September 13, 2019

Pisces Full Moon Friday September 13th. Total Transformation And Triumph! by Tania Gabrielle.

Pisces Full Moon
Total Transformation and Triumph!
Friday the 13th: Surrender & Success
written by Tania Gabrielle

Mercury is conjunct Venus on Friday September 13th – and Friday is the day ruled by VENUS!

13 is the number of the Divine Feminine, so this Venus/Mercury conjunction on Friday the 13th stimulates expressing LOVE and being super creative.

Furthermore, Pluto trines the Sun on Friday the 13th!

13 and Pluto both govern empowerment through transformation.

With Pluto trine to our star, the Sun, POSITIVE transformation is a big theme on Friday as you are determined to achieve and make great progress.

No matter how you invest your time on Friday – you are going to the core of the matter, discovering hidden truths and making richly rewarding discoveries.

13 governs the divine feminine, the Moon’s cycles and awakens the internal power you have for spiritual catharsis:
  • The Moon covers approximately 13 degrees every day.
  • There are 13 Moon cycles in one year.
  • There are 13 weeks in each season.
  • 4 seasons multiplied by 13 create the 52 weeks that make up an Earth year
  • Moon cycles are naturally aligned with feminine cycles and the circle of life-death-rebirth.
As it happens, the Pisces Full Moon is exact moments after Friday the 13th in most of the world (and on Friday 13th in the Americas, except for Eastern time)!

The combination will amplify more opportunities for you to grow and feel empowered.

Success is fueled by your willingness to surrender and flow with surprising developments…

ALIGN yourself vibrationally with what is positive!

For example, your current name (the name you choose to use right now) emits a specific vibrational message into world day after day.

Make sure your current name adds up to a FORTUNATE number.

Here’s why having a fortunate name is so important – especially in these fluid times of change: Your current name number shows how easy or difficult it is for you to fulfill your Birth Promise.

The GOOD news is… Since you can CHOOSE your current name, you also have the power to CHANGE.

The name you're using right now has a HUGE IMPACT on your life – and it's one of the most powerful assets you have – when it is fortunate.

That’s why it’s the first thing I check with every new client.

[Note: If you’re using more than one current name (adding a middle initial, for example), you’re diluting your frequency across all areas of your life. Two spellings create two different frequencies. It’s like handing out two calling cards to the universe… SO confusing!]

Be sure your name is supporting you.

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Find out whether your current name is fortunate or not (and get two highly fortunate alternate spellings if it isn't!).

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