February 9, 2019

Aquarius New Moon Was This Past Monday February 4th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: www.CrystalWind.ca]

New Moon is Monday, February 4 at 2:04 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This New Moon is very activating and care must be taken not to project or misread the emotional content that may be coming up. Your creative energy wants to be freed and sometimes what brings that about is a spark or ignition fueled by discontent and aggravation. The ultimate goal for this new moon is to activate and free up your creativity so it is important that you move through the irritation and other edgy emotions as quickly as possible and keep your eye on the goal.

What helps is to focus on the bigger dreams and passions that you wish to reconnect with even though they may seem very far away at this time. Be as neutral as possible about your discontent with the intention of using it as an ally for change. Keep your vibration as high as possible by doing something that is inspiring to you. And if you are still cleaning and clearing, do a bit of that today as well.

This new moon is an excellent time to revisit your boundaries, your rules and reconnect with what you have a true passion for. Spend a bit of time remembering what it felt like to be passionate about your dreams. What did you dream about when the world was one big possibility for you? Bring that inspiration back as fuel for a new version of the same passion.


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Aquarius New Moon
Sun in Aquarius ~ Moon in Aquarius 15º
Mon. February 4, 2:04 PM Mountain Standard Time
(Mon. February 4, 9:03 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

New Moon reads like the extra loud previews at the movies before the feature you came for. We have Sun and Moon in fixed, power sign Aquarius in the mid-degree of the Air element, so we know change and movement, shifting realities, flexibility and grappling with the mental realms are on the menu as entrees.

Mercury (20º) rides closely with the Sun/Moon in a Aquarius bringing neutrality and the yearning to communicate frankly and connect with like-minded people. And right behind Mercury, we find Black Moon Lilith (20º) grabbing the opportunity while she is in Aquarius to link with this portal at New Moon and prepare us for the upcoming conjunctions in 2020 that will lead us out of the old ways of the traditional establishment (Capricorn) and into the new ways of Aquarius in the following decade.

Black Moon Lilith adds a certain flavor to the New Moon. She’s a shadow-like force issuing an invitation to communicate with our own energy blocks – what is denied, trapped, repressed, limited by our chosen circumstances, where our personal power has been restricted and bled off into addictions, habits and self destructive thinking and behaviors. These can rear a head and be seen and engaged at this time or become destructive and unwholesome influences in our lives. In Aquarius, Black Moon Lilith requires us to speak truth and own our bodies and its embodied wisdom and the magnificent power of the womb out of which the mystery of life emerges from the dark void. It’s not a gender issue; we all have the need to heal our relationship with the Feminine Spirit.

If we engage, we can potentially call up the transformation of inner shadow issues into authentic action, which is what Aquarius wants. We free our creativity and the collective moves forward in consciousness. Of course, the preparatory work is done in the dark, below ground, at the New of the Moon at 15º.

Recall this about 15º from last time:

“Resistance” is the quality of 15º, but not the kind of opposition or defensiveness we are programmed to assume. “Resistance is something else altogether. Resistance is a friction that causes energy to experience itself, transform itself, and realign itself with greater purpose”. (Connie Kaplan in The Invisible Garment analyzing the spiritual principle of each degree of the zodiac circle.)

Not a long lasting influence, yet a notably powerful one at this particular New Moon in Aquarius, one of the few times Black Moon Lilith has access to the power of the Sun and the Moon to do her work this year. You will know if you are chosen. And as I said, in this chart we have a preview of the main attraction to come when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto begin the shift into Aquarius in 2020.

Jupiter is the balance to all this inner work with an exuberance and aspect of hope and moving forward coming from a sextile (opportunity, ease, support) to Lilith, Mercury, Sun and Moon. Jupiter is optimistically in its own sign of Sagittarius until late in the year and brings just the perfect mix of expansive everything-looks-good-from-here attitude and the search for truth, meaning and purpose that we need right now. Jupiter in Sagittarius also brings tolerance, and a love of those who may have different beliefs or cultural behaviors yet expand our world in beautiful and inspiring ways. ‘Tolerance and loving kindness’ for self and others is our guide to understanding.

Mars and Uranus in late Aries are moving into conjunction at New Moon and will be exact Feb 12-13. This is considered a volatile, intense relating between the planet of passion and action and the planet creator of radical, sudden change. Coming in the 29th degree of Aries gives it the quality of that fulcrum point of change when the balance tips the other way (into the next sign), ties are loosened, ‘resistance is futile’, the movement of the spirit of the cosmos drives us forward. You’ll want to channel this energy; Mars likes to be useful and given a mission, a task. Let Mars move something to the next level so it remains constructive. Learn to work with patience.

Uranus makes a big jump into Taurus on March 6 and will be there until 2026. We may expect changes in our economy, currencies and food resources. More about this later.

In this same time frame, Chiron too is at this 29th degree of change and is making its way out of Pisces and into Aries on February 18 until 2027. Chiron can help to heal our identity and separation from our divine selves. We will no longer deny our individual importance and we will heal the inner divine masculine and be willing to be seen, show up and take responsibility for the life we have created. We have an opportunity to heal the dragon of self-deprecation. Those of you born 1968 to 1977 will experience your Chiron return at around age 50. One of the most important transits of the life, this is where one transforms one’s shame, woundedness and hidden parts into personal power and ability to complete your true purpose for this lifetime.

Chinese New Year begins this New Moon on Feb 5 in the US ~ an Earth Boar Year, so some grounded ease and practicality can be expected. The Boar is the last sign of the Chinese zodiac and represents a year of culmination before new beginnings.

Keep in mind we are still in a period without retrogrades until March 5. Apply this forward motion to your list of resolutions and intentions to make the most of it.

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