December 15, 2020

USA: Election Results President Donald J. Trump Won 83% And Joe Biden Won 17% Of The Counties Across America. Overstock Founder Patrick Byrne 100% Certainty Election Was Rigged, Has Evidence.

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Bribed Hillary Clinton. In what he thought was a real FBI sting operation, Byrne bribed Hillary Clinton for $18 million. Later he would find out that it was all part of an Obama Deep State operation to keep Clinton under his thumb.

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has put together a group of white hackers and lawyers with the goal of getting to the bottom of the Dominion election fraud.
Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! published December 3, 2020: 100% Certainty It Was Rigged! Sid Roth and American Patriot Overstock Founder Patrick Byrne discuss shocking revelations about our election, our freedom and our future. UPDATE 12/15/20 at 8:31pm: Added info below. UPDATE 12/16/20 at 1:30pm: Added info below.
UPDATE 2/21/21 at 2:08pm: Added info below.

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