July 2, 2019

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer On Tuesday June 2nd by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

The New Moon with a total Solar Eclipse is Tuesday, July 2 at 1:16 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This New Moon is about the heart, your truth, your emotions, and working with what you carry in your bones and blood from your ancestors, your imprinting and your own personal lineage of lifetimes. The New Moon time is made more powerful by the Solar Eclipse which is a total one visible in some parts of the world. The energy of this eclipse is one of commitment and discipline as you make choices to eliminate, change and start something new. We can’t stress enough the need for clearing, cleaning, eliminating and completing as a way to create the space needed for something new.

A New Moon is always a good time to consider making a change, an improvement and a commitment to do things differently. Focus on the heart and your emotional intelligence of intuition and truth and use this as the fuel for your intentions. It is a time when you can be truly nurtured by all your support and find comfort and safety in your own certainty and deep knowingness of what is right… for you.


2 Very useful tools to help you with this time:

Shamanic Clearing of Self, Stuff and Space” (one hour online course) and “How to Deal with Meltdowns” (Mp3 Audio)

Written by Patricia Liles – patliles@aol.com

Sun and Moon in Cancer 10ยบ
Total Solar Eclipse
Tuesday, July 2
1:16 pm Mountain Daylight Time/(7:16 pm GMT)

Our Cancer New Moon cycle is filled with dynamic influences for releasing, resetting and beginning anew primarily because the North/South nodal axis is also in Cancer/Capricorn at this time, and it is the nodal axis that creates eclipses. So any influences we have are magnified by first the total solar eclipse on New Moon and then followed by the lunar eclipse on Full Moon.

The Nodal Axis has been in Cancer/Capricorn since November 2018 and will be there until May 2020 roughly a year and a half in each sign pair and 19 years to complete a full zodiac cycle. How are the goals and plans you were focused on in ’09-10 culminating now? Or look back to the last Cancer North Node cycle in late 2000 at the degree we have it now. Do you still carry a seed inside yourself from that time of growth 19 years ago?

Cancer North Node simultaneously aligned with Sun and Moon in Cancer at New Moon puts a profound emphasis on the sign ruling the home, our tribe, our security needs, our emotional bodies, issues of mothering and our own mothers, how we nourish ourselves and others, and the legacies of our ancestral lineage. These are the areas of our greatest learning and growing now. Look to which house or area of life this is playing out for you.

Cancer, as the personal, feminine water sign, says we must lean into our intuitive senses, strengthen our ability to receive, quiet our anxieties, and learn that caring for security needs is the foundation of our lives just like Cancer is the foundation of the chart. When feeling safe, Cancer can expose the sensitive and intimate part of themselves; their protection, like the hard shell of the crab, falls away and their empathy and instinctual wisdom knows no bounds.

Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon and Cancer rules the life-giving breasts and the nourishing stomach as well as the invisible, yet powerful flow of our emotional currents, which is how Cancer gets the reputation of being moody and how their own emotional state affects their health.

Most significant in the New Moon Eclipse chart is the conjunction of Saturn at exactly the same degree as the South Node and in very close proximity to Pluto all in Capricorn. Pluto transforms and evolves whatever it touches; lead will be transformed into gold. Saturn shows us our fears and inadequacies and helps us grow beyond our limitations by demanding discipline, focus and taking responsibility over and over again for the life in which we find ourselves. Saturn tends to rule the past, the way it was or always has been. It’s like the skeleton that is the framework for the body. It’s hard, strong, gives form, but can’t give way and breaks with great consequence. We find ourselves in a time of powerful shift with much resistance polarizing us into opposing sides – those supporting the past and those choosing evolution and change.

For a perspective, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn during the radical reigns of Charlemagne (700’s), Kublai Khan (1200’s), and Moctezuma-Cortรฉs (1500’s) times when major structural changes shifted religious, cultural, power and territorial dynamics. * You are participating in an alchemical process where you are being asked to shed the structure of your entire lineage to embrace the unification of the physical and the spiritual. Consciousness, the planet, you are in a powerful evolutionary shift. This month is one of challenge, crisis and growth.

Pallas Athena, The Warrior Queen, asteroid of creative intelligence, strategic thinking, electric-magnetic healing arts, and protectress of the state and issues of war, peace, and justice and patroness of crafts people and artistic visionaries is squaring and challenging the Sun, Moon and North Node as well as the South Node with Saturn and Pluto. A stressful aspect like this, “… may point to weakness in character, a lack of tact and diplomacy, ruthless aggressiveness or the inability to resist attack.” (D. George and D. Bloch, Asteroid Goddesses, 1986, Ibis Press). By the time of the Lunar Eclipse on July 16, this continuing configuration will be exact, so the influence will be prolonged and a centerpiece of this eclipse season.

Saturn is sextile to Neptune in Pisces, which gives us access to making conscious choices to surrender our addictive behaviors and the discipline to stick to our vows. Neptune is showing the way with her feminine gift of effortless surrender and unity with Spirit.

Mercury, now in Leo, moves retrograde on July 7 until July 31 and regains its 4ยบ Leo starting point on August 15 giving us a period of time to reassess how we want to express ourselves out in the world and realign our creative projects to again resonate with their source in our imagination and intuition. We have a portal to dip back into the heart and emotional realms when Mercury reenters Cancer on July 19 and revisits the last degrees of the sign. Mercury in Leo has an uplifting, inspired, enthusiastic quality we can use to balance out the more intense aspects of the month.

Chiron also goes retrograde on July 8 in Aries 5ยบ. We get to work through areas where our pride goeth before a fall and where arrogance hides our feelings of low self-confidence. When we find our truth, we can lead by example for others.

Between the eclipses, Mars in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus on July 11 indicating a need to choose our words and actions carefully and exercise some self-control. With skill, you may be able to channel this into a huge creative push.

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