October 2, 2016

New Moon In Libra Friday Into Saturday October 1st. Lucky In Love by Tania Gabrielle

Welcome to October and the beautiful Libra New Moon! The astro-numerology code for this lunation is filled with so much positive forward momentum, expansion… and joy in love.

Jupiter the planet of fortune and abundance is a key player, so there’s lots of good news to share!

Check out the fabulous code:
  • The New Moon is exact at 1:11 am UT
  • It occurs on October 1
  • 1.2016 adds up to an 11 Universal Date
  • October is a 10/1 Universal Month
  • October is the 10th month of the year.

All these 1s and 11s only mean we are celebrating TOTAL new beginnings, moving into a completely new experience of who we are – the birth of an adventure initiating a NEW Life!
Progress is rapid now. (Remember Mercury isn’t retrograde anymore and so life speeds up again.)

This Libra New Moon puts a strong focus on love and balance in your intimate relationships. That balance is also magnified because the Sun and Moon will be at8° degrees in Libra….

Have a beautiful Libra New Moon of Love, Abundance and brand New Beginnings!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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