October 10, 2020

USA: Yelp Announced Plans To Place Alerts On Businesses Accused Of ‘Racist Behavior’. Now Antifa Is Compiling A Blacklist Of Pro-Police And Anti-Black Lives Matter Companies.

written by Mia Cathell
Saturday October 10, 2020

After Yelp announced plans to place alerts on businesses accused of "racist behavior," an Antifa group responsible for organizing the violent Portland riots is now compiling a blacklist of pro-police and anti-Black Lives Matter companies.

Portland Sound Bloc—known as "Rob" in a Portland Monthly article who blasts nightly music with his speakers—reported Brothers Cannabis Dispensary for "pro-cop sh*t in the windows."

To which, the alleged minority-owned business with a majority of minority employees defensively responded to the accusation: "What Pro-cop thing are you talking about? Are you referring to this portland police alarm permit we are required to display since day one?" According to the city's website, Portland requires business owners with alarm systems to maintain an annual permit.

"F**k the racism, f**k the media, f**k the press," the sign reads. "If we are looking for peace and justice, we should have some respect and morals."

Another user responded: "Really? Sh*t. They are the best liquor store near me. Oh well." The "vehement antifascist" added, "Bye bye to them."

An aircraft-sized Trump flag is cited in the manager's office. In June, Miner posted a mask selfie that boldly emblazoned an American-designed skull donning President Donald Trump's signature blonde hairstyle. "The sole redeeming aspect of the oppressive mandate to wear a mask is the great number of times a day I pull it off and appreciate the smell of freedom." In addition, a photoshopped image of Trump's head on a rockstar brands the owner's Facebook profile picture.

Then in April, Miner called liberalism and the victim mentality "mental disorders" in accordance with a Land O' Lakes meme that criticized "how American" it is that leftists "got rid of the Indian and kept the land."

The week of the expose, Miner wrote "hard pass" to climate change mitigations in his daily life. Days later, Miner sent his quarterly taxes to the "commie government" with a post-it note attached: "Please direct all funds to the police so I can stop being burgled!"

"Get your booze elsewhere. F**k D*nald Tr*mp," the anti-fascist 86 the Abuse captioned the smear campaign of Miner.

Still over the summer, protesters in Kenosha set "much of the black business district" ablaze when rioters rampaged over the white-on-black police shooting of Jacob Blake.

During the first and only vice presidential debate Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence named his guest, the owner of a Minneapolis hair salon shop that was destroyed amid the Minneapolis riots. In the wake of George Floyd's death, her shop was torched even though "Black owned" was spray painted on the exterior.

Flora Westbrook, the owner of Flora's Hair Design, showed the wreckage to Pence and Ivanka Trump while on their last month trip to promote Trump's law-and-order message in Minnesota.

"Just a few weeks ago, I stood at what used to be her salon that was burned to the ground by rioters and looters. And Flora is still trying to put her life back together," Pence explained.

This comes as Yelp—a crowd-sourced platform for reviews—released a new consumer alert system "against racism" on Friday. "In the last few months, we've seen that there is a clear need to warn consumers about businesses associated with egregious, racially-charged actions to help people make more informed spending decisions."

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