March 7, 2019

New Moon In Pisces On Wednesday, March 6th. Unveiling A New World by Tania Gabrielle.

New Moon in Pisces
Unveiling a New World
written by Tania Gabrielle
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An exquisite New Moon in Pisces on March 6 connects you to other worlds, facilitates a spiritual awakening and celebrates the fulfillment of your dreams.
  • Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is merged with the Sun and Moon.
  • Mercury stations retrograde at 29° Pisces a day before the New Moon.
Mercury retrograde in Pisces (on the final degree of the zodiac!) emphasizes your need for extra rest and rejuvenation. Your spiritual side is awakening and yearns to be heard.

Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces means your imagination is more vivid, your extra-sensory perception is high, you are more impressionable and have a vibrant enthusiasm!

You are attracted to mystical subjects and yearn to explore the hidden realms.

Your empathy expands exponentially…

Listen closely to the ethereal, to your dreams. Your Intuition is supremely strong as the MYSTIC in you explores concepts beyond previous boundaries.

Conscious listening is your gateway to peace.

Neptune governs music and this is the Pisces new moon, so uplifting, inspiring music deepens your connection to Source. Your heartbeat is synced to the rhythm of the Universe.

The numerology code for this New Moon is equally exquisite:
  • March 6 resonates to the number of love, nurturing, healing, family, abundance and responsibility.
  • The Sun and Moon will be at 15° in Pisces (for the FIFTH of 5 consecutive time).
  • March is a 15 Universal Month.
15 reduces to the number 6 representing the Spiritual Alchemist.

So essentially this new moon invites you to honor silence and serenity in order to feel a strong internal peace… even as major events in your life bring winds of change and transformation.

Take the time for reflection in seclusion.

Finally, another big planetary event takes place on the same day!

· Uranus enters Taurus until April 26, 2026 (the day of the Pisces New Moon).

Uranus craves Freedom and breaking through paradigms while Taurus likes security and tradition.

Taurus governs your values and financial flow, so Uranus in Taurus will create radical breakthroughs in your beliefs and shift how you manifest greater abundance.

How you feel about your self-worth and financial worth will undergo a transformation – so be open to a new perspective on prosperity and Soul-level empowerment.

It’s not a time to resist progressive ideas or to explore new options!

Instead, embrace change and radical transformation.

You are feeling the powerful shift that is here now.

This new moon is a celebration of that shift – WITHIN YOU.

Be sure you set boundaries – as being grounded with strong roots helps your branches to reach into the Light.

I love this positive Pisces New Moon! Enjoy the beautiful synergy!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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