February 9, 2019

New Moon in Aquarius On Monday February 4th. Fortune & Freedom by Tania Gabrielle.

written by Tania Gabrielle
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[source: CrystalWind.ca]

A highly fortunate Aquarius New Moon brings many blessings! Mercury merges with the Sun and Moon enhancing communication breakthroughs, plus all three are sextile to JUPITER- such good news! You are poised to fulfill your dreams.

This is the 4th of 5 consecutive New Moons at 15° representing a 5-month pivot point in your life – as you deeply embrace happiness, abundance, miracles and magic as REALITY.

Two reasons this New Moon is so positive:

1. The Sun, Moon, Mercury conjunction.

Mercury joins New Moon enhancing communication and ability to share thoughts and ideas – just like the number 14 that governs February, 2019.

2. Sun, Moon Mercury are all sextile to JUPITER

With Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius!

This gorgeous triple-sextile attracts wisdom, expansion, fortune, abundance of positive breakthroughs, generosity, fulfillment of your dreams, and a lot of goodwill.

It's so optimistic! Jupiter expands everything in a mostly positive way. You embody new wisdom about the direction of your life.

You have more confidence and the access to more descriptive, imaginative language to share your ideas. You are inspired to write, journal, get the plan in place and just fully experience this dream.

Another great transit during the New Moon is Saturn sextile Neptune, beautiful for reflection and enhanced imagination as well as the discipline to make your dreams REAL.

It’s a great time to discern those beliefs that are personally true for you.

If the belief doesn’t serve you at your highest good, it’s actually putting limitations on your performance…

Once you start reevaluating those things you believe to be true during this New Moon period, you can use the forward thinking, higher mind Aquarius energy to change your life.

Every time you question a truth that is no longer serving you by thinking a different thought, you start the process of rewiring your brain.

You start to shift WHERE you place your focus.

Rewiring what you’re thinking about allows you to manifest positive, abundant, infinite growth.

See this New Moon as a positive Birth of a NEW habits that lead to the manifestation of your dreams.

Blend the practical with the spiritual while maintaining those important boundaries.

You have the passion, patience and discipline to take your vision and ACT on it in a very step-by-step way…

With Saturn in play your divine mission, your career gets a huge boost now.

So take advantage of that magical time.

Any NEW MOON gives you the chance to start a new chapter in your life….

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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