August 16, 2019

Full Moon In Aquarius On Thursday August 15th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the picture above to the message below. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.
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The Full Moon is Thursday, August 15 at 6:29 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a good day for balance and choice. You can find yourself either in the basement with no windows but a sense of familiarity and security, OR you can go to up to the penthouse where you are more exposed and vulnerable but the view is way better. So if you find yourself in the “dumps” and feeling gloomy, unworthy, out of sorts with yourself and others, overburdened with responsibilities that are not yours, evaluate your life to see what you need. It is important not to get into the blame game as that never leads to the penthouse. Set some new intentions for yourself today as well as new or different boundaries if necessary.

This is also a very social time but choose carefully who you are around. The container of this full moon is excellent for dreaming big, new and different. Share some inspiration with others. What do you want your life to look like in a year? In five years? What if?


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Thursday, August 15, 2019
Sun in Leo ~ Moon in Aquarius 22ยบ
6:29 AM Mountain Daylight Time

Once again Venus is aligned with the Sun – exactly! How fortunate we are. Sociability is high, social skills and aesthetics are valued, personal magnetism is strong. Venus is actually merged with the Sun at this time as she makes her underworld journey from morning star to evening star reappearing again in late September near Equinox in the sign of Libra. Venus and Mars are both making their underworld journeys ~ how intimate. They will approach in Leo, meet and join in Virgo, and then reappear in Libra ~ Venus as evening star and Mars as morning star.

Aquarius Moon in its fullness is a cry for freedom. Not the kind of freedom to do anything we want, but the freedom to be just who we are without judgment and restrictions, to express our unique non-conforming selves. More than that, we need to be free of our old belief systems so we can live in the free zone of ‘not knowing’. In that paradox zone, where we are open, but have no idea how, when or where life will unfold, is freedom. This requires a great deal of faith in quantum creativity, and is required for the shifts in consciousness we are called on to make at this time.

As the power sign of the element of air, Aquarius is rational, fair-minded, inventive and unconventional. It’s that Uranus ruler that can link them to higher frequency forms of creating and manifesting, and they are frequently brilliant and intuitively connected. They have a natural trust that because they create for the good of all with humanitarian motives that the quantum field will support them ~ and it does! Aquarius is an agent of social change and is progressive in outlook, generous and philanthropic as well, but the negative pole is often played out by the ‘rebel without a cause’ or the fanatically minded who like to tear down what exists or block change without offering constructive alternatives. There are Aquarians ruled by Saturn, the traditional ruler, and those ruled by Uranus, the modern ruler.

The Leo/Sun develops the unique, personal ego of each one, but it’s only preparation for the more transpersonal partner in this axis, Aquarius, that dedicates that ego to serving the group, the collective or an ideal. You might consider this Full Moon as a prelude to what begins in 2020, which is a shift in emphasis from planets in Capricorn to planets in Aquarius. Saturn moves into Aquarius March 2020, Jupiter moves in December 2020, and Pluto moves in January 2024.

The Leo cycle is here to remind us to love large and have the courage to live from the heart. Create and be generous with your inner light. Be a love machine, a poet – as Uranus squares Mercury (fully moving forward now at Full Moon) you might surprise yourself at your inspired voice. Luckily we have Chiron trining Mercury in fire signs so we’re supported to use our thoughts and words for passion and enthusiasm rather than enflaming drama and ego.

Remember what the Maharishi said in his final days to his followers: ‘the purpose of Life is to bring God Joy!’ – just what Leo has in mind for us.

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