November 10, 2020

USA: Presidential Election Is Far From Over. The Media Elite Have NO LEGAL RIGHT To Determine Our Next President. The States Have NOT Certified The Winner. Massive Election Fraud Being Exposed.

Note to the world, Joe Biden has not been legally elected president.
OfficialACLJ published November 10, 2020: Watch the update Jordan Sekulow from President Trump's legal team gave on Newsmax TV on the state of the legal battle regarding the presidential election, and a big win out of the Supreme Court. Eric Greitens published November 9, 2020: Just The News- Mainstream media's credibility shattered; Election irregularities must be investigated. Eric Greitens published November 6, 2020: Just the News' Editor-in-Chief John Solomon on Actionable Intelligence with Eric Greitens reports that a Michigan city government employee appears to be in touch with the FBI after being asked to back-date ballots in Michigan that arrived after the mandated deadline. Just The News has 30 investigative reporters working together as a team investigating 6 states, talking to election clerks, poll workers, voters.

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