October 12, 2021

USA: Loudoun Schools In VA Sought To Pass Transgender Policy In June, It Concealed That A 9th-Grade Girl Was Raped By A "Gender Fluid" Student In A School Bathroom Just 3 Weeks Prior

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Monday October 11, 2021

The situation in Loudoun County, VA, has become a point of national interest over the last year as it has come to represent ground zero for the fight against Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology in schools. Parents have stood up at school board meetings and pushed back on policies allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms, books that promote pedophilia, and other perverse directives.

Back in June, one such meeting exploded with multiple arrests after the cowardly school board declared an unlawful assembly. Police officers with no care for the rights of parents grabbed and threw one man to the ground who refused to leave. In what became a viral moment, the man was dragged out with his pants around his ankles.
Now, we have the story behind what happened via The Daily Wire, who put out a multi-thousand-word investigative piece sharing exactly what Scott Smith had gone through. Most of it is behind a paywall, but I will share as much as I can here.

Per the report, Smith was at the school board meeting because his daughter had been raped by a transgender boy in the girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. What transpired after that was almost as sickening as the act itself.

Smith was given a no-trespassing order prior to the meeting that forbids him from telling his story. This was all part of an elaborative cover-up by the school district to not publicize the rape of his daughter. In fact, when Smith showed up at the school to complain about what had happened, they essentially accused him of lying and called the police, not on the transgender rapist, but on Smith himself for causing a scene. Luckily, he was able to get his daughter a rape kit that evening that confirmed the crime.

Further, moments before Smith’s arrest, the school board announced that they had no record of any rape regarding their transgender policies at their schools. That is what set the desperate father off. He had an Antifa “anti-racist” activist at the meeting claim his daughter was lying. When an argument ensued, police grabbed his arm. When he pulled his arm away, he was assaulted and thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and drug out of the room.

And while the far-left prosecutor’s office, which would eventually try to throw the book at Smith over his arrest at the school board meeting, insisted they were taking the rape case seriously, the same boy was let back into the school system. Within months, he had committed another rape.

But while it is clear the local school board put children at risk in order to cover for their own demented ideology, things didn’t stop there. Smith’s case was actually cited by the DOJ in their letter warning of “domestic terrorism” at school board meetings. AG Merrick Garland had to have been apprised of the details of the case, yet he chose to obfuscate and pretend Smith was a terrorist threat anyway.

This is absolutely insane, evil stuff, and I pray Smith gets justice here, not only in regards to the boy who raped his daughter but also against the degenerates who populate the Loudoun County School Board. While some conservatives have questioned the need to fight back against things like CRT and abusive school boards in general, this case shows that the fight is not only necessary, but righteous as well.
written by Staff
Tuesday October 12, 2021

We KNEW Loudoun County was bad … we had no idea how bad though.

As Twitchy readers know, a story broke Monday about a ninth-grade girl who was allegedly raped by ‘a boy in a skirt’ who was allowed in her bathroom because of Loudoun County’s transgender policies. The story itself is just awful:

Fight For Schools is a local parent group in Virginia led by Ian Prior who has been fighting CRT and other inappropriate policies in the school district, and they have been on the ground with all of this from the get-go. They released their own thread about what happened with Smith and his daughter … and even mention that this could have happened to another student as well.

Take a look:
Oh, Hell no.
Just that there was an incident.
Infuriating, yes?

OH, and about that county prosecutor:
Awful. She. Knew.
Any sane person would be angry if their child had been assaulted, then accused of lying but somehow, someway, that makes Smith a ‘domestic terrorist’ in the eyes of the Biden administration.
UPDATE 10/15/21 at 3:33pm: Added info below. UPDATE 10/15/21 at 7:30pm: Added info below.

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