March 20, 2019

Full Moon In Libra On March 21st and 22nd. Empowerment Through Love and Harmony by Tania Gabrielle.

Full Moon in Libra
Empowerment Through Love and Harmony
written by Tania Gabrielle
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The Fifth and FINAL of FIVE consecutive Full Moons at 0° lights up on March 21 (March 20 in the Americas).

This is also the First of TWO consecutive Libra Full Moons – a very rare occurrence!

With the Sun in Aries opposite the moon we have two months of new beginnings – a beautiful, fresh energy – so perfect as we also celebrate the first day of SPRING in the northern hemisphere!

Moon in Libra asks you seek harmony.

Base all your choices on what brings peace, harmony and contentment.

Manifesting your true heart’s desires will help you feel glorious serenity throughout all areas of your life.

Libra rules the 7th house in astrology of intimate relationships, so you will be focusing closely on close relationships during the next couple of months…

Always observe whether you are projecting. Projection creates co-dependency.
  • Instead, ask – how do I feel around this person?
  • Do I love how I AM around this person?
If not, discover the source of your discomfort. Most often there are two reasons:
  1. Is the other person mirroring your own internal conflict (this is a big Libra theme) – if yes, own the part you are playing and stop projecting onto them.
  2. Could it be that you have outgrown this relationship vibrationally?
Other planetary connections during this Full Moon bring wonderful support:
  • The Sun conjuncts Chiron (which just moved into Aries and will remain there until 2027)
This is a very CLOSE conjunction signifying tremendous healing.

Open up your heart to Love.

Bring your life into harmony by focusing on what is healthy and uplifting.

You are healing the inner relationship with yourself and your connections with others.
  • Mars trines Pluto
The BLENDING of Mars-infused goal-directed energy with the power and leadership of Pluto can yield tremendous results!
  • Mercury retrograde sextiles Saturn
You have great powers of concentration and perseverance. You have a greater urge to deepen philosophical thinking and consider everything thoroughly and with patience.
  • Moon is exactly 150° “qunicunx” or inconjunct Uranus
Uranus currently lies at 0° degrees Taurus still having just moved into that sign for the next seven years, and the Moon is at 0° degrees in Libra.

You receive new ideas, new concepts that are ahead of their time – they feel beyond mystical, beyond the conscious, normal understanding, so you are exploring the unseen, and this yields incredible breakthroughs.

Such a powerfully creative Libra Full Moon – the first of TWO!

Enjoy the fresh surge of energy and inspiration!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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