October 25, 2018

Full Moon In Taurus On Wednesday October 24th. Activating Your Destiny and Relationships by Tania Gabrielle.

Activating Your Destiny and Relationships
written by Tania Gabrielle
contact her at www.TaniaGabrielle.com
[source: CrystalWind.ca]

What a gorgeous FULL MOON in Taurus [October 24 at 5:45pm UT (London), 12:45pm NY (EST), 9:45 am LA (PDT)]! This full moon focuses on your Destiny and Relationships – many powerful shifts are underway!

TAURUS is a very grounding sign – it governs Self-Worth, Security, Money, Values, Sensual Pleasure, Contentment, Physical Comfort, Perseverance and Patience.
  • Taurus wants you to count your blessings… to enjoy and appreciate your life! Take time to enjoy Mother Nature.
  • Taurus reminds you to always persist, be thorough, dependable and keep your word.
During any FULL Moon the Sun and Moon lie exactly opposite each other.

This time around, the opposition is even more intense!

Just like the Aries full moon last month, we’ll experience a double conjunction:
  • Uranus conjuncts the Moon.
  • Venus conjuncts the Sun.
Moon merged with Uranus amplifies sudden emotional breakthroughs and can shift the direction of some of your relationships.

Uranus is so electrical and the Moon symbolizes your emotions.

So…. imagine Electricity and Emotions joined together – inviting you to consciously nurture your psychic abilities – your electrical tuning fork to the Universe.

You’ll be more OPEN to unseen things behind the scenes – the unusual and strange…

And then there is the Sun merged with Venus – such a feel-good moment!

Venus is the Ruling Planet of this TAURUS Full Moon.

Venus represents love, beauty, creativity and abundance.

You are in love with giving and receiving affection.

This is so friendly, warm, and wonderful for any relationships and friendships.

These two conjunctions with the Sun and Moon mean that there are also two oppositions:
  • Sun is opposite Uranus
  • Moon opposite Venus
When the Sun opposes Uranus, unexpected encounters appear in your life. You may meet someone who really lights you up in an unexpected way.

Or something happens that rocks the boat…

Keep an open mind – this alignment is meant to take you a bit off guard. A change of plans or direction is likely!

When the Moon opposes Venus – especially as Venus rules this Taurus Full Moon – it’s time to bring your emotions into balance. Love and affection take greater precedence now. And so does checking into your true core Soul-inspired values.

Any friction in your life that results in you feeling moody or emotionally depleted needs to be addressed – and a great way is for you to take creative action:

Engage in something that allows you to feel centered, so you’re not in a space of “I'm frustrated” or wishing things were different.

This is such a beautiful opportunity as the SUN merges with Venus! So take advantage of all the good vibes!

There is so much more to this powerful Taurus Full Moon – including a Grand Square with Sun, Moon and the Lunar Nodes, all at 1°!

Be sure to watch the new Taurus Full Moon video for the complete forecast.

Have a gorgeous Full Moon!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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