April 5, 2019

New Moon In Aries On Friday, April 5th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

The New Moon is on Friday, April 5th at 2:50am Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This new moon provides an excellent opportunity to re-examine the truth of your current life, what your intentions have been and where they need to change or remain the same. Turn disappointments or frustrations into proactive choices to do things differently. Stay in the higher center of positivity and optimism while staying open to unexpected opportunities. You may have to give up any pessimism or cynicism you may be harboring about the “energy of the times”.


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Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Aries New Moon
Sun and Moon in Aries 15º
Friday, April 5, 2:50 AM Mountain Daylight Time
(Friday, April 5, 8:50 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Where to point the lens in this New Moon chart is the big question. Sun and Moon in mid degrees of Aries is a call to begin again, reset, invite in the first New Moon cycle of the zodiac wheel. But it feels like we just did that with Equinox and Full Moon in Libra 0º. We begin again, again!

We need frequent resets as we transition ever more frequently. We’re changing ~ rapidly. Aries takes us boldly, courageously into the unknown asking the big ‘Who Am I now?’ question. Let me test myself to see what arises. Let me boldly challenge, explore and take action. Self-discovery motivates Aries and activates our Mars energy. Mars newly in Gemini (a mental, air sign) will fill our minds with new ideas, new insights, and new ‘what if’s… Mars will spend the last half of April ‘out of bounds’ (until mid-June). A time when a planet leaves the plane that all the planets travel and travels outside the Sun’s normal influence – a renegade, enjoying a rebel rousing freedom and capable of extreme behavior, self centeredness, impatience, even violence, but it can also bring brilliant creative genius and risk taking adventures! Watch how the out of bounds Warrior shows up in you. Prepare to reckon with it on inner planes and watch it play out in the outer worlds you’re creating as well.

The real focus of this New Moon chart is the gang-up in Capricorn consisting of Pluto 23º with the South Node 23º and Saturn 20º. This is a highly significant, maturing influence. Think of the South Node as a dynamic vortex opening downward and we are relinquishing all inappropriate, controlling behavior based in fear, all pessimistic beliefs, all rigidity, all lack of responsibility and commitment, all powerlessness from this lifetime or any other lifetime. Forever. Tremendous opportunities here for letting go. So take all the masculine, fiery energy of Aries/Mars available at this New Moon and apply it right here to this bold frontier of letting go of the old and blow it out the South Node vortex. When these planets move into Aquarius in 2020, you will be so grateful for your efforts here.

Energy is never lost. So, into what do you desire to transform this energy? Factor in some responsibility and commitment to self-discipline, accomplishment and to your community.

This Capricorn grouping of Saturn, Pluto and South Node squares the New Moon in Aries. Crisis or opportunity? No armchair observer position exists here. Where ever you have 19-23º cardinal signs - Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn – that’s where you will feel this influence most strongly. A strong squeeze may be just what’s called for to pop you out of complacency, to gain traction, and clear the path of obstacles to where you want to be.

The North and South Node (especially) are anchoring a Grand Cross. Pallas Athena 21º Libra is opposite Eris 23º Aries (close to the New Moon). They are crossing the North/South Nodes that represent ‘here is your path of growth’/and ‘here is the past-what you’re letting go’. Pallas and Eris are forms of feminine-based consciousness. One spotlights our ability to cooperate and think creatively, fairly and strategically for the community (Pallas) and the other challenges the social injustices popping up like gophers with fiery drive and fearless spirit from the feminine spiritual warrior, Eris (sister of Mars). Eris has no fear of chaos, destruction or upsetting the status quo. She is unfazed at rocking the structures held in place for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. Change will come out of this New Moon cycle. Best to get your intentions out there now.

Although Mercury is now moving slowly direct in Pisces, it won’t regain its degree of retrograde until April 17. But, until April 11, we will again have all planets direct for a short period. Then we have a huge month of retrogrades. Jupiter retros first on April 10 until August from 24-14º Sagittarius. Then, Pluto retrogrades on April 24 until October covering 22-20º Capricorn. And finally, Saturn retros on April 29 until September from 20-13º Capricorn. When planets appear to slow and reverse direction in retrograde they are moving slowly and their energies and influences intensify. Capricorn is a conservative sign. It likes to build for the long haul and with community values in mind. It brings a serious, focused, goal oriented point of view. Use this inward time to get organized, leaner. Hone your action plans with research and reaffirm what is important to you. When the fall rolls around, you will be able to implement all that has been brewing beneath the well-fertilized surface.

The moderating influence here is the trio of planets in Pisces. The personal planets, Venus and Mercury have joined Neptune in Pisces to bring us into the watery, emotional realms and anchor the changes we are receiving. Neptune is the higher frequency of Venus, and she is here for a short time joining Neptune to entrain, to magnify and uplift our ability to love and be loved to a transcendent level.

Mercury has retrograded in Pisces and extended his stay from the usual three to nine weeks in order to school the mind to a more sensitive and fluid way of perceiving, thinking and communicating. They are helping this challenging Grand Square in the cardinal signs by supporting our North Node point of growth in the nurturing, protective energy of Cancer. Pisces can gift us with the dreamy, poetic and creative fluidity to flow through the changes we face and teach us how to rely on our intuition and imagination. Reach to the upper realms to Spirit for unity and guidance and avoid falling down the chute of illusion, denial and avoidance that is also part of sensitive Pisces psyche – the part that tries to ease personal suffering by being separate from Spirit.

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