January 29, 2022

USA: 6 Black People Found Shot Dead Execution-Style Inside A Home. 4 People Of Interest In Custody. Please Contact Milwaukee Police Or Crimestoppers Anonymously With Any Information.

WISN 12 News published January 25, 2022: 6 victims in Milwaukee house identified.
Police are investigating the deaths of six victims found inside a home.
TMJ4 News published January 27, 2022: 4 people of interest in custody following sextuple homicide.
4 people of interest in custody following sextuple homicide.
WISN 12 News published January 27, 2022: Video: 4 in custody in 6 dead. During a news conference on Thursday, Jan. 27, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman disclosed a revelation from the investigation.

WISN12 ABC News, Milwaukee local
written by Staff
Thursday January 27, 2022

MILWAUKEE — Police are investigating the deaths of six victims found inside a home.

Here's what we know so far.

Who are the victims?

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office identified the victims Monday evening as:
  • Caleb Jordan, 23, of Milwaukee
  • Javoni Liddell, 31
  • Charles Hardy, 42, of Milwaukee
  • Donald Smith, 43, of Milwaukee (lived in home)
  • Donta Williams, 44, of Milwaukee (lived in home)
  • Michelle Williams, 49, of Milwaukee (lived in home)
How were the victims killed?

According to Milwaukee police, the initial investigation appears to show the victims were shot to death.

"We were told that it was execution-style," Tiffany Cole-Whittington, a cousin of Michelle Williams, said.

Police have not confirmed those details.

Final autopsy results have not been released.

Where did it happen?

Police were called to a home in the 2500 block of North 21st Street in Milwaukee.

According to documents released by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiners Office, Donta Williams, Michelle Williams and Donald Smith lived at the home where they were found dead.

When did it happen?

The complete answer is unclear.

Police were called to the home about 3:45 p.m. Sunday for a welfare check.

Officers initially found five victims.

During the course of the investigation, police found a sixth person dead inside the home, a police spokesperson said earlier this week.

Sources indicated investigators had not fully determined if the six were killed the day they were found or at an earlier date.

During a news conference on Thursday, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman disclosed a revelation from the investigation.

He said detectives discovered a woman called 911 about 12 hours before the victims were found and claimed to be the victim of a shooting.

The 911 caller said there were also several other victims and gave two locations which were not the home where six were discovered, Norman said.

The chief said officers responded to the two locations the caller provided, but they did not find any victims.

He also said investigators tracked down the 911 caller and she was not injured.

Her connection to the killings remains under investigation.

Why were the victims killed?

Norman did not reveal a specific motive for the killings during the news conference, but did reveal the belief that the murders were a targeted act of violence carried out by multiple shooters.

Court records obtained by the WISN 12 Investigative Unit show three of the six victims' names appear on a witness list for a pending homicide case in Milwaukee County Court.

"We are still looking into all angles. Obviously, you never want to use one explanation for a particular incident and stick to that; understanding that there might be some other angles we have to explore," Norman said when asked if the witness angle was being explored as a possible motive. "At this time, we're pretty sure that that is not relative to this particular incident, but we never want to take away any particular explanation for what we're finding in this investigation."

Norman revealed four persons of interest are in custody in connection with the killings.

He did not confirm if the 911 caller was among the four.

It's not clear whether any of the four was suspected of being the shooter.

Police believe the victims likely knew their killer.

No criminal charges have been referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney as of Thursday morning, Norman added.

Investigators have not recovered a murder weapon.

Anyone with information on the homicides was asked to call Milwaukee police or Crimestoppers.

Have police talked about their investigation?

Since providing a news conference the night of the discovery, Thursday morning was the only other public briefings Norman or public information officers have held in the investigation.

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