January 29, 2022

USA: A 30-Year-Old Black Woman, Mother Of 3 Children, Body Found Dead With A Gunshot To Her Head In The Woods In A Atlanta Park. Suspect Arrested Last Friday, A Black Man Acquaintance Of Hers.

But but but... the Communist Democrats, Communist Republicans, FBI, and CIA deep state want Americans and the world to believe White Supremacists are the real terror to Black people in America. Get it? Got it? Good. I'm so tired of the Commie bullshit lies. Meanwhile, Black criminals keep getting away with murdering Black people because of the stupid Commie officials ZERO BAIL policies and defunding the police policies. Atlanta has Black Mayor, a Black Chief of Police, other Black officials in charge and they want you to believe White Supremacists are the REAL THREAT!?!?! The Chief of police says in the video below where the 6-month old was shot and killed that "violence in major cities and throughout this country has gotten out of control." NO SHIT! What the hell does anyone in their right mind think is going to happen when criminals are given FREE REIGN because of their ZERO BAIL and defunding the police policies. My gosh listening to the Mayor and Chief of Police in Atlanta you would think they had nothing to do with the crime in the city THEY ARE IN CHARGE OF PROTECTING. They're blaming guns NOT their stupid policies. They can make Atlanta, GA a no gun city and criminals WILL STILL BUY GUNS on the street illegally. (emphasis mine)
11Alive published December 16, 2021: Police investigating homicide near Anderson Park in NW Atlanta. Late Thursday afternoon APD homicide investigators could be seen investigating in and around Anderson Park in NW Atlanta.
CBS46 Atlanta published January 21, 2022: Man arrested for woman whose body was found in a NW Atlanta park. Atlanta Police announced during a press conference on Friday afternoon that someone has been arrested for the death of Jamesha Sheonne Trammell, whose body was found in a northwest Atlanta park in mid December.
11Alive published January 21, 2022: Suspect arrested in relation to killing of woman near Atlanta's Anderson Park, police say. Both the investigators and the family of the victim, 30-year-old Jamesha Trammell, were present at the press conference.

WSBTV2 News, Atlanta local
written by Staff
Friday January 21, 2022

ATLANTA — Police have arrested the man they say killed a mother of three and left her body in an Atlanta park.

Investigators said Wallace Ponder, 25, killed Jamesha Trammell in a December incident and that they arrested him in Gwinnett County.

“This case really, really just rocked us to our core,” said Lt. Ralph Woolfolk, homicide commander with the Atlanta Police Department.

Trammell’s family spoke Friday afternoon, saying the mother of three worked three jobs to provide for her family.

“That was my baby and the monster that put her. That did this to her. I only wish that you will receive Christ on yourself,” Trammell’s mother Shauwna Trammell Brown said.

Police said Ponder is accused of shooting and killing Trammell on Dec. 16 and dumping her body along Tiger Flowers Drive in Anderson Park on the northwest side of the city.

Homicide detectives say they spent 200 hours investigating the case, working around the clock until they arrested the suspect.

“They broke our family. They took something from us. They snatched it and it was personal,” sister LeKrysta Trammell said.

“Jamesha was sweet. She was very sweet, and she didn’t deserve. Oh my God, she didn’t deserve this at all,” Shauwna Trammell Brown said.

Police have not released the motive behind the killing at this point.

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11Alive published January 27, 2022: Mom of 6-month-old killed describes horror when she realized son was shot after drive-by shooting while she was at a traffic stop. Atlanta police arrested and charged 22-year-old Dequasie Little with murder, and aggravated assault.
11Alive published January 24, 2022: Atlanta Police Chief gives update after 6-month-old shot, killed near Atlanta's Anderson Park. Atlanta Police are investigating after a 6-month-old was shot and killed Monday afternoon near Atlanta's Anderson Park.
FOX 5 Atlanta published January 25, 2022: Police make arrest in Atlanta shooting that killed 6-month-old boy. Atlanta police say they have made an arrest in a shooting that resulted in the death of a 6-month-old baby boy Monday afternoon. The suspect, a 22-year-old, was taken into custody less than 24 hours after the incident.

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My gosh, what's going on in Atlanta, GA? 😱
FOX 5 Atlanta published January 24, 2022: Man visiting Atlanta from England shot, killed in bed. Brookhaven Police are seeking the public's assistance as the search for whoever is responsible for the 'reckless' violence that resulted in the death of a doctor who was killed by a stray bullet.
FOX 5 Atlanta published January 26, 2022: Woman shot 8 times during drive-by shooting. A woman is in critical condition after being shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting. Relatives believe she was not the intended target.

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