December 11, 2019

USA: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announced High School Students Will Now Be Required To Learn Civics Education In School And Pass A Civics Exam Before Graduating High School.

ABC7 SWFL published Dec 10, 2019: Governor Ron DeSantis wants high school seniors to take a civics test before graduation.

Fox4 News, SWFL local
written by Staff
Tuesday December 10, 2019

NAPLES, Fla. — Governor Ron DeSantis wants your students to learn civics.

The governor made a stop at the North Collier County Regional Park in Naples.

DeSantis announced students will now be required to learn civics education in school.

He says it will teach them the system of governments and principals that underlay our constitution.

High school seniors will now be required to pass a civics exam similar to the citizenship exam taken by naturalized citizens.

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