October 27, 2020

USA: The Crow Nation Indian Tribe Endorses President Trump. ALL Tribes Benefit Under This President.

written by Staff
Monday October 26, 2020

“Trump administration has helped the Crow Tribe in amending the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance which allowed them to permit their own mineral resources,” said Crow Tribal Chairman Alvin Not Afraid, Jr.

“Today I stand before you to endorse, as well as support, President Trump, Vice President Pence,” Not Afraid, Jr. said.
written by Staff
Wednesday September 16, 2020

How did I miss it? I know. I was more focused on covering the big visit by the Vice President of the United States to Belgrade, Montana. I was more focused on getting the Montana angle to the VP's visit and his remarks. So I missed it. I missed the big headline that should be getting national attention right now. It's the big headline that you won't see on MSNBC or CNN- "Obama's Tribe Endorses Trump." 

Tuesday morning on the radio, I was playing some of the highlights from the event in Belgrade, Montana featuring VP Mike Pence. Towards the end of the show I got an email from a listener named Twila:
I've been laughing all morning after hearing that the same Crow tribe that had a huge ceremony adopting the Obama's into the tribe is now endorsing Trump! Love your show!
Twila nailed it. This was the big national news on Monday that seemingly got missed: the same tribe that adopted former President Barack Obama into their tribe back in 2008 (and then got nothing from the Obama/Biden Administration for 8 years), is now the same tribe backing President Donald Trump's re-election.

During remarks after a ceremony on stage with Vice President Pence, Crow Tribal Chairman (and US Marine Corps veteran) AJ Not Afraid announced the official endorsement of the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.

Chairman Not Afraid began his remarks by saying, "The Crow Tribe is a coal tribe. The Crow Tribe is an energy tribe." He added:
Today I stand before you, I stand here to endorse as well as support President Trump, Vice President Pence, Senator Daines, my good friend Matt Rosendale, and last but not least- "Superman' Gianforte.

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