May 19, 2019

My Storyboard Spiritual Visual Interpretation Of What This Full Moon In Scorpio On Saturday, May 18th Is Ushering In For Us. 💖

Justice is served on your behalf this Scorpio Full moon.
Can you see it in the picture above?
The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.

You have made it through the fire. I know it's been tough spiritually speaking. Very heavy energy the past two weeks. Boy did I feel it. Accept that the heaviness is over. Embrace the energetic powers that you have harnessed through this profound transformational period. Your prayers have been answered. Heavenly host are here to help you on this next stage of your journey. Your flower has bloomed despite the adversity it faced. Life is good. No let me rephrase that. Life is ALWAYS good. 😊 Sending you lots of LOVE and I'm giving you a great BIG hug. ❤

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