March 20, 2019

My Storyboard Spiritual Visual Interpretation Of What This Full Moon In Libra On Wednesday, March 20th Is Ushering In For Us. 💖

The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.

Okay. I really tried to get away from this message. I almost wasn't going to post this message. But this storyboard had a very strong pull. Each picture popped out and the story fell into place naturally and they're all from different Mickey cartoons. I've been hearing I love you I love you I love you since the message I shared with you 24 hours ago. So, enjoy!

At first sight, this message looks like a straightforward love message. But that's not necessarily true. It can be whatever it is you see. I'll give you an example. It can be God guiding you through the dark lighting your way, helping you crossover to another dimension of blessings, showering you with an abundance of love, reassuring you of His love for you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed with pure unconditional love. ;)

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