October 17, 2021

USA: Reporter Asked Biden's Press Secretary Psaki, "Biden Vaccine Mandate, It's Never Actually Been Imposed. It's Not Written Anywhere, It's Just Nothing More Than A Press Release In A Speech." Psaki Replied LIED Saying IT WAS THE LAW.

A reporter asked Biden's Press Secretary, "The Joe Biden vaccine mandate, it's never actually been imposed. It's not written anywhere, it's just nothing more than a press release in a speech."

Psaki replied, "we're going to continue to implement THE LAW which the president of the United States has the ability, the authority, the legal authority to do. And we're going to continue to work to get more people vaccinated. To get out of this pandemic the president will use every lever at his disposal to do that."

The vaccine MANDATE or REQUIREMENT or REQUEST is not A LAW. Biden has never signed an Executive Order nor has Congress voted to make the vaccine mandate A LAW. Therefore, there is NO LEGAL REASON for you to feel forced to get the covid19 vaccine. (emphasis mine)

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I have typed a transcript from the TikTok video above: Okay today we're going to learn about the legal definition of the word mandate. We are in the Black's Law Dictionary 11th edition. So today California just mandated vaccination for all school children ages 12 and older. Under Roman and Civil law, this is what we're working under right now, a written command given by a principle to an agent, so by like a governor, specifically a commission or contract by which one person like the governor requests someone the mandatary which is the public, to perform some services gratuitously which means VOLUNTARILY. The commission becoming effective WHEN THE MANDATARY AGREES. This means that a mandate only becomes mandatory when you follow through with what they want you to do. If you do not agree to it, if you do not do what they're asking you to do, if you do not want to do what they're asking you to do, because IT'S A REQUEST, IT'S GRATUITOUSLY DOING WHAT THEY SAY, then you are NOT OBLIGATED UNDER THE MANDATE. That's the law they don't want you to know. That's the law they don't want you to know. Go back, look at it again. Pause it and read it. Research it all you want to but that's THE LAW. It is not becoming mandatory on you until you the mandatary actually follows through with what they're trying to mandate. That's why it's NOT A LAW, it's called a mandate and it's only a mandate until you agree to it. If it goes against the constitution, it cannot become a law. But if you guys role over and do whatever they want, you're actually agreeing to it. You're just agreeing to it. Which means they can turn around and make it a law because everyone was agreeing to it in the first place. You guys say no.

Dr. Elena Bishop, Pathologist explains why it's not actually a vaccine.

1. It’s not a vaccine.
2. Human clinical trials are not finished.
3. It does not have full approval as the media tells you.
4. Full informed consent for this treatment is not possible, because nothing is known about its long term side effects.
5. By Pfizer’s own admission it does not stop you from catching or transmitting the virus.
6. Millions of people are taking this treatment without knowing how it will affect them, whether it will give them cancer, infertility, auto immune disease or something else.
7. The manufacturers have exemption from liability. They are not responsible for their product if it kills or injures you.
8. The government claims that it is not mandatory and there will no repercussions for not taking it. That is a lie!
9. A medical experiment without informed consent is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. This is a crime against humanity, and everybody implicated in this crime, including the government, the doctors, the nurses, other medical practitioners, and anybody promoting this experimental drug, like the media, will be punished.
10. We have to stop this before it’s too late.
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RAIR Foundation USA
written by Renee Nal
August 3, 2021

“And this horrible moment in medical history will be remembered by the general public, when the truth comes out, the books are written.”

Renowned Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson joined RAIR Foundation USA to defend politically-persecuted physician, Peter McCullough, MD. During his interview, Dr. Hodkinson also made powerful comments about the coronavirus vaccine, of which he has been a vocal critic.

