discredit me."

Here's the key, people don't have the final say, God does. People don't determine your destiny. They didn't breathe life into you. They didn't call you. They didn't number your days. You may be in a situation that feels unfair, seems like somebody is stopping you. Don't worry your time is coming. Keep doing the right thing when the wrong this is happening. There is a commanded blessing on your life. They can't keep you down. All the circumstances may be against you, but the Most High God is for you.

Numbers chapter 22, the Israelites were camped on the plains of Moab headed towards Jericho. When the king of the Moabites saw how many Israelites there were, he was afraid. There was a prophet that lived in a nearby city named Balaam. The king knew that the Lord always did what Balaam asked. So he sent some of his men with a large amount of money to see Balaam to ask him to come back and curse the people of Israel. Balaam said, "I'll pray about it. But I can only say what God tells me to say." He prayed. In verse 12, God said, "You are to not go back with them. For what I have blessed, you cannot curse."

Notice when God puts the commanded blessing on you, it doesn't matter what somebody says, it doesn't matter what they do, how they treat you. All that matters is God put His blessing on you and everything is else is of no effect. They can say it, but if you don't allow it to take root it's not going to stop you. It may be unfair. It may seem like it's getting the best of you. But if you'll stay in faith, the blessing will always override the curse. They meant it to stop you. God will use it to promote you.

They went back and told the king that Balaam wouldn't come. The king said, "Take some more money, go back and tell him he has to come and curse the Israelites." They went back. Balaam said, "Even if you give me a palace filled with silver and gold, I am powerless to do anything against the will of my God."

They spent the night and talked him into going back. The king said, "Balaam what took you so long? You should've come back. I need you to curse these people." Balaam said, "Well I'll pray one more time. But I can only say what the Lord tells me to say." He woke up the next morning, said to the king, "This is what the Lord says, 'The Israelites will succeed and become a great nation and have descendants too numerous to count.'"

The king said, "Balaam stop. What are you doing? I brought you here to curse them. Instead you're blessing them."

He said it again, "I cannot curse what God has already blessed."

If Balaam were here today, he would say the same thing to you. You cannot be curse. There is a commanded blessing on your life.

When you go through disappointments, unfair things happen, it's easy to feel like thats clouded your future. Have a new perspective. What God has blessed, nothing can curse. When you understand you have this commanded blessing, you won't be upset because someone is talking about you, worried about your finances, discouraged because of a setback. You know that every force that's trying to stop you is powerless to change the blessing God put on your life.

I love how Balaam was supposed to curse the Israelites. They were going to pay him a lot of money. Not only did he refuse to do it. But God had him speaking blessings. He started telling how the Israelites were going to succeed, go further, accomplish great things. This is a spiritual principle God was showing us. When the enemy tells you all the reasons why you're not going to get well, not get out of debt, not overcome the challenge. Instead of agreeing with him, do like Balaam and start speaking victory, speak health, speak favor, speak abundance.

You see the enemy wants you to curse your future with negative words and negative thoughts. He knows he can't stop you. But if he can convince you to go around discouraged, thinking you've reached your limits, that will keep you from your destiny. You have to turn it around.

"You want me to curse my future. I know better. I'm going to bless my future."

"Well you'll never get out of debt. You'll always struggle."

"No thanks. You have the wrong person. I will lend and not borrow. Whatever I touch will prosper and succeed. I've been commanded to be blessed."

When he whispers, "You saw the medical report. You're never going to get well. Come on agree with me. Curse your future."

Turn it around. "God is restoring health back unto me. The number of my days He will fulfill."

"Well the more you pray, the worse your child gets."

"No thanks. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. The seed of the righteous, my seed will be mighty in the land."

You may have a lot coming against you. Every voice says it's not going to work out. I'm asking you to be a Balaam, speak the blessing and not the curse.

Sometimes it's not our own thoughts trying to discourage us, it's what other people are saying. People will tell you what you're not going to be, how you're not going to get well, your dreams are not going to come to pass. Here's the key, they can speak defeat all day long, but they are powerless to change the blessing on you life.

Nothing they say or do can remove the blessing. They didn't give you the blessing and they can't take it away. It was put on you by the God who spoke worlds into existence. He didn't just give you the blessing, He commanded the blessing.

There's a freedom when you understand this. Somebody's talking bad about you, you're attitude is no big deal, they are powerless to stop the blessing on my life. Well you had a bad break, you were laid off. "Yes, but I'm not worried. I know the blessing always overrides the curse."

"Well you come from a rough neighborhood. Doesn't look like you have much of a future."

"No. Where I am is not where I'm staying. The commanded blessing will get me to where I'm supposed to be."

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