October 25, 2018

Taurus Full Moon On Wednesday October 24th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: www.CrystalWind.ca]

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Wednesday, October 24 at 10:45 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This could be by far one of the most challenging Full Moon aspects of the year. There is a chance that resistance, hopes, dreams, anger, disappointment, irritation, inspiration will all be triggered. It is a full circus, a crisis of thought, choice and will. What will you do with it? We always say it is much better to move towards something you want than against something you don’t. The resistance percolating within each of us is strong and stubborn and needs to be turned towards inspiration and positive choice. Change what you can and accept what you can’t. We also suggest you stay away from arguments and negative encounters fueled by anger.

The underlying foundation of this time is the powerful presence of the feminine and anything related to the relationship with the feminine. Issues around nurturing, support, whether we were loved by our mothers, whether we deserve to be fully embraced and fed, whether we fear the power of this energy, may surface in each of us depending on where our issues lie. It is time to heal this love/hate relationship with the feminine and fully step into the container of support it can provide.

The other day (among other irritating things) my dishwasher began to leak and my garbage disposal froze. After a few minutes of words I will not write, an insight hit me. When was the last time I “fed” my appliances? The Huichol (indigenous from Mexico) tradition includes a strong relationship with the feminine idea of “feeding ones tools” to keep them happy and working. I know that! SO they both received a song, and a little tobacco (and a little help from a wrench). I moved from anger and irritation into compassion and nurturing. All is well and working just fine now.

This moon time encourages us to face crisis by turning challenges into opportunities. The gift of any challenging time is how you navigate it. When there is energetic crisis, it will often manifest in the more solid aspects of your life, your physical environment and your body, especially your bones and teeth. I encourage you to spend a little time during this full moon to be proactive in nurturing your own relationship with the feminine, “feeding your tools”, and being in nature with presence and focus. Harness the power of this moon to feed you own goals and desires. Look to what you wish to create instead of what you resist.


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Taurus 1ยบ
Wed, October 24, 10:45 AM Mountain Daylight Time
(Wed, October 24, 4:45 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

How does the cosmos do it? How does it align the Full Moon axis exactly across the axis of the North/South Nodes when they are in the very last degree before it changes signs?!! Only a divine cosmic (comic) force could create this one, knowing exactly the pressure we need to further our transformative journey. The Full Moon in Taurus is aligned with Uranus, The Awakener, opposite the Scorpio Sun aligned with Venus. This forms a Grand Square with the Nodes in Leo/ Aquarius 1ยบ all in fixed signs. Our most locked in patterns will be presented for our viewing pleasure. Well, like is said, ‘Crisis or Opportunity?’. The intensification of polarity is a given. With seven out of 10 planets in fixed signs there is great determination, strong will, and uncompromising resistance being played out. One will need to be calm, restrained and not be drawn into dramatic behaviors. Those we resist can be seen as our teachers. Can you muster gratitude to find yourself revealed in this form? Even the strongest among us will be pulled into this growth vortex. How we respond will be the ‘opportunity’. Those with planets in the early degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus-Scorpio, Leo-Aquarius) will feel it most acutely.

The Venus-Uranus opposition conjunct the Sun-Moon will present the base-note theme of revolutionizing the feminine within our selves and especially in all forms of relationships. Our relationship to the Earth can be included here.

The way out of the locked up energy of a Grand Square is to look for aspects to one of the four corners. We have several exit points: Saturn (to Venus), Jupiter (to North Node), and Chiron (to North Node.

First we have Venus sextiled to Saturn, our teacher, the one concerned with time who seeks to build for the future, who is concerned with tangible value that can build the stability needed for community, the responsible, practical, industrious force that is conservative and methodical. It’s a signpost to buckle down into your personal goals, value your relationships to the feminine aspects around you.

Jupiter and Chiron are in trine relationship to the North Node. How do we find the ease they are offering to mitigate the tension of the Grand Square? As they both aspect the North Node, our collective point of growth, they are pointing the way to an open door to walk away from the pent-up tension of the Grand Square. Jupiter can help you expand your heart, open wide to the sky, the stars, the love that surrounds you lifting you out of a stuck, resistant vibration and into an expanded, flowing energy greater than yourself. Chiron revisiting Pisces points toward the peace of surrendering into the acceptance of ‘what is’.

This Full Moon looks like a test, a throw down – to see what you’re made of. Nine out of 10 planets are in the feminine signs; seven of the 10 planets are in fixed signs ~ A time to nurture the yin and balance the yang.

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