October 2, 2016

New Moon In Libra Friday September 30th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Dear Friends,


This is the second New Moon this month. It is an anchor point, a reset, an acknowledgement of your intentions and actions, and sets up our focus for the next few weeks. It is a beautiful and very benign New Moon and offers us a chance to expand our dreams and to be inspired by what is possible. Pay attention to what comes into your life during this moon as it will be a major influence in the weeks to come. It is a good time for receiving gifts, basking in beauty, and being generous with your energy and creativity. Celebrate it by doing something really wonderful for yourself.


Astrological Notes:

Libra New Moon
Sun and Moon in Libra ~ 8ยบ
September 30, 6:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(October 1, 2016 12:11 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

The playing field in this new cycle is relationship, relationship, relationship! Libra introduces us to the balance between our self and the other – in all its forms. Intimate relationships, contractual relationships like marriage partners and business partners, mentor and consultant relationships, therapeutic relationships, even rivals and enemies become our teachers now. Libra is an air sign, and this new season is lead by this masculine and mental sign. Air signs can bring us the best of rational objectivity and adaptability. As the one air sign ruled by Venus, Libra’s main concern is bringing harmonious relationship to all. Libra is a master negotiator wanting the needs of all parties to be met, able to weigh and evaluate both sides of a conflict, and able to create compromise and collaboration, although often to the over compromising of their own needs. Libra’s strength in diplomacy and cooperation in the social realms is a function of that Venus ruler. With The Scales as the symbol of Libra, there is an element of polarity here: me and you, fair and unfair – the scales swing up and down and balance is the crucial need that Libra seeks.

When you’re called to the Venus-led Libra dance of relationship, your partner becomes your mirror. So look to what is projected on to the partner (rival, other) as a messenger of what you might look at in yourself. Ooh, that can be uncomfortable, but with Venus herself in Scorpio now bringing a depth-seeking psychological magnetism to our interactions, she is seeking truth, intensity and transformation. No stone will be left unturned in Venus’ dive for connection in this placement.

Venus ruler adds aesthetic appreciation and refinement, social charm and the healing element of beauty to this New Moon cycle in Libra. Music, art, theatre as well as the decorative and social arts soothe us and remind us that the Goddess of Love and Beauty rules this 28 day cycle. Libra brings the gift of harmony and order to their environment and grace to their appearance. Don’t discount ‘social charm’ as lightweight. Libra can be a master of being cognizant of everyone’s needs in a group and networking, massaging and leaning on outliers to make sure Libra’s agenda is getting met while making everyone feel special, even delivering disappointing news with a spoonful of sugar (social charm) to help the reality go down. So tactful…

Jupiter is aligned with the Sun and Moon to begin this new cycle. That’s a huge gift. Jupiter enlarges, expands, brings optimism to whatever it touches. It’s our source of wisdom, philosophy (beliefs), asking the big questions that fuel the search for meaning in our lives. It just so happens that Jupiter has just entered Libra on September 9 for a year of focus on the lessons Libra has to bring us. So let’s just expect a year of beauty, understanding tempered by justice, embracing new ideas, teaching and learning from others, and the confidence that love is the antidote to the fear being released.

Neptune (9ยบ Pisces) is trining ruling Venus exactly, so this provides that higher-centered support for love, yes at the personal relationship level, but also at the level of the unity of all beings. We’re struggling with this at the collective level and this is a noticeable boost. We’re releasing our attachment to individuality that keeps us separate from others (and Spirit). Libra’s lessons are about the balance of individuality and commitment to another. Neptune helps us reach to whole new dimensions by merging with something greater than we have known. Call down your trust and surrender to something greater, more loving than you have ever been able to imagine. We’re expanding the heart envelope. Venus in Scorpio says ‘Love this life deeply, passionately’.

Mars, our masculine warrior archetype, entered Capricorn on September 27. Mars loves Capricorn; it’s exalted there. Capricorn’s goal orientation, ambition, and straight-shooting executive ability give Mars a clear channel to work through. Mars here is exactly trine to Ceres (Earth Mother Goddess of the Harvest/Grain) in Taurus. The masculine can and will protect the Earth. Set your goals for this New Moon cycle and let Mars be your ally to get them handled.

We have several factors forcing hidden truths to the surface. By Full Moon, Mars will be riding with Pluto, and Eris, that 21st century planetary discovery coming to bear on our solar system and representing the feminine spiritual warrior who will not abide injustice, untruths, and political folly, will be conjunct the Aries Moon and Uranus, The Awakener. Sparks could most definitely fly.

Mercury in Virgo will soon leave its shadow phase on October 6 after retracing its path from retrograde, and then we will really feel movement forward and be able to cut new ground.

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