August 16, 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius Is On Thursday August 15th. Magical Shifts by Tania Gabrielle.

Magical Shifts
written by Tania Gabrielle

Welcome the magical Aquarius Full Moon on August 15 (1:29 PM UT (London), 8:29 AM EST, 5:29 AM PST)!

15 is a beautiful number of love, a vibration that reminds you that you are an Alchemist.

Important to note is VENUS’ lovely impact on this lunation:
  • Venus lies at 22° Leo, exactly conjunct the Sun at 22° – Architect of Peace vibration.
Aquarius is the sign of exploration and inspiration.

So Aquarius likes to go out of bounds, cover new ground, focus on the future, leave old paradigms behind.

You are going to discover inventive SOLUTIONS easily now.

And with Jupiter changing into direct motion just days before this full moon, the happiness factor will be enormous!

You will love the messages from the stars in this Full Moon Forecast.

Happy exploration and liberation!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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I added the picture above to the message below.

written by Tania Gabrielle

Today a thrilling Full Moon awakened a new path towards love.

With the Sun in Leo at 22° exactly conjunct Venus, planet of love, at 22° Leo, the sign of romance, both opposite the Moon at 22° in Aquarius, sign of the future – love is taking on a new meaning…

Love from a higher plane.

Love that honors YOU at a deeper level than ever before.

The you that feels intimately in tune with the Divine.

22 is the master number of peace.

Two 2s, each representing connection, intimacy, relationship, coming together to remind you about the special path you are on:
  • 22: Your intimate relationship to the Earth plane is deeply connected to your connection to Source – through your intuition.
  • The divine made visible (physical – Earth) joining the invisible hand of God.
This is the inner Peace forged in a NEW way.

Practical, real, Earth-centered and divine, mystical, timeless – hand in hand walking together as ONE.

Loving has taken on a meaning that transcends human compassion.

Now you are consciously feeling your devotion to the Divine.

Truly, the most intimate, loving communication is with Nature and to your Heart.

A sweetness fills your whole being when you nurture your relationship to Mother Earth. Inner peace is also found when you listen to the song in your heart.

Love is the fiber with which you weave your words, and Light makes the fibers visible and conscious.

What you focus on today will instill your whole being with tremendous appreciation and gratitude.

2 is an invitation to be intimately engaged with your true feelings.

2 invites you to be open, vulnerable, receptive…
  • In this case, the full moon in Aquarius glows with opportunities to get in touch with New Pathways of Love.
Whatever is appearing in your life is nudging you (most likely unexpectedly) to come to the edge…

You are opting to explore a new route.

It could be being totally honest about what worries you – and thereby stilling your fears.

It could be a new willingness to share more of your true essence with others – calmly, lovingly, with care.

Or it could be to create boundaries – to help your dreams come true.

Whatever it is, Aquarius seeks breakthroughs.
  • What is appearing in your life to nudge you towards liberation?
  • What is shifting in your life (Aquarius) in order for you to move full steam ahead into Loving Leadership (Leo)?
Pay close attention to commitments and people that are not vibrationally aligned to love, nurturing, liberation. They may be projecting their stuff onto you (unconsciously) and it is dragging you down. Watch the signs.

22 and 20 and 15 seek calm, peace, happiness – healing.

Just be totally honest and address what appears.

Never be fearful. Just address what has appeared and requires your attention. In addressing it without judgment, you alchemize the energy into Love.

Your inner temple is your guide. Listen, honor and trust.

Be confident in your ability to be divinely guided at ALL times.

Have a beautiful Full Moon!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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