September 13, 2019

Full Moon In Pisces Friday September 13th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the images above to the message below. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.
Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Full Moon is Friday, September 13 at 10:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This full moon supports a commitment to stretch your vision beyond what you know, see, think and believe. It is time to begin rewriting the story of oppression, futility, blame, darkness, self-destruction, greed, retaliation, vengeance, martyrdom and many other negative attitudes and positions we have attached ourselves to. Holding on to the familiarity of our dysfunctions is breeding suffering and despair. It is truly time to shift this to another level of a higher vibration and begin to look at what is possible instead.

The influences at this time are both inspiring and potentially depressing. As we push beyond the veil we uncover not only the inspired potential but also the houcha that sits just on the other side of the coin of creative potential. We need to be able to hold both energies, and, with commitment and determination, allow the negativity, limited thinking and old patterns to be released making room for something bigger, better and much improved. Beware of falling onto the trap of discouragement. Allow the nasties to surface with the intention and purpose of helping them out the door. Whatever happens, don’t wallow in misery. If you are feeling stuck, go out into nature and appreciate with gratitude some of the beauty around you. This will help shift the energy.

This full moon also supports a focus on self care. What do you need at this time for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? Take the steps to make a commitment to honor your personal needs and take care of yourself first so that you can be in a better position to serve others later. This could be as simple as taking more time to enjoy a practice or to be around something that inspires you. And, for those that crave alone time, take it.

There is also a strong aspect of taking action during this full moon time as well as gaining insight into your needs, the bigger picture and creative expansion. The action piece should be monitored and supported with practicality and moderation. Short term goals should be attainable, tangible and fun. Long term dreams can be a stretch of the imagination at this time.


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Full Moon in Pisces
Sun in Virgo 21º ~ Moon in Pisces 21º
Friday, Sept. 13, 10:32 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(Saturday, Sept 14, 4:32 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Full Moons are a time of culmination, where we see the high contrast of light and dark, inner and outer, and we experience the extreme ends of polarity, two signs, two archetypes forever tied and perpetually opposite. The gift is clarity and awareness as we hold the dichotomy of the polarity.

At this Full Moon we experience the axis of Service with Virgo Sun – the service of daily work routines, maintenance routines, health routines, and Pisces Moon – the service that calls for sacrifice to others such as the younger, weaker, the less powerful or to Spirit where we let go of our Will in service to a higher power. (As it said over the temple of Delphi, “Thy Will, not my will”.)

This polarity is beautifully played out with Mars in Virgo aligning with the Sun and Neptune aligning with the Full Moon in its own sign Pisces. Mars and Neptune oppose exactly strengthening the pull of the Moon and the Virgo/Pisces axis.

Neptune rules Pisces and this chart. Neptune in Pisces (2011-2026) is powerfully placed in its own sign aided by the Full Moon to express its infinite compassion, forgiveness, and trust of Spirit – a Moon of the Universal Feminine, ruler of the deep seas, who magnifies the unity of all life with great emotional sensitivity and soul. Neptune/Pisces is the master dreamer with boundless imagination and creativity using poetry, music, dance, art, meditation and ritual to open the portals of the invisible worlds.

Neptune along with Mars is anchoring a Mystic Rectangle aligned with the Nodes (15-17º). Don’t be fooled by the name; this is a most practical configuration consisting of the ease of trines and the opportunity of sextiles. This chart has movement and enough tension to make things move and dance. Pisces does rule the feet and dance after all. The Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn suggest we can now reap what we have sown prior to this Harvest Moon, reap all the letting go orchestrated by Pluto, South Node and Saturn in Capricorn, reap all the emotional growth and healing of the feminine rooted in the ancestral past from Cancer.

Jupiter continues in its nearly year long square to Neptune, both in their own signs and both in mutable signs (Sagittarius/Pisces). On September 21, we experience the last of three exact squares of Jupiter/Neptune this year (1/13, 6/16). This has been a long journey and the source of spiritual inspiration that has kept our eyes and hearts pointed at a conscious transformation for our selves and our planet in the midst of chaos. Jupiter in Sagittarius inspires us to examine our ethics and morals in the face of fanatical religious beliefs or laws that are no longer just and to align with our broadened spiritual perspective provided by Neptune in Pisces that ALL life matters. Neptune in Pisces in particular is guiding us to integrate Spirit into our transformation of consciousness. It hasn’t been in its own sign since 1847-1861 and is highly emphasized in this Pisces Full Moon chart and is powerfully supporting us now.

Venus and Mercury are together in the 29th degree of Virgo. They have distilled the wisdom of their journey through this feminine and earthy sign. Mercury rules Virgo and emphasizes communication, thinking and connection of ideas, people and places. One aspect of Virgo is the critical and discerning mind they use to engage others. There is a caution here to temper judgmental and critical thoughts and words; Virgo seeks improvement for self and others, but most would rather be seen and loved for who they are. That goes for yourself as well. Be aware of your self-critical thoughts and how you speak and think of yourself.

Saturn turns direct September 18 in Capricorn 14º after a long retrograde journey that began April 29th. Claim more tangible energy and focus made available now to make the moves you have been planning.

Equinox, whether spring or fall is September 23 marking the Sun’s journey aligned with the equator-neither north nor south and giving us equal days and equal nights. For the Northern Hemisphere, what are you bringing to harvest? For the South, what are you sowing and cultivating?

All times in Mountain Daylight Time, MDT

09/18 Saturn direct 14º Capricorn
09/23 Equinox 1:50 AM MDT
09/28 Libra New Moon 5º 12:27 PM MDT-SuperMoon
10/02 Pluto direct 20º Capricorn

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