September 20, 2021

CHINA: 7 Things You Can't Talk About In Communist China. Re-Post From 6/3/13. Commie Funded Democrats In The U.S. Follow Same Rules.

The Global Post
written by Benjamin Carlson
Monday June 3, 2013

HONG KONG — They’re like George Carlin’s seven dirty words, except it’s not the FCC who’s banning them, but the Communist Party of China.

In a directive reportedly distributed last month to local party committees, China’s top propaganda officials issued new restrictions banning discussion of seven topics deemed to be “dangerous Western influences.”

Titled “The Current Situation of the Ideological Front,” the report urges cadres to stop universities and media organizations from talking about a wide range of political ideas. In fact, the banned topics cover a variety of subjects that have been openly discussed in Chinese universities and publications for years.

If implemented, the bans would deeply call into question the sincerity of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s self-styled image as a reformer.

Professors and activists blasted the so-called “7 speak-nots” after Zhang Xuezhong of the East China University of Political Science and Law posted them on his website. Censors quickly deleted Zhang’s post and censored all discussion of the “7 speak-nots” on social media.

The bans came amid a revival of hardliner attacks on constitutionalism in China, and the shutdown of blogs belonging to several popular, prominent writers. Last week, four blogs belonging to writer Murong Xuecun, including an account with 14 million followers, were shuttered, sending a chilling message to even mainstream critics of the government.

So what are these deadly topics that could land you in trouble? Below, a guide to what’s banned, and what they reveal about the deepest fears of Beijing and the Communist Party.

"Universal values"

To American ears, the phrase “universal values” connotes something straightforwardly positive, if rarely achieved: freedom, equality, human rights. But to the CCP, it’s treated like a subversive threat. State-run media frequently blast universal values as a front to weaken China and maintain US power. “A glaring mistake of the West is the unilateral imposition of the so-called universal values on China for self-serving political, economic, and cultural purposes,” a China Daily editorial said in 2010.

The phrase is fairly new in Chinese political debates, dating back to around 2008, when liberal intellectuals such as Nobel laureate Liu Xiabao drafted “Charter 08,” a document calling for Beijing to uphold “universal common values” and move toward democracy.

"Freedom of speech"

In keeping with its Leninist heritage, the CCP sees control of public discourse — particularly the media — as crucial to its hold on power. But the spread of social media has radically undermined Party control, and the press has begun to show more independence in speaking out.

In recent years crusading journalists at publications like Caixin and Southern Weekend have shown remarkable bravery and independence. Earlier this year, when Southern Weekend's New Year’s editorial was re-written by propaganda officials, journalists went on strike in protest.

Now, even talking about the possibility of free spech is a no-no.

"Civil society"

This banned topic seems particularly odd: what does the CCP have to fear from “civil society,” meaning community groups and non-governmental organizations? Well, from the Party’s perspective, any organization — whether a student association or a spiritual exercise group — that’s not controlled by the CCP is potentially a threat.

"Civil rights"

No surprise here. Given that the government regularly jails and relentlessly harrasses lawyers who defend the legal rights of petitioners, peasants and women forced to have abortions, there is no doubt that individual rights are a taboo subject.

"The historical errors of the Chinese Communist Party"

For years, the CCP has tried to enforce selective historical amnesia, teaching students about the suffering of China under Western colonial powers in the 19th century, but skimming over many of the country’s worst 20th century traumas, which were caused by CCP misrule: the Great Leap Forward, which killed up to 45 million; the Cultural Revolution, which ripped apart families and killed several million more; and the Tiananman Square Massacre, which left perhaps thousands of students dead in the capital, and set back political reform by a generation. Some believe that talking about these events would allow the wounds to heal; the Party thinks that suppression is the only option.

Crony capitalism

Over the last year, few things have infuriated Beijing as much as the Bloomberg and New York Times reports about the immense wealth amassed by China’s supposedly socialist leaders. The reason for this is obvious: the CCP justifies its rule by pointing to China’s incredible economic growth. If Chinese people begin to believe that Party officials and their friends have been pocketing too much of the profits, the CCP's credibility frays. Beijing knows very well that social inequality is one of the gravest problems it now has to tackle, but it would prefer that talk of corruption stay out of the spotlight.

Judicial independence

In China, some 99 percent of criminal cases brought to trial end in conviction. As with the media, the CCP sees the courts as an arm of its control. In 2007, a Chinese legal official said that "the power of the courts to adjudicate independently doesn't mean at all independence from the Party. It is the opposite, the embodiment of a high degree of responsibility vis-à-vis Party undertakings.”

In fact, high-ranking Party officials accused of crimes often do not enter the civilian judicial system at all: they are dealt with by internal disciplinary committees called "shanggui."

Nevertheless, judicial independence has become an important issue for many professors and intellectuals. Earlier this year, after Xi Jinping’s rise to power, law experts at the Beijing Institute of Technology released a report arguing that it "is not a matter of being capitalist or socialist, and socialism should not exclude judicial independence.”

At the time, Xi Jinping also supported such calls. Now, especially amid a state-media backlash against constitutionalism, it is not clear where he stands on reform.

UPDATE 9/20/21: Added info below.
KMC Music published September 19, 2021: Life, Liberty and Levin 9/19/21 FULL| FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS September 19, 2021. Joe Concha slams Washington Post for withholding Milley bombshell. Joe Concha discusses the national security implications of Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s bombshell story on General Mark Milley.


