May 18, 2019

Full Moon In Scorpio Saturday, May 18th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the picture above to the message below. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message. You made it through the fire. Justice is served on your behalf this Scorpio Full moon. Can you see it in the picture above?

Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

The Full Moon is Saturday, May 18 at 3:11PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Use the portal of this full moon to experience something more fully. Take time to become more aware, expand your senses, your intuition, and reach for more beauty joy and love. What attachment that keeps you small and limited will you have to give up to reach this new level?

It is a great time for community exchanges, sharing ideas, and getting inspired by possibilities and opportunities. Beware of extreme idealism or getting lost is dreamy theory. Expansion and thinking outside the box is great but reel it in to something more practical so it can take hold as the seed that needs to be firmly planted in the soil. It is still important to be grounded and work with the earth, being fed by the very real energy of nature. Gratitude!


“A Ceremony of Song” is finally here! This album of Icaros with Jose, Lena and Anna is a great way to support healing, intentions, clarity, release and raising your vibration. (link here)

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Scorpio Full Moon
Sun in Taurus ~ Moon in Scorpio 27ยบ
Saturday, May 18 3:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(Saturday, May 18, 9:11 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

We reach culmination of the Taurus cycle with the Full Moon in the water element power sign of Scorpio. Each of the four elements has one power sign, the ‘fixed’ sign: earth-Taurus, air-Aquarius, fire-Leo, water-Scorpio. These signs consolidate power and distribute it out to others – generosity is their signature because the power must be given so flow and abundance are created. Scorpio represents the power of the feminine, of emotional power, the yin power, the power of going inward, of receiving and connecting. Scorpio was traditionally ruled by Mars, but as we and our solar system have evolved and expanded, Scorpio is now ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld, and possesses the power of transformation, death and rebirth. Scorpio holds the power of desire, sexuality and the deep tantric merging with another. Scorpio is also where our deep, psychological shamanic healing power resides. We all have Scorpio somewhere in our chart and that is where our healer energy lies. Scorpio has no fear of the darker, shadowy regions of the psyche and is wired for the emotional confrontations necessary to bring forth what is stagnant and needing to be exposed to bring forth emotional flow. The bright light of this Scorpio Moon will shine on anything that is hidden or beneath the surface, anything needing to be transformed.

Mercury travels within a few degrees of the Taurus Sun, so it will be a Moon of strong mental focus giving us added perspective, a desire to connect and share. Travel and learning from real hands on experiences will teach us more than purely mental processes though. Mercury sparks our love of learning and passing on what we know. Telling our story to receptive others may be a fulfilling gift at many levels. On the other hand, watch for over amped emotional communication like criticism or gossip; the opposition by the Scorpio Moon to Mercury can be filled with the scorpion’s sting by a ruthless champion of telling it like it is.

Sun/Mercury in Taurus are a great support for the on-going combination of Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn that has us focused (perhaps a little reluctantly) on releasing deep habits, long ingrained patterns and structures from the past. Yes, we are releasing for our personalities, but also for our ancestors and all the patterning and learning we accumulated in the Age of Pisces as we (slowly) move forward into a New Age – Aquarius. Hold this as an opportunity like a ritual of cleansing before entering a temple or beginning a ceremony. Both the Sun and Moon are beaming helpful, benevolent, supportive energy to this process of release we all are experiencing. Ask the Spirit of the West – the setting Sun for help in letting go and send gratitude for all that you are able to move out – no matter how small, no matter what level. (Especially strong prior to Full Moon the week of May 11-17).

We are nearing the second of three squares of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, both in their own signs making them extraordinarily strong. (Jan, June, Sept). These two planets stretch us beyond the shores of the rational mind, open the quantum fields, and teach us to be master creators of our own reality. These are the two planets buoying us up and teaching us to have faith in the outcome as we watch the cracking and crumbling of that which no longer serves. Next Full Moon will bring them into exactitude.

Mars has just entered Cancer and still ‘out of bounds’ until mid June suggesting extremes in our emotional expression, perhaps stomach, mother, food, or security issues. Our psychic sensitivity will also be high. A good indication for self-care and nurturing and responding to signals of emotional needs – yours and from others.

Venus is now in Taurus 4ยบ, a sign she rules and where she revels in the glories of being in a body – a delicious meal, music, good company, soothing of the body, enjoying your abundance. Conjunct Uranus as she is here, they are an exciting and sparky duo inviting in unusual, intense and unexpected partnering at Full Moon before Venus moves blissfully on her way.

Our Scorpio Full Moon is heavy with feminine energy in the earth and water elements. Let the penetrating, sensual wisdom energy of this moon-gift transform, regenerate and heal every part of your life and when satiated, radiate it out for the whole world to benefit. Come together with your circle of intimates and partake of the rich feminine influences and walk in nature to ground and receive the blessings of the invisible world.

Heads Up! Next Mercury retrograde and eclipse season are both in July.

Peace and blessings to all on Vesak Day – Buddha’s Day of honoring – May 18.

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