In Defence of Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough, who served as vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center until February, has endorsed early treatments for the coronavirus “such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, monoclonal antibodies, and other proven safe and effective treatments,” as previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

Dr. McCullough is being threatened with a million dollar lawsuit ostensibly because he has used his former title. According to the Dallas Morning News, Baylor “filed the lawsuit on the same day it announced it was requiring all of its employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19…”

“Yes, it’s really quite disturbing that someone of Dr. McCullough’s stature is attacked,” Dr. Hodkinson told RAIR. “Dr. McCullough is basically the top dog internationally in all this,” he continued. “For his institution to be attacking him is despicable. He’s a renowned cardiologist in his own right with a huge publication list…editor of numerous journals…” Hodkinson said, emphasizing that Dr. McCullough “has not done anything wrong at all.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson said that people can donate to Dr. McCullough’s legal fund here (select “Medical Censorship Defense Fund”).

What Can People Do?

Dr. Hodkinson recommended watching his Rumble and Bitchute videos to get a “very good general education on Covid”. Further, Dr. Hodkinson advised that if citizens are being threatened with consequences should they not get vaccinated, an option could be “Notices of Liability”, which “can be quite powerful if they are appropriately worded and presented.”

Notices of Liability could be written by an attorney, or templates could be found online, Dr. Hodkinson added. Just the hint of a “Notice of Liability” may be enough to cause those attempting to impose the vaccine to “back off”, he said.

Further, the renowned pathologist recommended “prophylaxis with Vitamin D 5000 international units (IUs) a day, 50 milligrams of zinc” which are “readily available” and Ivermectin as an early intervention, after one gets Covid.

‘People are being intimidated’

The coronavirus vaccines were “not needed, experimental, they are dangerous, they have all kinds of complications…and people are being intimidated into taking them in the most Machiavellian fashion,” Dr. Hodkinson said. Speaking of incentives such as “ice cream” and entry into a lottery to get the vaccines, Hodkinson added “[T]hose kinds of inducements are totally inappropriate.”

“We not only have an unneeded, dangerous vaccine, but it’s also now becoming very clear that the vaccine does not live up to it’s initial promise. It’s not 98% effective as they were originally saying. No! Nowhere close,” the pathologist declared. Dr. Hodkinson explained that the mRNA vaccine was not designed for the “more recent variants, like the Delta variant,” and so obviously the vaccines will not be as effective in treating the variants.

As an aside, Hodkinson noted that the variants are more transmissible which is a “good thing” for herd immunity, which would be a far greater alternative than taking the “unnecessary, reckless and dangerous” vaccine.

Terrifying Potential Long Term Effects

Starting at around the 9:00 mark of the RAIR interview, Dr. Hodkinson made a powerful statement about what “could happen” in the long term. “There are two big horror shows that could happen,” he explained. The pathologist qualified his statement by saying that he is “underlying ‘could'” because nobody knows what the long term impacts could be precisely because of the rush to production.

The first major concern is that two out of three of those who take the vaccine and do not experience the known side effects other than soreness in the arm have “diffuse coagulation taking place in their blood vessels,” Dr. Hodkinson explained, citing findings from both Dr. Charles Hoffe and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.

These blood clots are “occurring in the slowest moving smallest vessels in the body,” and long term consequences – such as premature onset of heart failure or dementia – can only be known by monitoring those affected. “We just don’t know,” he said.

The second potential major long term concern is fertility. There are “serious, scientifically supportable risks” related to “fertility for males and the viability for pregnancy in females,” he explained.

‘Incredibly Mad Episode in Human History’

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is confident that there will be a reckoning for this “incredibly mad episode in human history.” “I think the dominoes are starting to fall,” he told RAIR. “And when the dust settles…reputations will be slaughtered because this has been a pack of lies from start to finish.” Hodkinson believes that there will be a time “when the general public starting catching wind of how they’ve been manipulated.” This manipulation is quite literal, he said, “with PsyOps to force them into complying.” “There will be retribution at the polls,” Hodkinson said.

He continued “And this horrible moment in medical history will be remembered by the general public, when the truth comes out, the books are written. Mainstream media and social media may try all they might to suppress the reality of what’s happened,” but the truth will prevail.

UPDATE 10/17/21 at 3:16pm: Added info below.

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