November 12, 2016

USA: Contrast Between An American Donald Trump Supporter And An American Hillary Clinton Supporter.

Above is a Trump supporter worried about our economy and wanting to improve the lives of her neighbors because she knows unemployment is high in her city and state. She's emotional and crying after she voted.

Marisol Morales Wehner posted on Facebook LIVE November 8, 2016 at 7:29am: Puerto Rican Pennsylvania Deplorable... Just voted for the first time ever! Im overwhelmed with joy! TRUMP BABY ❤️

above is a Hillary supporter crying because she wanted Hillary Clinton to be the "first woman president". But she also supported Bernie Sanders who admittedly is extreme, more extreme Marxist Socialist than Barack Obama has been, and she gives no regard to the failing policies of living in a Marxist Socialist economy. I mean come on, just take a good hard look at Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Brazil etc etc. Oh and I forgot to include Mexico. Yeah, Mexico. Why the heck do you think Mexicans are risking their lives to come to America? Hello, because their Marxist Socialist economy sucks for the majority of Mexicans. Basically the only Mexicans doing really well work for the Marxist Socialist government in some way shape or form. The rest are struggling to survive and escaping. Why would you want to vote for a person who advocates the same type of Marxist Socialist economic policies these nations that people are miserable in for Americans?!
CJ Pearson posted LIVE on Facebook November 10, 2016 at 12:25pm: A message to the barbarians protesting Donald J. Trump.

Above is a Hillary supporter punishing her son for having a mind of his own. The mom is teaching her son there is pain when you choose not to support the Marxist party, er I mean the Democratic party. (cough cough)

Angered that her son voted for Donald Trump in a mock elementary school election, a Texas woman packed the child’s suitcase and shoved the wailing boy out of their home, saying “Bye, Donald Trump lover.”

A video of the troubling incident shows that the woman also gave her eight-year-old son a hand lettered sign to carry. “My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump,” it read.

The video, shot by the woman, was uploaded this week to her Facebook page and contained the caption, “When your child vote for Donald Trump at school. His ass must go.”

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