May 21, 2016

Full Moon In Sagittarius This Weekend, On May 21st/22nd. Live Your Truth, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone by Tania Gabrielle

Full Moon Message May 22: Live Your Truth
written by Tania Gabrielle

On May 21 we welcome an invigorating FULL Moon in Sagittarius.

It happens at 10:14 pm Universal Time (that’s in London), and 5:14 pm in New York (Eastern time) and 2:14 pm Pacific time – May 22 in Asia and Oceania.

This will be the first of TWO consecutive Full Moons in Sagittarius (the second happens on June 20).

What’ so exciting is that a highly fortunate Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto (activated during the New Moon on May 6) is being lit up in lights AGAIN!

There’s a big emphasis on bringing your life into balance, on being true to yourself and living your Truth… a powerful yin-yang rebalancing energy is happening in your life – as feminine Venus conjuncts the masculine Sun and they lie opposite masculine Mars in a very close conjunction with the feminine Moon.

This will be the first of TWO consecutive Full Moons in Sagittarius (the second happens on June 20).

At 1° Sagittarius with the Sun at 1° in Gemini, this Full Moon carries a very activeenergy.

With May’s 14/5 Universal Month energy setting the stage for liberation and joy,the opportunities for growth and abundance are great!

Enjoy the Freedom, Fun and Fabulous Shifts.

Have a beautiful Full Moon!
Tania Gabrielle

written by Tania Gabrielle

The Full Moon is upon us! Tomorrow, May 21 (May 22 in Asia/Oceania) we’ll be celebrating Sagittarius and the fortunate blessings of Jupiter.

Our feelings will be really expanded – as Mars will be exactly conjunct the Moon driving your energy to a place of emotional catharsis.

With Mars in retrograde motion and about to enter into Scorpio in a few days (Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio) where it will hang out for a few months, we’ll be revisiting the past – especially our relationships, by reflecting deeply on how we are utilizing our precious energy in all our personal connections.

Mars joining up with the Moon also means it is opposing the Sun – inviting us firmly to bring our energy into balance.

How are you allocating your energy? Are you conserving as much as sharing?

With Venus conjunct the Sun opposite the Moon/Mars… well, let’s just say you are fully immersed in very personal relationship themes in all parts of your life right now!

To bring things to a crescendo we have a powerful T-square between Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius), Saturn and Neptune – a strong invitation to breathe, be patient, look within and explore closely what we really want to manifest in our lives – to be REAL – to make WISE choices.

May is a 14/5 Universal Month – an exhilarating energy of freedom surrounds this full moon.

The overarching theme is that you are to get OUT of your comfort zone.

If you stay in your comfort zone, you won’t ever truly know who you are. Your soul wants to EXPLORE itself fully at all times! That means you need to be open and willing to take risks!

The number 14/5 helps you pivot, bend, shift, move and explore NEW ways – so you go beyond your comfort zone.

Be true to Who You Are.

No matter what that looks like, no matter what that means.

It’s the easiest way to BE!

Look, if you try to live something you’re not, if you try to satisfy some false image imposed on you through conditioning and cultural expectations, if you try to be something that’s not natural to you, you’ll live a life of sorrow, regrets and misery – and that totally defeats the whole purpose of living!

It’s like walking through life in a pair of shoes that don’t fit. It hurts!

Express yourself however you’re comfortable.

Wear the shoes that fit your soul.

Express your feelings, your thoughts, be completely in the moment – totally authentic. Always.

Never make excuses for expressing your true joy.

Mercury is stationing direct right now, not moving at all during these next three days. Mercury, the Messenger it at its most powerful.

And Mercury’s message while joined with Sagittarius and Jupiter is:

Live Your Truth.
  • Living your Truth shifts you from the inside out day by day, moment by moment.
  • Living your Truth is how you grow and get out of your comfort zone.

If you stay in your comfort zone you don’t grow… you don’t learn, you don’t know who you are.

Don’t ever hold back.

Don’t give any attention to anyone else’s judgment or opinion of who you are being, who you are.

People judging you are only reflecting their own fear of growth, that’s all.

Allow them that freedom.

Just as you allow yourself the freedom to explore and be true to yourself.

Free yourself from being in any way attached to anyone else’s opinion of you! Just flow with the goodness of life! Welcome the bounty that’s within you – you, a divine being, know the goodness is eternally present!

Trust ALL is well, my friend.

It always is, when you live your truth.

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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