September 20, 2021

Dynamic Harmonious, Healing Full Moon In Pisces On Monday September 20th. Bringing Fortune And Flow Message by Tania Gabrielle, Astro-Numerologist.

written by Tania Gabrielle
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Welcome the dynamic harmonious, healing FULL MOON in Pisces on September 21st (20th in the Americas).

Pisces dissolves – and creates inner stillness.

And this full moon is one of the most positively transformational lunations in 2021.
  • Mercury creates an EXACT trine to Jupiter!
  • Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces (before Neptune’s discovery) 
  • his powerful trine will last for many weeks due to Mercury’s imminent retrograde (this is GOOD news!)
  • The Moon is conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces! All of these wonderful planetary connections bring the Piscean experience to a new level in our conscious awareness.
Pisces is a an exquisitely imaginative and intuitive sign.

There will be no boundaries set on your creative imagination and expression.

Your imagination is limitless as you explore the unseen, other dimensions and connect directly to Source.

You are also releasing, letting go, clearing – HEALING on all levels.

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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