July 2, 2019

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer On Tuesday July 2nd. Dreams Come True! by Tania Gabrielle.

Dreams Come True!
written by Tania Gabrielle

A truly spectacular Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2 sets the stage for the next six months.

Cancer immerses us into the realms of the Moon (planetary ruler of Cancer) – love, feelings, home, family, our past, heritage and parents. The Moon symbolizes the Mother Principle.

Thus Cancer is a “womb of love” – and you’ll focus more on feeling nourished and nesting.

There is so much positive action to this total eclipse! For one, the Sun and Moon are sextile to Uranus creating a pronounced liberation from your past!

This is a great invitation to just follow your instinct, take risks, open up to your inner genius.
  • Uranus inspires you to be inventive and feel totally free in how you make changes.
  • Whatever new path you choose now must feel joyful, exciting – you're poised to begin a NEW wonderful adventure.
  • It's a great time to let go of any external influences that are not in alignment with you at Soul-level.
Old plans, old habits that you've known are not working for you anymore are being transformed by an enthusiasm for a new direction.

Uranus loves independence and is igniting your inner intrepid explorer!

Even if you are not a Cancer, or have your Ascendant (Rising Sign) or natal Moon in either of those signs when you were born, this forecast still applies to you.

Watch the detailed video to see how additional fortunate planetary transits deepen and support the positive impact of this eclipse!

In the end, this is all preparation as we build up to the stellium in Capricorn this January – now six months away…

So much to share!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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