October 7, 2020

USA: America’s Largest Police-Owned Media Company Proudly Announces Endorsement Of Donald J. Trump For President.

Law Enforcement Today
written by Kyle S. Reyes
Monday October 5, 2020

Law Enforcement Today proudly stands for the more than 800,000 men and women who serve on the front lines in our law enforcement community and their supporters.

We are unapologetic for our support of law enforcement and are outraged by the way police are being treated in the wake of one police officer’s egregious conduct.

This treatment has come from Black Lives Matter activists, Antifa thugs (sorry – “ideas”), Hollywood hypocrites and political hacks with “D’s” after their names.

This year, for the first time, Law Enforcement Today is proud to make our first ever endorsement for president—Donald J. Trump.

Frankly, this was an easy decision. From our perspective, there’s no other choice.

President Trump has been an unabashed supporter of law enforcement. He calls himself the “law and order” president, and he has shown that to be true in both actions and words. As cities across America suffered violent riots, the president was out there offering the full support of federal resources to put down the violent riots—all mayors and governors had to do was ask.

In some cases, they did just that and local police, with the full backing of federal resources, put an end to the mayhem in short order. In cases where the president was rebuffed, we saw what happened in cities like Seattle and Portland.

Police officers noticed. Across the United States, one police union after another has supported President Trump, from the Fraternal Order of Police to the NYPD to sheriff’s offices, they all knew who had their back and who certainly did not.

What Other Option Is There? Let’s look at the president’s opponent, Joe Biden.

Biden supports cutting police funding. When an activist asked him if he supported efforts to “redirect” police funding, Biden answered without hesitation, “absolutely.”

He then tried to walk back those comments, saying he never said he wanted to defund the police. Sorry Joe, redirecting means taking money FROM police and REDIRECTING it somewhere else.

Under the Unity Task Force Biden agreed with Socialist Bernie Sanders that policing needs to be “reimagined.” That is the talking point among Democrats—from AOC to Kamala Harris to Biden himself. This lingo has been used by those who wish to defund and/or abolish the police.

Among their recommendations, which have been implemented in some states already are:
  • Eliminating qualified immunity, which protects police and law enforcement from frivolous lawsuits
    • The Supreme Court has ruled that qualified immunity protects police departments against the cost of lawsuits, which draws attention away from their actual jobs;
    • Eliminating qualified immunity would in essence cut police funding, which would add new legal costs for police, while taking time away from actual law enforcement activity; 
  • Restricting civil asset forfeiture, where police seize money and property from criminals
    • The NAPO said that an Obama action aimed at restricting this practice was a threat to a “significant funding” source for police agencies; This would effectively cut funding from police agencies;
  • Prohibiting police from receiving surplus military equipment, or as Democrats call it – “weapons of war.” This program provides police agencies with protective gear, which includes ballistic vests and helmets, other safety equipment and in some cases helicopters;
  • The National Sheriff’s Association slammed former president Barack Obama for restricting this program, an action that was later reversed by President Trump, who correctly noted that local police agencies could not necessarily afford this equipment on their own;
  • Once again, blocking police departments from receiving this equipment effectively cuts their funding, since money would have to be redirected toward purchasing this equipment;
  • Setting up an unarmed “civilian corps of first responders” would once again remove funding from police. In addition, this would put civilians in harm’s way, where police would then be responsible for bailing them out of trouble; 
  • Biden counts among his strongest supporters anti-police zealots like John Legend, who has been among those leading the charge to defund the police. Legend also was responsible for donating money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed out known criminals, some who reoffended upon getting out of jail;
  • Mayors who are among Biden’s biggest supporters have all substantially cut their police budgets, with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio cutting the NYPD budget by $1 billion, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti cutting $50 million from the police budget in Los Angeles.
  • Biden has on his staff anti-police staffers, one of whom had previously referred to cops as “pigs” on social media, and tweeted support for efforts to defund the police.
Now, we realize the skeptical among you are saying, “Aw, c’mon man!” We would not make claims such as this without citing sources. So, with that in mind, here you go.

Defund the Police/”Reimagine Policing” July 2020, Biden was asked if he supported redirecting police funding. According to “Now This News” on 7/8/20, Biden said:

“Yes, absolutely.” Continuing, “Surplus military equipment for law enforcement. They don’t need that. The last thing you need is an up-armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood just like the military invading.”

In July, the Unity Task Force said we need to “reimagine policing.”

“Democrats believe we must ensure real accountability for individual and systemic misconduct in our police departments, prevent law enforcement from being unnecessarily entangled in the everyday lives of Americans, and reimagine policing for the benefit and safety of the American people. “Biden for President, 7/20

Defund the police advocates such as BLM use the term “reimagine the police” to mean defunding or abolishing the police. For example, BLM co-founder Melina Abdullah said:

“It’s important that as we say, ‘defund the police,’ we understand that it’s coupled with a reimagining of public safety.”

The New York Times admitted the connection between “defund the police” and “Reimagine public safety” with the following headline on 6/6/20, “Cities Ask If It’s Time To Defund Police and ‘Reimagine’ Public Safety,” The New York Times, 6/6/20

There are a plethora of other examples from sources ranging from the Wall Street Journal 6/16/20, The Christian Science Monitor 6/19/20, and the Washington City Paper.6/18/20

Qualified Immunity

Where qualified immunity is concerned, the Biden for President website on 7/8/20 called for eliminating qualified immunity as follows:

“Far too often, the law has shielded police officers who stand accused of heinous violations of civil and human rights. Democrats support lowering the intent standard for federally prosecuting law enforcement officials for civil rights violations.

