May 12, 2018

USA: Zombie Junkies Takeover Subway Station In San Francisco. It Looks Like A Horror Film.

KPIX CBS SF Bay Area Published on Apr 26, 2018: Members of the BART board of directors were shocked on Thursday when they saw video obtained by KPIX that showed intravenous drug users blatantly shooting up in a corridor at Civic Center Station. Wilson Walker reports.
How on earth can the BART Officials be SURPRISED by this information? That was totally shocking for me to hear. How can they not know? They're obviously NOT doing their jobs, only collecting their secured government paychecks, pension, and other benefits from the taxpayers of that county. Had that one person not taken the time to record his experience at this subway station and then sharing this information with the media, NOTHING WOULD BE DONE to solve this problem. Someone is obviously giving these homeless people the drugs. They can't afford whatever drugs they're taking. It's being supplied to them. The situation you see here in the video is harmful to the public, and needs to be resolved immediately. This is a safety issue. Also, the BART Officials SHOULD BE FIRED for not knowing about this horrible situation at their station.
ABC7 News
written by Staff
Monday April 30, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO (KABC) -- A commuter in San Francisco shot videos over the course of a week showing people using drugs out in the open at a BART station.

He took them while he was on his way to work and said he had to step around and over needles, bodies and bodily fluids on a daily basis.

The videos, which he posted to YouTube, showed people covered in tattered clothes as they stuck needles in their arms or other parts of their body. At one point, there was a puddle of vomit on the side of the hallway the man walked through.

In each video, there were several people he walked by who did not seem to notice him or that he was recording.

This week, San Francisco unveiled a $13 million plan to get needles, among other things, off city streets.
Gavin Newsom is the current Democratic Lieutenant Governor of California since 2011. He previously served as Democratic Mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011. Remember this image when you are voting for the next Governor of California.

It should also be noted that while Gavin Newsom was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle in 2007, Newsom had an affair with Rippey Gibney when she worked as the then-mayor's appointments secretary. At the time, she was married to the Democrat's campaign manager and friend, Alex Tourk.

AIDE QUITS AS NEWSOM'S AFFAIR WITH HIS WIFE IS REVEALED / Campaign manager confronts mayor, who is 'in shock' 2007.
Antonio Villaraigosa served as the Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles, California, from 2005 to 2013. Villaraigosa is currently running for Governor of California.

At 4 p.m. on June 8, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued a terse statement announcing that he and his wife, Corina, were separating after 20 years of marriage.

Two hours later, Telemundo television anchor Mirthala Salinas delivered the story to her Spanish-language viewers on the Friday evening news.

"The rumors were true," she declared of the split after an introduction that described the story as a "political scandal" that had left "many people with their mouth open."

What Salinas, 35, did not say in the newscast was that she was the other woman. She and Villaraigosa, 54, had been in a relationship even though she had previously been the political reporter assigned to cover local politics and the mayor.

Villaraigosa's admission cast a fresh shadow over his own personal conduct: He has two adult daughters born out of wedlock and his wife filed for divorce in 1994 over a separate affair for which he later publicly apologized. They eventually reconciled.

The revelation also raised ethical questions about Salinas' decision to become involved with a politician she was covering as a journalist. Several media analysts condemned the relationship as a conflict for her and the mayor and suggested that Salinas' bosses should have taken immediate action to remove her from handling any Villaraigosa coverage.

"There really is no question that this is unacceptable," said Kelly McBride, ethics group leader at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla. "You can't sleep with your sources. This one sort of transcends the boundaries in any ethical newsroom."

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