March 10, 2017

BRAZIL: Police Search For Six Monsters Accused Of Brutally Beating Transgender Woman To Death. ๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜  Please Report Any Tips Anonymously To The Police. They Need Your Help.

The NY Daily News, USA
written by Jessa Schroeder
Wednesday March 8, 2017

Police in Brazil are searching for a crew of six men who recorded themselves dragging a transgender woman from her home, demoralizing her and then viciously beating her to death.

The disturbing footage shows the men kicking and abusing Dandara dos Santos, 42, while hitting her with a wooden plank as she sits helplessly on the ground, covered in blood.

The gang is shown throwing Santos into a wheelbarrow before carrying her off on the dirt road toward the end of the video.

One of the men can be heard shouting slurs.

The incident is the fifth of its kind to occur within the past month in Brazil — a country commonly praised for its tolerance, Brazil’s Trans Network reported.

Since the release of the heinous video, police raided the home of two suspects in the killing, who have since fled.

The search for the other four men also continues.

“The investigation is already well advanced and we are going after the killers,” police inspector Damasceno said.

The government of the state of Cearรก also released a statement on the sadistic crime.

“The entire structure of the State Public Security is mobilized for the investigation of the crime and will punish those responsible,” officials said., Australia
written by Staff
Thursday March 9, 2017

WARNING: Graphic images
HARROWING footage has emerged of a transgender woman begging for her life before beaten to death.

A gang of six men laugh and cheer as they beat 42-year-old Dandara dos Santos leaving her bloodied and bruised.

They then fling her into a wheelbarrow before taking her away to a side street where she was allegedly then murdered.

The incident took place last month in Fortaleza, north eastern Brazil, with much of the horrific ordeal filmed on a smartphone.

She is the latest in a long line of transgender people murdered in Latin America.

The footage was released in an effort to track down Ms Santos’ killers.

The video shows Ms Santos being dragged from her home and beaten by the men with shoes and planks of wood.

In Portuguese, the attackers taunt her with homophobic and transphobic insults. They mock her breasts and shout that they “will kill the faggot”.

Ms Santos can be seen wiping blood from her face and looking in fear at her attackers, her clothes ripped, torn and splattered with her blood. She pleads with the men to spare her.

However, the men keep abusing the woman and can be seen lifting her into a wheelbarrow before carting her away.

Fortaleza Police Inspector Damasceno said the video had helped identify six people, reported the Mirror.

“The footage was first circulated among LGBT groups which helped that process,” he said.

“The police began circulating the clip and we arrived at the house of two of the people identified but they fled.

“The investigation is already well advanced and we are going after the killers.”

Brazil has legalised same-sex marriage but, nevertheless, the country can still be dangerous for LGBTI people particularly those who are transgender.

According to Brazil’s Trans Network, Ms Santos was the fifth transgender person to be murdered last month.

The Cearรก regional government has condemned the killings.

Globally, one transgender person is murdered every three days. More than 2000 transgender people were unlawfully killed between 2008 and 2015, of these 800 were in Brazil alone.

In 2014, Australian trans woman Mayang Prasetyo was murdered with her body found dismembered in her Brisbane apartment.

Ms Prasetyo’s husband Marcus Volke fled the apartment when police arrived to find him boiling her remains, and took his own life in a nearby industrial bin.

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