October 13, 2019

Full Moon In Aries On Sunday, October 13th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the images above to the message below. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.
Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Full Moon is Sunday, October 13 at 3:07 PM Mountain Daylight time (MDT).

This full moon is an active one with the potential to support a final letting go of some sticky attachment that has been plaguing you. This takes courage and aggression in the right direction. Use the aggressive quality of this full moon to take that courageous action and to release some pattern, habit, person, job, routine, attitude, belief, identity, history, object, resentment, resistance, anger, shame, or disappointment. If it is ready to be released, the emotional pain will not last long in the wake of a tremendous freedom of thought, creativity and inspiration as you look forward. You may need to take some personal alone time to process a big release as the people around you may be just as attached to your attachments as you are. It is best not to take things personally as the reactions of others are probably projections of their own resistance.

There is always resistance to change on some level. Work with the change of season. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere can use the Autumn as an ally as we accept the effortless action of the leaves that fall and the plants that wither and become compost. And so it is with the old and no longer useful attachments in our lives. Letting them go gives the lessons they provided an opportunity to become the compost of the new seeds and new intentions that we plant for ourselves. Those in the Southern Hemisphere are in that process of seed planting for a new story. Honor your life during this full moon including all of the old stories no matter how negative they may feel. Then, with neutrality, let it all go so that you can rewrite your story with a new perspective and positivity, new characters, and a new storyline.


Written by Patricia Liles – contact her at patliles@aol.com

Sun in Libra 20º ~ Moon in Aries 20º
Sunday, October 13 3:07 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(Sunday, October 13 9:07 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Aries Full Moon is bound to be bursting with energy and action. It’s the nature of the beast! Aries is that bursting forth of fiery intent like the sprout bursting out of the soil or a sperm swimming with vigor towards the egg. Aries is youthful and masculine energy – assertive, determined and direct. Aries will bring us the courage to break away and explore on our own, find our own path, our own truth, our I AM presence.

Prominent in this chart is the Moon’s square to Pluto (Aries to Capricorn – the image of ‘son challenging father’ comes to mind). Pluto represents the established authoritarian forces especially with the ongoing close dance of Pluto, Saturn and South Node. South Node is the past where we are releasing. Old forms are being heavily scrutinized, and under Pluto’s watch 2008-2024 in Capricorn, the shadow side – unscrupulous acts, greed, collusions (replacing where the safeguard of standards and the community once lay) are being brought to the light. Fear, what is hidden and the unknown are strong elements at play in our lives with Pluto by its association with the underworld.

Here’s where we get to break free, push through into new territory thanks to Aries Moon rubbing up against Pluto’s transformative guidance. I like Visionary Activist Astrologer Caroline Casey’s point of view taking responsibility for what we have collectively created, “Hmmm, now why would I have directed the movie that way? And just in case I did, let me throw it into Pluto’s caldron and ladle out a better story.”

Aries Moon in alignment with the Libra Sun is our inspiration to welcome what is out of balance and transform it – whether it’s planetary, personal or within our relationships.

Aries Moon has support from Jupiter in Sagittarius who is traveling closely with Ceres, Mother Goddess, provider of nourishment from the Earth. We are growing more adamant in our desire to protect our planet, food sources and natural resources. Fire sign enthusiasm is calling the people to come together in the streets to stand for the protection of our planet and our freedom.

Mars, ruler of Aries and this chart, is now in Libra. Mars is our passion, desire and energy – at home in the physical realms. In Libra, masculine Mars is pressed not to go it alone, but to learn cooperation, balance and adapting to others. We find Mars here in a quintile (72º) relationship to Jupiter/Ceres- a highly creative relationship, offering his masculine gifts of courage, assertiveness and persuasion to create a world where we live in balance with the Earth and all forms of life. This Jupiter and Mars influence is energizing and activating. Wield this strong support to open your mind and heart and embrace the changes coming your way. We are in a powerful vortex of change and transition morphing into the life we have been imagining.

The Full Aries Moon is just a few degrees from Eris, Mars sister, spiritual warrioress and ruler of strife and discord when her delicate BS meter runs hot. She does not abide injustice. So we have quite a gathering of influences that suggest the cracking open of some patterns of long standing duration that could use updating. When your instincts ring true, let them guide you in your actions and welcome cutting new ground with confidence and courage.

By now, mid October, Venus, Mercury and Pallas Athena have all moved along to Scorpio, the power sign for water. Mercury is our thinking, communicating, and networking mind, and Pallas is our creative, higher, inspirational mind – a powerful liaison connected to our feeling body through Scorpio. These two are tempering Saturn rigidity and Pluto’s baser instincts to hold on to the toxic aspects of the past at all costs. Here’s an opportunity to transform reality using the power of ideas and speaking the truth. Hold your thoughts high as a beacon lighting where you want to go.

All times in Mountain Daylight Time, MDT

10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 11:19 AM MDT

10/27 Scorpio New Moon 4º 9:38 AM MDT

10/31 Mercury retrograde 27º Scorpio until 11/20

11/12 Taurus Full Moon 20º 6:34 AM MST

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