I typed a transcript of the first 5 minutes of the Mark Levin video I shared with you above.

Mark Levine Intro: Hello America, I'm Mark Levin and this is Life, Liberty and Levin. We have two great guest tonight, Kash Patel who was Chief of Staff to the last Secretary of Defense and Joe Concha, media expert and friend.

But before we get to those two great guests, this is a copy of the Communist Manifesto, this is a copy of the Declaration and the Constitution of the United States. This (he raises the Communist Manifesto) is beating this (he raises the Declaration and the Constitution).

The Democrat Party now is the enemy of the Declaration of Independence. They never reference it, why? Because the Declaration recognizes a circle of liberty around every single individual that is not to be molested, or penetrated by government. Is that what you see happening today?

The Constitution puts great limits on the central government. It creates this central government. Is that what you're seeing today? It tries to protect the individual with the Bill of Rights. It tries to protect the states with enumerated powers that they grant to the national government. It's all turned upside down. 

That's because ladies and gentlemen, this so-called Progressive movement isn't Progressive at all. It's an outgrowth of Marxism. Now they assign themselves this nomenclature Progressive. Which is why I wrote a book, American Marxism to expose it all and it does expose it all.

I want to discuss a little piece with you before we get to our guests. You look at what's happening with Joe Biden and the Democrat Party today. And I say in American Marxism:
The Democrat Party seeks to empower itself by breaching constitutional firewalls; skirting if not eradicating rules, traditions, and customs; adopting Marx's language of class warfare; and aligning with certain avowedly Marxists groups and ideological causes, among other things. Moreover, it is using the instrumentalities of the government for its political empowerment and purposes. The truth is that the interests of the Democrat Party come before those of the country. And allegiance to the party is more important than fidelity to the country. It holds these characteristics in common with other autocratic and communist parties throughout the world. Marxism is especially alluring to, and actively supported by, individuals who find Marxism's oppressor-oppressed class warfare construct appealing for several reasons. First, the fact is people want to belong to groups, including ethnic, racial, religious, and economic groups. People find identity, commonality, purpose, and even self-worth with such attachments. Indeed, I believe this to be the most potent of Marx's paradigms, because he exploits this instinctively human and psychological emotional appeal to create passionate and even fanatical adherents and revolutionaries. This is another characteristic of American Marxism and the Democrat Party. This brings me to my second point. Within this class warfare construct, Marxism's adherents and would-be followers are encouraged to view themselves and the groups with which they identify as the oppressed - that is, the victims. And their oppressors are found in the existing society, culture, and economic system, from which the oppressed must liberate themselves and their fellow travelers, meaning those victims who identify with or are also members of the same group. This is the primary reason why Marxism stresses CLASSISM OVER INDIVIDUALISM. The individual is dehumanized and is nothing unless he identifies with a group - the oppressed and victimized group. And the individuals who make up opposing or nonconforming groups are collectively dehumanized and condemned, and loathed as the enemy. Again, this is a trait of American Marxism and the Democratic Party.
Now let's take a look, briefly, at the Communist Manifesto. They have among other things, 10 points that Marx's points out. He said they will different for every country. I want to touch some of them. This is from the Communist Manifesto and Marx:
  1. ABOLITION of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. Now that came pretty damn close with the CDC controlling landlords and tenants. And the attack on private property. By private property, he (Marx) didn't just mean real estate. He (Marx) meant private property, your income, your holdings, your personal property. If you heard Joe Biden last week, he was specifically attacking any successful people, any successful people who are not part of the recipients of beneficiaries of entitlements of the welfare state which he wants to massively expand.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. We have that and if Joe Biden and the Democrats have their way we're going to have it in spades. Even greater than Communist China.
  3. ABOLITION of all rights of inheritance. What Joe Biden and the Democrats are planning to do is slam the door on inheritance, lower the cap so low that farmers and ranchers, small business people, just average people are going to have great difficulty conferring unto their children, and grandchildren their property that they've already paid taxes on.
  4. # 5 under the Communist Manifesto, I'm skipping because they're not all relevant.
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. Sort of, we do have the fed. But Joe Biden wants to massively increase the power of the Internal Revenue Service. He wants to increase the number of employees from 75,000 to 125,000. He wants to increase their budget from $12 billion to $20 billion. He wants you, every single one of you to be subjected to a IRS review of your bank transactions of $600 or more, every single transaction. If that isn't police state activity I don't know what is. 
  6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State. Wow, centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State. Well transport in terms of attacking fossil fuels, mandating what kind of cars you can have and so forth, that's pretty close. But the centralization of the means of communication, you look at big tech. Big tech is serving whom? Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. You look at big media, utterly corrupt. They're serving whom? Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. You look at the war on Fox and OAN and Newsmax and the war on Conservative Talk Radio. You get the drift. 
  7. # 9 Gradual ABOLITION of all the distinction between town and country by a more equitable of the populace over the country. It started with Obama but Biden brought it back over to HUD. They want to DEVOUR THE SUBURBS into the metropolitan areas. Clearly that's under # 9.
  8. # 10 Free education for all children in public schools. Now by that Marx didn't mean K-12. There was no such thing as K-12. Free college. Free Community College and so forth and so on.

"OPTIONS AND ACCOMODATIONS YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM" Choices the state give us. How nice of them to give us options and accommodations. Which means we live in a totalitarian state. (emphasis mine)


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