March 10, 2017

SAUDI ARABIA: Two Transgender Pakistanis 'Tortured To Death' By Islamic Sharia Police, And Arrested 35 Other Transgender People. Arrested For Cross-Dressing, Same-Sex Relations. 😧😠

The Independent, UK
written by Peter Walker
Tuesday March 2, 2017

Two transgender people were packed in sacks, thrashed with sticks and tortured to death, according to human rights activists.

Police allegedly killed 35-year-old Amna, and Meeno, 26, both Pakistanis, after raiding a house in Saudi Arabia and arresting 35 transgender people.

Activists in Pakistan are demanding clarification from Saudi Arabia over the deaths and the 22 people reportedly still in custody.

“We want information because right now this is a very confusing situation and many in the transgender community in Saudi Arabia are feeling delicate and scared,” said Qamar Naseem, a feminism and social rights activist from the Blue Veins group, speaking to The Independent.

“They are not treated fairly even by criminal law in Saudi Arabia, and it’s not just people from Pakistan, it’s people from different parts of the world.

“Gender fluid people are treated badly, sometimes flogged, and if someone is arrested on the same law for a second time they can be executed.”

Mr Naseem said he and TransAction Pakistan president Farzana Jan were told by a transgender contact in Saudi Arabia about the raid.

They were allegedly arrested for cross-dressing and for having same-sex relationships in the capital of Riyadh.

Homosexuality is punishable by death while any sex-change surgery is illegal.

Mr Qamar said the group were hosting a Guru Chela Chalan gathering, a Pakistani ceremony celebrated in the transgender community, in which they choose their 'guru' leader.

Eleven were reportedly arrested after paying a 150,000 riyals fine (£33,000) while 22 were kept in custody.

He said the two victims, from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in Parkistan, were “kicked and beaten in bags”.

The Travel Agents Association of Pakistan was reportedly told last year not to grant visas to transgender people planning the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia last year insisted the United Nations keeps LGBT rights out of its development goals.

"Amnesty International has been unable to verify this information, but urges the Saudi Arabian authorities to comply with their duty to conduct a thorough and independent investigation into any allegation of torture and extra-judicial executions and bring those suspected of criminal responsibility, including state agents, before ordinary courts in proceedings that meet international standards of fair trial and without the recourse to the death penalty," said an Amnesty International spokesman.

"The authorities must diligently investigate any possible discriminatory motive in these crimes, including discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression."

The Independent has contacted the House of Saud and Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights for further comment.

Sadly these people do not have a clue what they are embracing. They believe the lies they have been told. Even though there is clear evidence to the contrary. 😢 The Leftists are defending and supporting an ideology that publicly stones women to DEATH by Muslim mobs on mere rumor, females are murdered for perceived shaming dishonoring the family, little girls are forced to legally marry grown Muslim men, captured and trafficked non-Muslim women and little girls are legally enslaved, an ideology that cuts off little girls clitoris so they can't have orgasm when they reach puberty and into adulthood, forces females to be covered in garbage bags so the Muslims males  don't get a hard on, and kills gay people for merely existing.

I don't want anyone to ever call these women, these so-called feminists, "Liberals" because they are not Liberal at all. These women don't understand the concept of liberality. These women don't respect their freedom, and therefore they are not able to desire freedom for others. That is why they are inclined to respect Islamic oppression. AND NO, Marxist are not Liberal, Islamist are not Liberal either. Those terms are an oxymoron. It makes absolutely NO SENSE to be for oppression, and against oppression at the same time. That's called schizophrenia, when you are of two minds literally. Look at the map I shared at the top of this post. ALL NATIONS that criminalize the LGBT community are 99.9% ruled by Islam, NOT Christian, NOT Jewish, NOT Buddhist, NOT Hindu, NOT Sikh etc.

disgusting. 😠 per Islamic sharia law it is legal for grown men to marry little girls because Muhammad their prophet married and had sexual relations with a 6 year old little girl. Let that sink in for a minute. There is absolutely nothing holy in that or anything else in Islam. Holy means pure, sacred, divine. A child is dependent on adults to protect them from child sexual abuse, sexual predators. Islam condones, has legalized raping of a child. The Left made an uproar when it was revealed that Catholic priests were molesting little boys, and the Catholic church was protecting these pedophile priests. WELL, when the heck are all of you on the Left going to speak up or raise hell about this. Don't you give a damn about little girls? Why are you chicken shit calling out Islam? They have LEGALIZED pedophilia, and rape, and slavery.


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