We will also act to ensure that victims of federal, state, or local law enforcement abuses of power can seek justice through civil litigation by reining in the doctrine of qualified immunity to increase police accountability.”

Asset Forfeiture

Yet another “Unity Task Force” recommendation says: Reform civil asset forfeiture to restrict the conditions under which property can be lawfully seized by the government.” Biden for President, 7/8/20

Both the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) and the Major Cities Chiefs Association criticized the Obama administration’s attack on asset forfeiture, saying that depriving departments of civil asset forfeitures will hurt, and that the program is a “critical tool that we all need.”

Blocking Police from Receiving Surplus Military Equipment

The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force called for blocking the “Transfer of Surplus Military” equipment to police, referring to them as “weapons of war.” The website says:

“Reinstitute and strengthen the Obama-Biden Administration’s Executive Order 13688 to prevent the transfer of surplus military controlled weapons and explosives, nonpassenger vehicles, armored or weaponized drones, and combat aircraft to law enforcement agencies under the Department of Defense’s 1033 Program.” Biden for President, 7/8/20

Once again, the 1033 program provides equipment to police departments that they otherwise could not afford. The equipment was used in terrorist attacks in San Bernadino, CA, as well as The Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, along with floods in South Carolina and snowstorms in North Dakota, according to the National Sheriff’s Association on 8/28/17.

On August 27, 2017 the president of the Fraternal Order of Police praised the Trump administration’s decision to resume the 1033 program, according to the Washington Post.

“Protective equipment is essential to officer and public safety in a wide variety of life and death situations,” said Chuck Canterbury, the association’s president.

Canterbury continued that the previous administration of Obama/Biden was more concerned with the image of law enforcement being ‘too militarized’ than “they were about our safety.”

Biden also counts among his supporters radicals such as radical Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who tweeted on 6/5/20 that “It’s time to disband them and reimagine public safety in Minneapolis.”

In June, Biden had a fundraiser with anti-police zealot John Legend. Legend called on police to be defunded in an open letter signed by numerous Hollywood hypocrites.

“Vote no on all increases to police budgets. Vote yes to decrease police spending and budgets,” the letter said.

In June, far-left loon Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that a $1.5 billion cut to the NYPD budget didn’t go far enough.

“The fight to defund policing continues.”

There were numerous other examples of Biden supporters pushing to defund the police.

The Biden Campaign Hired a Staffer After She Tweeted That Police Were Worse Than Pigs.

In June, Biden campaign supervising video producer Sara Pearl tweeted support for the defund the police movement, saying that people shouldn’t compare police to pigs, since pigs were “highly intelligent and empathetic” and would “never racially profile you.”

Pearl also retweeted a comment that said while “pigs are sweet intelligent and compassionate, police officers are ‘monsters’ who ‘don’t deserve to be called pigs.’”

So, enough about why we are NOT endorsing Joe Biden. Because, as we see with many Biden supporters, they cannot tell us why the SUPPORT Biden, but only why they OPPOSE Trump.

As we outlined above, there are plenty of reasons for police not to support Biden. He simply has not shown that he supports the hard work done day in and day out by police officers. He, like most Democrats, have thrown down with the mob that is destroying our cities and towns, intimidating our citizens, and who want to fundamentally change our country.

Why do we support and endorse President Trump?
  • President Trump reinstituted the use of surplus military equipment that has saved the lives of law enforcement officers and citizens;
  • President Trump reformed the so-called Obama-era “Collaborative Reform Initiative” in order to better prevent crime, incentivize proactive policing, and train officers in de-escalation tactics. The Obama administration policy created an adversarial relationship between the Department of Justice and local police agencies.
  • President Trump reinstituted the federal government’s asset forfeiture police, restricted under Obama-Biden.
  • President Trump made an excellent choice in Attorney General Bill Barr, who has prosecuted criminals who attack law enforcement officers.
  • President Trump signed the Mental Health and Wellness Act, which provides essential services for law enforcement personnel.
President Trump, as we said earlier, has been an unabashed, champion of law enforcement as an institution and individual men and women. He understands how critically important police officers are to the safety and security of our country. He has made it a priority to honor and support the men and women who put on the uniform every day, some leaving their families unsure if they will ever return home.

Unlike those on the left who blatantly attack, accuse, and demonize police officers, sheriffs, correctional officers, and others in the criminal justice system, the president has shown that he will always make sure that the American people know and understand that our law enforcement officers are supported and honored for their selfless service.

The collapse of law enforcement will usher in the end of America as we know it Editor note: Late last year, our National Spokesman Kyle Reyes launched an article about the challenges America is facing right now. It exploded. And it’s arguably even more relevant today than it was then.

Many of you have been asking about how you can get involved. We’d invite you to consider joining our membership program – LET Unity. We take the proceeds and reinvest them into capturing more of these stories. The majority of our content producers for Law Enforcement Today are active, retired or wounded law enforcement officers. The revenue we make helps provide for their families and helps bring a TRUE voice about what’s happening in America.

For the rest of you… simply keep following, keep reading, and keep sharing.

I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

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