December 15, 2020

USA: Joe Biden Hasn't Won Anything. Election Has Not Yet Been LEGALLY DETERMINED. 7 States Are Contested. Half Of Those States Electors Went To President Trump Because Of Massive Election Fraud. Don't Listen To Commie Media.

Look at the tweet above that reads, "multiple sources CALLED this election differently". Please note that's NOT A LEGAL ELECTION OUTCOME. And who are these sources? I clicked the red link and low and behold the sources who CALLED this election differently are the lying Commie run American hating media. The media doesn't have a LEGAL RIGHT to determine who our next president will be. (emphasis mine)

UPDATE 12/15/20 at 1:30pm: Added info below. UPDATE 12/18/20 at 2:19pm: Added info below. UPDATE 12/15/20 at 8:36pm: Added info below. UPDATE 12/15/20 at 8:40pm: Added info below. UPDATE 12/16/20 at 2:32pm: Added info below.

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