July 31, 2019

New Moon In Leo On Wednesday July 31st by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the picture gifs above to the message below. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message
Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

The New Moon is Wednesday, July 31 at 9:11PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Right at the cusp of July and August, this new moon encourages us to reclaim our power, joy, self expression and personal truth. It is not so much a time for new ideas and insights but rather a time to simply be in gratitude for who you are and to get really full of your own self love. Where is your life out of balance? Are you expressing your medicine out in the world?

We are entering a time of reset and re-alignment. Get a head start with this new moon and set some intentions for better self care, more balance, quality time to do what fulfills you, and a commitment to put more energy into your own purpose other than the purpose of others. Find your inner flame and breathe a spark of it into your own creativity, enthusiasm and well-being.


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Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Leo New Moon Cycle
New Moon
Sun in Leo ~ Moon in Leo 8º
Wednesday, July 31, 9:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(Thursday, August 1, 3:11 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Leo Moon cycle is grounded in creativity, leading with our hearts, and a strong urge for self-expression. None of the rough edges of emotional intensity from passing through the eclipse window in a feeling-based sign, Cancer, (connected with family, nourishment, mother, home and ancestral patterns) will be rearing its head. The Sun is no longer with the North/South Nodes and is in a warm, inspiring fire sign now. Fire lifts our spirits and ignites action.

Venus is conjunct the Leo Sun and will magnify the pleasurable and sensual aspects of leading with our hearts. Leo rules the heart and the spine. Leo radiates warmth and the deep “I Am” presence rejoicing in their creative abilities. Filled with pride for all that they are, they generously share themselves and the Spirit that radiates through them for all to appreciate and admire. Leo is the power expression of fire and they can stand in the spot light with ease and grasp and wield the attention they receive. Leo is regal, the King of Beasts, a leader. Only Leo is ruled by the life-giving Sun and this bestows vitality, strength and a great passion for life. Leo, wherever it lies in your chart, will bring a quality of positive attitude, generosity, courage, determination, and a social warm-heartedness. On the shadow side, watch out for that indomitable ego, pomposity, and impulsive judgment ~ not good qualities in a leader. Arrogance can mask a ‘cowardly lion’ needing to disguise parts of the self that feel powerless.

We do have a Grand Trine in fire signs with Chiron, our healer/teacher at 5ºAries, Venus in Leo 5º with Sun/Moon fueling our Queen energy, and Ceres, a Mother Goddess and Keeper of the Grains, 1º Sagittarius. Self-confidence, creativity, and inspired actions are supported. All you have to do is find your inner fire and channel it.

There is one caveat to the Grand Trine in fire signs as inspiring as it is, Uranus is squaring Venus (and Moon/Sun) kicking up restlessness, challenging authority, and wanting freedom to break out of the social mold, and roar from our wild place. We may prowl around for some excitement in relationship. Think twice about redecorating under this influence; eccentricity is high. You can expect the Unexpected to the 10th power. Uranus brings radical change; with Venus involved look to your relationships as a focus for shake up and renewal. Uranus is strong now because it’s at a standstill ready to turn retrograde.

Within minutes of the New Moon, Mercury stations direct stopping in order to begin to retrace its steps and regain the 4º Leo where it started. Mercury retreated all the way back to 23º Cancer to give us time to process and reassess all the emotional experiences exposed by the fast-paced eclipse period. By August 14, the fleet-footed messenger planet will be fully moving forward, that’s the time to launch your boat.

As of New Moon Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are all retrograde pointing a big finger towards the heart with the suggestion that we go inside, ask for guidance and learn to listen. This time is not about crossing off the list, but about being present for what arises. On August 11, Jupiter in Sagittarius 15º goes direct after three months retrograde, and on the same day, Uranus 7º Taurus goes retrograde. Changes in direction like these mean that planet is moving s-l-o-w-l-y and will hover over these degrees for almost a month. Now would be a good time for planning, reassessing, reorganizing, revisiting.

We do have a pesky T-Square involving an opposition of Mercury in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn with the dwarf planet, Eris, sister of Mars, challenging both. Eris instigates discord and rebellion against injustices and bad behavior from the powers that be, for example the people of Puerto Rico taking to the streets and taking the country into their own hands. If you haven’t been balancing your home and work life or have avoided letting go of those worn out patterns still playing out from decades ago, Eris may arrange for a confrontation to clear the air. Eris really doesn’t care if you think you have your life all figured out. She’s out to reveal spiritual truth.

New Moon is devoid of air signs indicating a lack of mental perspective, adaptability and ability to communicate and negotiate compromise well. So you will want to compensate for this by being aware of the imbalance. Also when fixed signs are predominant like they are here, the wise one bends and acquiesces when meeting ‘an immovable object’.

Between the Moons, we have Lammas, the midpoint of summer and fall, when the Sun reaches 15º Leo on August 7. These cross quarter days of the Sun marked ancient celebrations of the planting calendars to celebrate fertility, harvest and abundance from the Earth. The veil between the visible and invisible worlds is thinner then. Take time to honor Gaia, the source of your food, and the abundance in your life with ritual, song, journeying, dance and feasting.

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