January 28, 2017

Woot! I'm Watching Saturday Night Fever (1977) On AMC Right Now. I Have To Share Tony Manero's Epic Walk and Epic Dance With You. 😊💖

I found this AWESOME video dedicated to Tony Manero and his cool style! I love it. I am one happy camper right now! 😁 This is one of my favorite movies. It brings back such fond memories of my club days. It was always a delight to see my friends and acquaintances. But what I enjoyed most was dancing to amazing music. We sure had pretty magnificent clubs back in the day and we dressed to impress. ;)

This movie is superb because it highlights growing pains, the love of dance and the desire to become a better person. I can relate to this movie in so many ways. I have no regrets. It was a phase in my life that I grew out of, and now for the time being, I comfortably live the life of a monk who loves disco lol ;) I can reminisce with a smile in my heart and soul.

I wish they included the mirror scene in this vid!

Yaaay... I FOUND IT! I am so happy somebody actually uploaded this scene! This was totally me during my club days. Getting ready and sporting my new outfit was a big deal. Oh and the hair... fuhgeddaboudit! lol Enjoy. :)

This song makes my heart sing. Enjoy these beautiful lyrics...♥

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