January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year Of The Rooster 2017. I Was Born In The Year Of The Rooster. I AM The Rooster! 💖 Rise And Shine Sleepy Heads. Time To Wake Up. It Is A NEW DAWN.

Rise and shine sleepy heads. Time to wake up. It is a NEW DAWN.

I am really excited about entering the Year of the Rooster. Most of what I read about this year focused upon the Rooster being noisy, strutting his stuff, and being an egoist. But when you stop and think about what a Rooster's role is on a farm, the Rooster maintains law and order on the farm, aside from procreating. The Rooster protects the hens on the farm against all predators. That's a very good thing for all of us who want to live in a world of law and order vs chaos and confusion. The Rooster is putting the darkness on notice... your time is up. It is a new dawn.

[source: YourChineseAstrology.com]

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of Rooster (Fire Rooster) starting from January 28, 2017 (called the Lunar Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival) and lasting to February 15, 2018.

Personality of the Rooster

The rooster is the dawn announcer waking people up on time in the morning. Since the ancient times, it has been thought to have the ability of divining the future. Also in Greek mythology, it is said that the rooster can feel what will happen in the future. So, it is regarded as the god's ambassador. The people born in the year of the rooster also have the ability to discern what is coming. They like to think more and have a good plan when dealing with things. Also, they usually use in ways others could never have imagined to solve problems which making others surprise.

The people under the Rooster sign are warm, generous, diligent, sociable and very capable speakers. They have quick wit and think fast. So sometimes they are impatient. When talking, they may stammer as their mouth couldn’t catch up with the brain. To change this, they need to think slowly. The men born in the year of the rooster usually pay great attention on his appearance. They dress well no matter in casual clothes or suit. The women also are beautifully dressed with a variety of colors. As they attach great importance to the attire, they look upon with disapproval to those who dress casually and don’t like to communicate with them. Therefore, they usually leave an impression of coldness to others.
[source: AstrologyClub.org]

"I am alert
Ready to take action
The first on the scene
The last to leave
I take chances
But I am precise
I know where things belong
I am orderly and fastidious
Nothing escapes me
I am always prepared
I never give up or in

Welcome to the Chinese Horoscope 2017! The Chinese New Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster will start on January 28, 2017 – the second New Moon after the Solstice.

I don’t know about you, but this Chinese astrologer is exhausted from the shenanigans of this past Monkey year! Surprise after surprise (both fabulous and panic-laden) swung most of our ways. Following 12 months of the wit and hyperactive Monkey, the New Year of the Fire Rooster is going to bring fresh challenges requiring quick wit and practical solutions!

Get ready for the Year of the Rooster! Embrace opportunities and navigate challenges with our 2017 Chinese Forecast & Feng Shui 2017 Forecast. We hope you have a healthy, prosperous year.

Best Wishes, The Astrology Club Team.

Chinese New Year 2017

New Year, or the “Spring Festival” as it is known in China, is the longest and most important holiday in China. The Chinese New Year 2017 begins on January 28, 2017. The Chinese New Year’s festivities end two weeks later on the 15th day of the first month on what is known as the Lantern Festival.

During the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, there are many traditional activities, some local and others celebrated universally. The Chinese believe that as they enter a new year, they should start a new beginning. They clean their houses, pay off all of their debts, purchase new clothes, paint their doors, and even get new haircuts in order to have a fresh start for the new year.

Homes throughout China are decorated with special banners, many of which are red and gold; the traditional representations of happiness and prosperity.

One very fun tradition of the Chinese New Year is exchanging gifts. A traditional present that is given is small red envelopes filled with “lucky money”. These envelopes are given to children by their family and friends.

The dragon is a very popular symbol for the Chinese New Year. It is a symbol of strength and good luck. A Chinese New Year 2017 celebration would not be complete without a giant dragon parading down the street. The dragon costume is always very colorful and can be up to 100 feet long. People inside the costume make the dragon move up and down as it zigzags past the spectators.

During the Chinese New Year 2017 you will see fireworks and hear firecrackers! There are many beliefs about why fireworks are used. One belief is that the noise of the fireworks is supposed to scare away all evil spirits allowing the new year to begin without misfortunes.

2017 Chinese Zodiac Predictions: Is It a Good Year For You?

With Chinese New Year 2017 approaching it’s again time to know the 2017 Chinese Zodiac Predictions. Get an insight on what the Chinese New Year has in store from professional developments to all the general activities of your life with our chinese zodiac 2017. So whether you are planning a holiday, expecting a long awaited raise or even a good turn to your love life we have the answers to it all.

The Year of the Rooster will be a powerful one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward. This year, impressions count. You’ll want to look your best and be clear on your intentions concerning love, money, and business. Stick to practical and well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than risky ventures.

Remember: In a Rooster Year, all of the Chinese animals can reap great rewards by tapping into Rooster traits. Loyalty, commitment, hard work, family values, and top-notch appearances are just some of the characteristics that will be rewarded this year. Read on to see what YOU can expect over the next 12 months – “as the Rooster crows!”

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